Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall into a Good Book: TFI Autumn Reading Mission

This past summer, Sarah challenged you to complete ten of the fifteen summer reading challenges. Here at The Fangirl Initiative, we thought the mission was fun and exciting. So we're instituting the next reading mission: Fall into a Good Book.

(Graphic created by Sarah Munson)

Now, we all know the autumn season can be difficult to find time to read. School is in session, football games (as well as other sports or marching band or cheerleading) take up our weekends, and fall activities arrive to distract us from the pages of our favorite tales. But autumn is also the perfect time to curl up and read a good book with a cup of apple cider or hot chocolate. If we're lucky, we might find a few warmer days to sit outside and read still. In addition, November is a month that recognizes various kinds of books.

So Sky, Jaime, and Sarah have created a fall reading mission with ten book prompts to fulfill. If you complete six of them between October 27th and November 27th, you're a star!

The Reading List:

1. Read something spooky: horror, Gothic, paranormal. It’s Halloween this weekend, people: scare yourself!

2. Read something pumpkin related. There's nothing quite like pumpkins to make you think of fall. This prompt could be a book about pumpkins, a book with a pumpkin on the cover, a book the color of a pumpkin, anything. Feel free to be creative (and hey, Cinderella could count!).

3. Read something with less than 300 pages. Okay, so it’s autumn, school is back in session for most people and life is crazy and jam-packed with tons of things to do (or is that just me?). Give yourself a break and enjoy a book on the smaller side of things.

4. Read something with a place in the title. There’s no time like the fall to feel nostalgic about traveling now that summer is over. Let yourself enjoy a bit of magic and travel by reading a book with a place in it.

5. Read a book about sisters. Because honestly, why not?

6. Re-read a favorite book. The first Saturday in November is dedicated to Book Lover’s Day. Take some time to re-read a book that made you fall (get it?) into reading.

7. Read a children’s book. The third week of November is dedicated to National Children’s Book Week. Your choice of children’s book could be anything: a novel, a picture book, a chapter book. Something fun, something for children. Bonus points if you read with a child.

8. Read a book with magic in it. Winter is coming and soon the spell of summer will be gone; you might need a little pick-me-up so what could be better than a story involving magic? The answer: nothing.

9. Read a book you’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What could you possibly be more thankful for than books? Read a book and thank it (or even its author?) for existing.

10. Read a book related to fairy tales. When fall hits, I think of deep woods, mysterious enchantments, adventure… try your hand at reading some kind of fairy tale. This could be a re-telling or you could pull out the old Grimm Brothers’ collection and dip your toes into a nice surprise. Either way, you can never read too many fairy tales, ever.

The Rules:

-Each book can only be applied to one of the prompts. Even if a book could fall under more than one prompt, you can only count it as one. You’ll have to read more books to fulfill the other prompts.
-You can complete the challenge in any order you like.
-You can skip up to four of the prompts, if you choose to, and still complete the challenge.
-You can only count completed books.

-Have fun. This challenge is meant for fun and to give you time to read. The goal is to read.

The Reward:

While we'd love to give out prizes to every participant and winner, we cannot. Instead, we think the time reading should be the reward. This is your time to read and remember why you love reading, so make the most of it.

For the next month, we challenge you to complete six of the ten reading prompts. We want you to have fun while reading, so let us know if you plan to participate and what you plan to read. We're working on getting a Goodreads group started so we can discuss our challenges and reading experience together. We'd love for your to join us!

Let us know in the comments below if you're participating and whether you'd be interested in seeing more book challenges in the future. We're always up for suggestions on prompts, discussions, and other bookish things. 

Get reading! 

What books will you be reading this fall?

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