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The Walking Dead Reaction: "Thank You" (6x03)

Only three episodes into season 6, The Walking Dead has managed to raise the stakes even higher. Last Sunday's episode, "Thank You," was especially intense. We gathered together to react to this heart-pounding episode of TWD.

Jameson C. Smith

My first thought for this episode was how well they’re handling Rick as an antagonist. We’re seeing less from his POV and are now seeing him more like the other characters do. We’re seeing people doubt him and question his judgment, even people who have been in his group for a long time. 

While there were suspenseful moments and intense fight scenes, this episode focused on what The Walking Dead does best: characters. Michonne, Glenn, and Nicholas had several of the biggest moments in this episode, which allowed us to see more into how they are handling all that is happening around them, plus we were able to learn more about the Alexandrians.
And then horrible things happened, and I started yelling at my TV, as one does.

I’d been on edge throughout the entire episode because of these throwbacks (which the writers often use as foreshadowing):

The conversation over the radio with Rick.
Not only did it set the tone for the dangerous situations in which both characters found themselves, but it also echoed that of the first conversation Glenn and Rick ever had in season one.

Hershel’s pocketwatch.
Hershel was a beloved character by all but was special to Glenn because he was also his father-in-law and one of his mentors. I can’t help wondering that whenever Glenn looks at the watch, he’s also imagining what Hershel might do in the same situation. 

The RV.
The RV didn’t have anything to do directly with Glenn in this episode, but it does strike me as kind of a reminder of Dale, who was also Glenn’s mentor (We saw a reference to this in season five as well).  Maybe it’s nothing, but it seemed like an interesting detail.

While it certainly seems that Glenn is dead, this episode never confirms it. So what does it mean? I’ve seen several theories and I have some of my own, but mainly I have questions: If the walkers are eating Nicholas instead of Glenn, isn’t it still very possible that Glenn could get bitten? Even if he is physically unharmed, how is he going to get out of that mess? That’s a ton of walkers for one person to fight, especially a person who has just endured everything Glenn has.

So, do I think Glenn is dead?

Maybe. If he is dead, I’m kind of disappointed they killed his character in this manner. The writers are usually good at giving each character a death that suits them and their character arc, but I can’t say that this was a fitting (potential?) death for Glenn. But he’s one of my favorites, so I really want him to not be dead.

Other thoughts:

Don’t argue with Michonne. 

I wasn’t quite expecting Nicholas to go in this episode. He had some great character moments so far this season, and I was curious to see what else would happen with him. 

Do the Wolves have a baby in their group? Did they somehow take Judith? (Nobody checked the baby monitor at the end of episode two, which seemed a little strange…)

Morgan flashbacks! What happened in King County since Rick left in season three? 

Sky Destrian

THIS. This is the kind of stuff that makes The Walking Dead so great. Seasons 4 & 5 had some weak moments, and I was worried that TWD might have jumped the shark. But I’m convinced that we’re gearing up for an amazing season, and episode 3 only proved that further.

From the beginning, I was worried for all the characters. It’s amazing to me that TWD still manages to make me fear for the lives of every character even after six seasons. I had heard that someone potentially died in this episode, and at different points, I was convinced it would be Michonne, Daryl, or Glenn.

Okay, I’m just gonna dive right in. Let’s talk about Glenn.

Nope, it was pretty bad.

When the infamous moment happened, my brother’s jaw dropped and so did mine. I couldn’t believe we were watching Glenn, one of the cornerstones of the show, die. I almost cried.

But then we started thinking about it. And some things just didn’t add up.

1.) Intestines don’t come from your chest.

The walkers tore Glenn apart, yes, but they were supposedly tearing apart his chest... and what was coming out was definitely not from your chest. There were intestines. Not a heart or lungs.

2.) It’s entirely possible that Nicholas fell on top of Glenn. 

While Glenn’s face looked horrified, it could very well be that he was horrified at having Nicholas torn apart on top of him. With that in mind, why didn’t the walkers touch Glenn’s face? We’ve already seen people get torn apart in much worse ways, including their faces. The fact that Glenn’s face is in tact makes me think twice.

3.) He wasn't mentioned on The Talking Dead.

Normally when a character dies, the actor goes on the after-show to talk about it. Steven Yeun was nowhere to be found. In fact, Scott Gimple even said that a part of Glenn will somehow return. So he’s (probably) not gone.

Yes, it will be very difficult for him to get out of this. However, several fans online have pointed out that there’s a dumpster nearby that he could crawl under.

All in all, I’m convinced Glenn is alive. How he’ll get out of this, and how it will affect him, is another matter entirely. Fingers crossed until next week!

The rest of the episode:

So, I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on with Rick’s hand, but an internet search cleared it up: Rick has walker blood in his hand. In the comics, Rick loses part of his arm, so many fans are speculating that Rick will have to amputate his arm due to a walker infection. Scott Gimple has said Rick will not lose his hand, but I’m hoping he's just faking us out because there is so much potential for character development in this idea.

Michonne was at her strongest in this episode, and her speech to Heath will go down in my personal history as one of the best TWD moments of all time. 

I love where The Walking Dead is going, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Is it Sunday yet?

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