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Daredevil Recap: "Nelson V. Murdock" (1x10)

Since this is a pivotal episode in season one of Daredevil, Sky and Jaime join forces to recap this episode in all its glory and heartbreak. Prepare to be amazed by the power of friendship and well, power of power in Daredevil episode 10: "Nelson V. Murdock."

**Warning: this post contains violence, language, and blood.**

Jaime: The opening Marvel logo is flashing across the screen and I’m already slowly laughing in agony to myself. This episode is going to be painful. Aha ha ha ha… *cries*

The scene begins black—all you can hear is someone groaning (Jaime: It’s Matt isn’t it?). Then it fades in to show Matt (Jaime: I was right) from an overhead view. He’s lying on his back with blood and bruises battering his body. The angle pulls out to reveal more of his torso, which is heavily covered in black stitches and more blood. There are bloody napkins scattered across the floor next to the couch.

He reaches down and feels a bandage on his side and he peels it off (Jaime: No! Don’t do it, Matt!). There’s an up-close shot of a nasty cut (Jaime: Squeamish people beware). He presses the bandage back down and tries to rise from the couch. From the other side of the room, Foggy interrupts him. He’s coming from the kitchen, beer in hand, and obviously upset.
Foggy: “Wouldn’t do that if I were you…then again, maybe I would. What the hell do I know about Matt Murdock?”
Matt asks if he stitched him up. Foggy says no—Claire came at Matt’s request. Foggy mentions something about Claire being hot, which leads to him asking.
Foggy: “Just tell me one thing, Matt. Are you even really blind?”

Jaime: I’m not crying. I’m not crying. I’m not crying. I’m definitely crying.

-Cue Credits.-

Jaime: I still watch the credits every single time because they’re just so beautiful and the music is just so beautiful.

When we return, we see a flashback of a Foggy in college with longer hair and an irritation for laggy internet. A much younger Matt appears at the door asking if this is Room 312. Foggy asks rather abruptly who he’s looking for, and then he notices that Matt is standing there. Foggy sees that Matt is blind and apologizes.
Foggy: “You’re blind, right?”
Matt: Uh, so they tell me. I hope that won’t be a problem.”
Foggy: “Why would it?”
Foggy suddenly realizes that Matt’s his roommate, and they exchange a handshake. They discuss how they’re both from Hell’s Kitchen. Foggy mentions that he remembers hearing about Matt and how he saved a guy when he was crossing the street.
Matt: “I just did what anyone would have.”
Foggy: “Bullshit. You are a hero.”
Matt: “I’m really not.”
Foggy: “Come on! You got your peepers knocked out saving that old dude.”
Matt: “They didn’t get knocked out.”
Foggy: “Good. ‘Cuz that would be… a little freaky. But no offense.”
Matt: “None taken. Most people dance around me like I’m made of glass. I hate that.”
(Jaime: Oh, my heart.)

Foggy compliments Matt’s appearance and says he must be a hit with the ladies. This excites Foggy, who says that he’ll be Matt’s wingman and that Matt can allow him to meet a whole new caliber of women that he’s never dreamed of. Matt laughs at this, and Foggy gets a ding from his computer. He announces that he’s made it into a Punjabi class.
Matt: “You’re taking Punjabi?”
Foggy: “It’s spoken by 130,000,000 people. I’d like to know what they’re saying.”
(Sky: Oh, Foggy. You are adorable.)

Matt wonders if Foggy is taking Punjabi in order to impress a girl, which Foggy gets excited about, insisting they have a connection like Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. He also says they will have no secrets, which hurts when you remember that the whole show has been about Matt Murdock’s giant secret. (Sky: Which Foggy now knows about. Spare me from the feels!)

Foggy asks if Matt knows a good place to get coffee, and Matt says no. Foggy tells him that he knows of a good place, and Matt agrees to go.

Matt has obviously explained to Foggy about his vision—the whole seeing “a world on fire” like he explained to Claire. But Foggy isn’t happy about this kind of explanation. Matt tries to explain further, but Foggy won’t listen. He points his middle finger at Matt and asks how many finger he’s holding up. With resignation, Matt says “one.”
Foggy: “I thought we were friends.
Matt: “We are.”
Foggy: “You’ve lied to me, Matt. Since the day we met.
Matt: “What did you expect me to say, Foggy? ‘Hi, I’m Matt. I got chemicals splashed in my eyes as a kid that gave me heightened senses.’”

Matt says he never even told his dad about his abilities and Claire only knows because he had no choice—she found him in a dumpster, half-dead. Then Foggy gets into a deeper discussion.
Foggy: “Did you blow up those buildings? Shoot those cops?”
Matt: “You really need to even ask that?”
Foggy: “Yeah, I think I do.”
Matt, with tears slipping from his eyes, says it was Fisk: “It was all Fisk.” (Jaime: ow, ow, ow, my heart!)

Foggy freaks out about Matt’s nightly activities—about Fisk, about Nobu, about Matt ignoring their calls. Karen then calls Matt’s phone, which Foggy answers. He tells her Matt was a in a car accident; he got hit. He tells her to stay at the office, and he hangs up. Matt tells him, “Thank you” since he didn’t want Karen to know, to be involved. Foggy demands Matt tell him everything. 
Foggy: "And don't you leave a damn thing out!"
Elsewhere, in front of a gorgeous mansion and fountain, Madame Gao meets with Fisk, who shows up without Wesley for once. Gao tells him about how there was a snake in her village when she was a child. The snake mistook an elephant for prey and died with its jaw open around the elephant’s foot, betrayed by ambition. Fisk asks if he’s the snake or the elephant. 

Gao says that what happened to Nobu was unfortunate. Fisk says he asked Nobu for a warrior to take on the Masked Man and that Nobu chose to take on the task himself. Gao says that Nobu is a man of pride, something Fisk knows very well. Fisk chooses to ignore this veiled accusation and says that what’s done is done. Gao asks if they’ve found the Masked Man’s body yet, which Fisk says hasn’t happened. Yet, Madame Gao says, Nobu’s warriors prepare his body for what is to come. She says they are distracted, but their memories and their knives are forever sharp. 

Fisk asks if that’s why she wanted to meet with him--to remind him of what he already knows. Gao shakes her head and says she only had a question for him: “How long before your ambition turns to me?” Fisk tells her that she always had what the others did not--his respect. Gao chuckles.
Madam Gao: “Perhaps... yet you are not the one who came to me with a dream for this city. He was of a singular mind. Yours now is pulled in two directions… by longings of the heart.”
Fisk asks if that’s why they’re here--to discuss his private affairs. Gao says no, they are here to discuss his fate. Fisk looks pained. Gao switches to English so that there is no mistaking her words. She says there is conflict within Fisk.
Madam Gao: “Man cannot be both savior and oppressor, light and shadow. One has to be sacrificed for the other. Choose… and choose wisely. Or others shall choose for you.”
(Jaime: Hmm... I sense this could be about Fisk... or Matt?)

Madame Gao walks away, leaving Fisk alone on the beautiful estate.

We then see Ben sitting by the bedside of his sick wife, Doris, in the hospital, who wakes up and greets him. Ben takes off his glasses and kisses her.
Doris: “Hello, gorgeous.”
Ben: “Hello, handsome.”
She notices he’s wearing some aftershave, and they banter for a moment before things get serious. 
Ben: “I’ve missed you.”
Doris: “They say anything?”
Ben: “They, um… they think you’re improving.”
Doris asks what story he’s working on. Ben says it’s nothing, but he’s outsmarted by a story. Doris tells him he’ll figure it out like he always does. Ben says that there are more important things than his job now and that he should be with her instead of chasing down dangerous leads. Doris looks at him knowingly.
Doris: “Your name is Ben Urich, and you are a reporter. It’s not a job. It’s who you are.”
Ben is doubtful--20 years ago he was that fearless but not so much now. Doris puts a hand on his chin and reminds him of when they first met. He was reckless and was all about turning heads--and he definitely turned hers. She says that’s not who he was always supposed to be; experience made him wiser, more careful. 
Doris; “I don’t know, Ben Urich… I think your best work is still ahead.”
Ben: “You keep sweet talking, I’m gonna climb in there with you.”
Ben leans in and kisses her cheek, but Doris’ eyes go unfocused. Ben pulls back, searching her face. Doris looks at him and says again, “Hello, gorgeous.”

A nurse comes in and asks Ben to leave. He asks the nurse if this is about the extension, but she asks if they can talk outside. Doris looks over at the wedding photo by her bedside. In the background, Ben asks how the nurse knows she did everything she could, and the nurse insists that she did. Ben looks defeated and turns back to look at his wife before the screen goes black. 

Foggy rustles through Matt’s closet and finds the Black Mask outfit in the trunk. Matt jokingly tells him he got his outfit on the Internet. Foggy thought that these “long underwear types” stitched together their outfits themselves. (Sky: I understood that vague superhero reference.) Foggy asks him about how he learned to fight. Matt tells him about Stick. 
Foggy: “A blind old man… taught you the ancient ways of martial arts. Isn’t that the plot to Kung Fu?”
Matt: “He helped me understand everything I can do.”
Foggy demands to know what all Matt knows, so Matt does—by rattling off a few things about Foggy. The fact that Foggy hasn’t showered since yesterday morning, but rinsed his face in the kitchen sink. He knows that Foggy had onions in his lunch two days ago and that the more Matt says the faster Foggy’s heart beats. 
Foggy: “You can heart a heartbeat? From across the room?”
Matt: “Helps to anticipate behavior… when someone’s going to attack. When they’re lying.”
Foggy pieces Matt’s words together—this is why Matt knew Karen was telling the truth. Then it dawns on him: ever since they met, Matt has known every single time Foggy has ever lied to him. And he just played along. 
Foggy: “If you weren’t half dead, I would kick your ass, Murdock. Am I lying about that?”
Matt: “No.”
Foggy: “Was anything ever real with us?”
Foggy being the lovable goof he is pretends to be Matt as they walk together down a campus sidewalk. (Jaime: At least we get some semblance of normal Foggy in this episode because angry, upset Foggy is splintering my heart). Matt just laughs at Foggy’s impersonation. They discuss graduation, which is just around the corner.

(Jaime: Their happy friendship has me in tears. They’re laughing together, dreaming together, goofing off together. IT HURTS. IT ALL HURTS.
Foggy: “We are both one day gonna be fine, upstanding members of the legal profession. El grande—how do you say ‘lawyers’ in Spanish?”
Matt: “Lawyers? Abogados.”
Foggy: “El grande avocados!”
(Jaime: Oh, Foggy Bear, never change.

They banter about how Foggy should’ve learned Spanish instead of Punjabi, and they’re really adorable about it. This leads to a discussion about how Matt took Spanish just to impress a girl, and Foggy asks if that worked out. It didn’t, which Foggy notices is a trend.
Foggy: *Yoda voice* “What are you looking for, my young padawan?”
(Sky: I adore this line.)

Matt says that he’d like someone he enjoys listening to. Foggy warns him about some stairs, and Matt says he’d like to sit on them, which Foggy enthusiastically agrees to. They sit down and Foggy asks if Matt can “get the spins”--get dizzy--while being blind (Jaime: Foggy, you dork.). Matt can, since it’s a matter of the equilibrium and not the eyes. 
Foggy: “That sucks. I thought you might get a pass on that one.” 
Matt says it’s even worse for him, since his senses are so--

He trails off, and Foggy finishes. 
Foggy: “Delicate?”
Matt: “Yeah… you could say that.”
 Foggy asks when Matt had his first drink, and Matt tells him about how his dad gave him Scotch when he was nine so that his hands wouldn’t shake while he patched his dad up. Foggy asks Matt if his dad won, and Matt says no. Foggy tells Matt that his dad would be proud of him now, and Matt thanks him.
Matt: “All he ever wanted was for me to use my head, not my fists. Not like him.”
Foggy: “My mom wanted me to be a butcher. I think she liked the idea of free ham.”
(Jaime: I’m actually dying right now. Foggy, you buffoon, I love you.)

Matt asks if Foggy’s family will be coming to the graduation, and Foggy says his entire extended family will come. Matt impersonates what it will sound like when Foggy’s a lawyer, and they laugh, clearly happy together. Foggy says there’ll be money in being a lawyer, and Matt asks if all Foggy cares about is money.
Foggy: “Murdock and Nelson, attorneys at law!”
Matt: “Nelson and Murdock. Sounds better.”
Foggy: “Me and you pal, we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen.”
Matt: “Best damn avocados.”

(Jaime: I’m crying, you guys. Damn avocados in my eyes.)

In the present, Ben Urich is in his office, looking over his options for Doris--which includes a hospice packet. It appears that she wasn’t quite improving like Ben said.

Ben’s editor knocks on the door, asking if he’s got a minute. Ben says yes. His editor walks in and brings up that Ben left one of his assigned stories to someone else. Ben says that he’s working on something personal and asks if that’ll be a problem. Editor Guy says no, he was just checking. Then he says this guy named Haverson is leaving at the end of the month. He says that they could use Ben, but Ben says he’s no editor--he’s a reporter. 

His editor implies that there would be benefits in the position--for whatever comes up in life. Ben says he’ll think about it and the reporter leaves, but before he can, Ben gets his attention and thanks him. His editor says to let him know in the next couple of days. Ben goes back to looking at hospice pamphlets, poor baby. Then he turns back to his board of cards, looking at it intently.

Elsewhere, Karen walks into the law firm, on the phone with Foggy’s voicemail, mentioning how she’s calling yet again. She asks him to call her back because it’s important. On Karen’s desk is a Converse shoe box. She looks around cautiously and starts to open it, then Ben comes around the corner casually drinking coffee. This naturally scares Karen, but she looks glad to see him. 

He tells her they’ve got to be more careful since the door was unlocked. Karen mentions a discovery she found on the case, but Ben brings up the Converse shoe box on her desk, then tells her to open it. She does, and inside are all his newspaper clippings, playing cards, and everything he has on the story. Karen asks him why he’s giving this to her, and Ben says he used to be like her--turning heads, getting people’s attention. He says that’s half of it, but the other half is knowing when not to. Karen tries to convince him to keep going, but Ben says this isn’t the most important thing to him--not right now. 

Karen asks where this is coming from--did something happen? Ben hands her a hospice pamphlet and says the extension didn’t come through. Karen apologizes sadly. Ben says he’s going to take some time off and bring his wife home. 

Karen asks him to take a ride with her. She says there’s a nursing home she just heard about upstate and that this might change Ben’s mind. Ben is hesitant, but eventually agrees. They head out. 

Elsewhere, Welsey is fixing Fisk's tie while Owlsey learns about Nobu's death. He's freaking out. Fisk tells him he needs to speak with Gao.
Fisk: “Reassure her… tell her everything’s fine.”
Owlsey: “So you want me to lie.” 
Wesley reminds Owlsley about how he thought Nobu was unsettling, implying that Owlsley might’ve killed Nobu. Owlsley responds that he thinks Wesley is unsettling, but he’s not trying to set Wesley on fire. Wesley gives Owlsley a patronizing smile. Fisk asks Wesley to bring the car around and let Vanessa know they’re on their way.

After Wesley’s gone, Owlsley says this is getting out of hand and has been ever since Fisk started seeing Vanessa. Fisk brings up the fact that Owlsley has a son, which means that at some point in the past, Owlsley found a woman too. 
Owlsey: “What does that have to do with this?”
Fisk: “Everything.”
Owlsley says that Gao is right--Fisk has changed. 
Fisk: “Change is invetiable… for me. For this city. And for certain relationships.”
Owlsley agrees to go speak with Gao. Owlsley leaves, and Fisk stares out the window at the city below.

Foggy is on the phone while Matt tries to put on his shoes. He’s changed out of his bloodied clothes into an adorable hoodie and sweatpants get-up (Sky: So cute). It’s very different from the typical suit and jacket or black mask outfits he wears. (Jaime: I need more casual Matt Murdock). Foggy reports that the junkie who killed Mrs. Cardenas was found—dead. He apparently jumped off a roof. Foggy asks if Matt did that.
Matt: “I told him to turn himself in.”
Foggy: “I can’t hear your heartbeat. Are you telling me the truth?”
Matt: “I didn’t kill him, Foggy. It’s Fisk, covering his ass.”
Matt reassures Foggy he’s never killed anyone (Jaime: beat them to a pulp, thrown them off buildings, but never, ever murder). 
Matt: “But I wanted to… after Elena, after everything Fisk has done, I went to a warehouse I thought he’d be at. I went to kill him.”
Foggy: “It’s not enough playing judge and jury? You gotta add executioner to the list?”
Matt: “I didn’t think I had a choice.”
They discuss getting Fisk through the system, through the law. But Matt says maybe the law isn’t enough anymore.

We switch to another flashback at Landman and Zack, the agency Matt and Foggy interned for. They’re listening intently to another man speak. The man says that they will be pursuing damages. An older man across the table says that he isn’t guilty. Matt listens to his heartbeat.

We then see Matt in an office-slash-broom-closet reading Braille. Foggy walks in and says he just ran into Morales. Morales heard that Landman and Zack is going to offer Matt and Foggy a job. Foggy is excited, but Matt isn’t, and Foggy can tell. Matt explains that he’s been reading Thurgood Marshall…
Foggy: “Ah, shit, not Marshall.”
… and quotes the part about dissenting from indifference, apathy, and fear. Foggy has clearly heard this speech before because he’s read it a million times. Matt asks if Foggy thinks what just happened with the case is right. Foggy says he doesn’t, but according to the law if the man exposed secrets, he should be punished. Matt says that this man didn’t. Foggy wants to know how the hell Matt knows this, and Matt just says he has a feeling. Foggy isn’t convinced. 

Matt asks if Foggy really wants to be a part of protecting corporations from people that need help. Foggy insists that it doesn’t have to be like that. Matt presents the lackluster alternative: changing the system from the inside ten years later after they’ve already made a profit. Foggy brings up all the people who would kill to be a lawyer at Landman and Zack. Matt says maybe those are the kind of people they shouldn’t be working with. 

Foggy looks sad and grabs a box off the shelf. He dumps the contents next to his desk.
Matt: “Foggy, what are you doing?”
Foggy: “Well, I’m gonna steal as many bagels as I can fit in this box. With you as my partner, there’s no telling when I’ll be able to afford a real meal again.”
Matt: “We will get by.”
Foggy: “Come on, Mother Theresa. Let’s go save the world!”
They come to a silent agreement that they won’t take the position at Landman and Zack, and then they give each other an epic bro fist bump!

Understandably, this is part of why Foggy is upset: Matt took them away from a prestigious law firm, lying to Foggy about several things in the process. We switch out to a view of him looking out Matt’s window pensively. Matt is laying on the couch, trying to sleep.
Matt: “You wanna say something.”
Foggy: “Really don’t.”
Matt: “Your breathing changes when you’re about to.”
Foggy: “Now you’re just showing off.”
Matt tells Foggy to say what he needs to say. Foggy turns around, then looks at Matt for a long moment before the scene changes.

A car goes down the road, and inside it are Ben and Karen. 
Karen: “Why didn’t you tell me it was that serious?”
Ben: “Saying it means it’s true.”

Ben continues, telling Karen that Doris has her good moments and she’s sharp and strong--more than Ben. But then again, she always was.

Karen apologizes, saying that there’s nothing worse than feeling like your choices are made for you.
Karen: “There’s nothing you can do but swim in shit and hope you don’t get too much in your mouth.” 
Ben looks at her and says that Doris would like Karen. 
Ben: “Should’ve taken you around to meet her, but…”
Karen: “Yeah. You know, we all have things we hold onto for ourselves… that we don’t want anyone to know.”
Ben says there’s always someone who does know, sooner or later.

They pull into the nursing home, which is a giant estate reminiscent of the one Fisk and Gao were at earlier. As Ben and Karen wait for a tour, Ben says he can’t afford this place, so it’s a waste of time. Karen says they should take a look around so that maybe it’ll be worth the drive. They head upstairs. 

(Jaime: Am I the only one that thinks she's acting weird?)

Then we go back to Foggy and Matt, where Foggy is saying the thing he needed to say. Foggy insists that Matt runs around like a moron, beating people up. Matt says it’s not that simple and Foggy knows it. Foggy says he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t understand anything. He asks how Matt goes to sensations as a kid to doing what he does now. 

Matt says that when he was a kid, before the accident, he’d lay awake at night and listen to the sirens. He liked to put stories to them for what they might before--ambulance, police, fire. It was a stupid game until he lost his sight and his abilities developed--that’s when he realized how many sirens there actually were. Foggy asks if Matt’s been doing this since he was a kid, but Matt says no. Jack Murdock, his father, didn’t want his son to be a boxer like he was, so Matt tried to avoid fighting and tried to block out “...the sirens, the pain, the fear… all strangling Hell’s Kitchen.”

For years Matt tried to ignore it, until the night after they quit Landman and Zack. He heard a little girl in a nearby building, whose father liked to go into her room at night and abuse her. Matt tried to call Child Services, but the mom wouldn’t believe it and the dad made sure whatever he did to the little girl didn’t leave a mark. 
Matt: “The law couldn’t do anything to help that little girl… but I could.”
We flashback to the girl’s father walking along the train tracks. In a voice over, Matt says that he knew the father’s routine and knew when he was alone. On one of the train cars, we see a younger Matt in a hoodie. He jumps down and beats up the guy, putting him on the ground and bringing down blows on his face. Matt’s fist drips with blood as he tells the man never to touch his daughter again, otherwise Matt will know about it. He punches the man some more, then stands up, realizing what he’s just done. This is the beginning of the Masked Man as we know him--his origin story.

Matt tells Foggy that the man spent the next month in the hospital eating through a straw, and Matt slept much better. Foggy says that it sounds like one day Matt had just had it with how things are. He says that Matt would’ve had to keep training ever since Stick, and that this seems to have required forethought. 
Foggy: “Maybe it isn’t only about justice, Matt. Maybe it’s about you having an excuse to hit someone. Maybe you just can’t stop yourself.”
Matt: “I don’t want to stop.” 
Karen and Ben walk around the nursing home until Karen leads them to a room. Ben tells her they should just leave, but Karen says why not ask a resident how they like it here. The knock on the door and someone says to come in. Karen shrugs and goes in. The nameplate by the door reads: “Vistain, M.”

They tell her they want to ask her some questions—presumably about the nursing home. She answers for a while, but then she relapses—just like Ben’s wife. Ben suggests they leave, but Karen refuses. She asks her about her husband--well, husbands. Mrs. Vistain has been married three times. 
Karen asks if she has any children. 
Mrs. Vistain: “He comes to visit me every weekend. Gentle. Sweet. Not like his father.”
Karen: “And what’s his name? Your son?”
Mrs. Vistain: “Wilson.”
Ben: “Fisk?”
(Jaime: Duh-duh-DUN!)

Ben asks her if her son is Wilson Fisk. She says she hasn’t used that name since—but then stops and says, “It wasn’t his fault.”
Mrs. Vistain: “Wilson… just wanted him to stop. It wasn’t his fault. What he did.”
Karen: “Mrs. Vistain, what did your son do?”
Fisk stands in a fancy hall, giving a speech with Vanessa by his side. He then greets and thanks people. Owlsley tells him it’s taken care of—Gao—before offering the present company a drink, Vanessa include. He parts from Vanessa to discuss business with the senator. Vanessa takes a sip while Owlsley rambles on about something unimportant.

A man stumbles over and falls. Leland makes a joke, but then others begin to pass out too, foaming at the mouth.

Vanessa—in a slow motion shot—drops her glass and tips backwards, eyes closed. Fisk catches her just before she hits the ground and cries out her name over and over.

Foggy tells Matt he’s going to get himself killed, but Matt says he can’t stop. He has to stop Fisk for the sake of Hell’s Kitchen. Foggy compares Matt to Fisk, and Matt tells him to stop. Foggy tells him to think about what happens if he gets caught—what would happen to Foggy and Karen. Matt starts to tear up.
Matt: “This city needs me in that mask, Foggy.”
Foggy: “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it does. But I don’t. I only ever needed my friend.”
(Jaime: I think I’ll need resuscitated after this episode is finished.)

Matt cries harder. Foggy claims he never would have kept this kind of secret from Matt. Then he leaves, despite Matt’s calls to him.

In a flashback, Matt and Foggy are sitting at Josie’s. Foggy is worried about Matt because he tripped and fell while taking out the trash. Foggy hands him a napkin and tells him that it’s their future. 
Matt: “Feels like a napkin.”
Foggy: “It’s a drawing of a sign: Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law.”
Matt asks if Foggy really wants to do this, and Foggy says he’s actually peeing his pants, but he trusts Matt. If Matt thinks this is the best thing to do, then Foggy is with him… for better or for worse.

Foggy is at the office, alone. It’s dark. He picks up the embossed sign from the previous episode, looks at it, and then walks out of the office, leaving the sign in the trash.

-Cue credits.-

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