Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Reasons to Read The Throne of Glass Series

I'm a reader and lover of books and seeing as how the fourth book in The Throne of Glass series (one of my favorites), Queen of Shadows, just came out and I'm freaking, I figured why not let me explain the wonderful joy that is this series?
Let's delve into the world, shall we?

1. The World Building
My main problem with anything Young Adult right now dealing with sci-fi, dystopia, or fantasy is the world building. You come across a lot of tropes that aren't unique and when authors put them in their worlds, it's lazy writing. Worlds these days feels one dimensional. Or they just don't work. Like Sherlock Holmes in fairy world.
 Not with Throne of Glass. Adarlan in Throne of Glass is a real world.
At least it feels real. There is culture and different people and different countries. How many books these days just forget that the other half of the world exists, or should exist in their novel? There is a magic system that works and if magic were real, it would feel real. It's just...dang. That's right. Dang.

2. Celaena Sardothien
When I first started reading I heard from other book lovers that Celaena, the main character, is supposed to be Cinderella, or a retelling of her. I wanted to roll my eyes. Been there, done that. Yawn. But Celaena...
She is no Cinderella cliche. She is fierce and blood and I-will-smash-your-bones. After training most of her life with the assassin Arobynn and becoming an assassin herself, she thrives off her own excellence. But she likes chocolate cake and puppies and books.
Celaena is complex. She proves that just because you are are fierce does not mean you can't like things. She's not a villain despite her assassin status. Morally ambiguous? Maybe. But isn't that what makes a good character? Depth and emotion and love and pain and layers upon layers? Plus it's always fun reading about her stuffing her face with chocolate cake.
3. The Boys
That's all we need to know, right? Good. Moving on. 
Just kidding. For real though, Chaol and Dorian are some of my favorites. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Another love triangle? But this love triangle may be worth the read. And it's too difficult to put into words why because character development people. 
First of all, there's Chaol, calm, cool, collected Captain of the Guard who trains Celaena. He's the sneak up on you type.
On the other hand there's Prince Dorian. Flirty, fun and ready for whatever Celeana throws at him. As her sponsor in the fight to become the king's assassin, he grows closer to her. 
Who will Celaena choose?!
I'm surprised to say I actually care.

4. The Author
Sarah J. Mass is one of fiction's best. Authors are the celebrities people forget are celebrities. You wouldn't recognize one on the street unless you are a reader. 
But Sarah J. Mass is a beautiful Goddess of a person, and she's JK Rowling material. She's quirky, lovable, and interactive with her fans. When you fall into her world, you fall into her hands. Her beautiful, humble hands. 

5. The Potential
The Throne of Glass series is planned to be a six book series. 
Yes, yes, I know. Calm, everyone. With the fourth book just released, a prequel already out, and the love of a thousand fans, this series has real potential. You know, potential. The kind of potential that procures movies and T.V. shows and cosplayers at midnight premieres. I'm excited to find out where this goes, and if it's far, then I'm proud to say I was a hipster fan. 
So what are you waiting for? Be a hipster with me and read the Throne of Glass, then come back so we can discuss!


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