Friday, October 16, 2015

The Fangirl Awards: Let the Nominations Begin!

Something big is here! In honor of our first birthday in November, we are extremely excited to announce the first ever Fangirl Awards!

How it works:

You've heard of the Oscars. You've heard of the Emmys. Now we'd like to introduce you to The Fangirl Awards. The Fangirl Awards was created by fangirls for fangirls. Now we can vote on which death made us cry the hardest, which ship we ship the most, and which character is the most fabulous. And those are just a few!

We've selected some categories, but we need nominations! Look over our categories and submit who you think should win a Fangirl Award for their category. On November 1st, voting will open, so don't forget to check back!


All nominations must have occurred between November 2014-October 2015.
Multiple nominations for one category are allowed, to a reasonable degree (i.e. 2-3 nominations is okay, 15 is not).

The Categories

1. So Not Over It: Worst Fictional Character Death Award

2. Til the End of the Line: Favorite Best Friends

3. I Ship It: Favorite OTP/Ship

4. Romanova Award: Most Badass Female Award

5. Winchester Award: Most Badass Male Award

6. Happily Ever After: Best Ending Award

7. You Didn’t See That Coming: Most Shocking Plot Twist Award 

8. Tony Stark Award: Best Character Development Award 

9. The Brave and the Bold: Best Fight Scene Award

10. Out of the Wardrobe Award: Best Outfit Award

11. The Strength of Their Hearts: Most Feelsy/Angsty Character Award

12. Burdened with Most Glorious Purpose: Most Fabulous Character Award 

Nominate below!

Be bold. Be brave. Be initiative. We'll see you November 1st!


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