Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Fangirl Initiative's Awesome Summer Fanmix Contest (Vol. 1)

Watercolor texture by cgarofani

It's the beginning of August, which means that summer is almost over. For fangirls, it's been an awesome summer, with the release of blockbusters such as Jurassic World and Ant-Man to hold us over until our TV shows return in the fall. To celebrate this, we want to combine the art of fangirling with the art of music. Welcome to The Fangirl Initiative's first fanmix contest!

How it works:

Fandom and music often go hand in hand. I've heard many a song on the radio that reminded me of my favorite show, movie, or OTP. You can find dozens of fanmixes on 8tracks. And today, we want to bring the fanmixes to The Fangirl Initiative.

What you'll do is come up with a handful of songs based on fandom. We have two categories.

  • A fanmix based on your favorite summer blockbuster
  • A fanmix based on a TV show airing this fall
Pick some songs and combine them into the most awesome fanmix possible. Voila! You've entered to win prizes and fangirl fame. You might even be as famous as Star Lord.

The Rules:

  • Fanmixes must fall under one of the two categories: they must be based on a summer blockbuster or a TV show returning in the fall.
  • You can submit your mix via YouTube, 8tracks, or Spotify
  • If you need an example of a themed mix, give this one a listen. (Made by Jaime!)
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but won't increase your chances of winning.
  • Mixes must be submitted by August 25th. Winners will be announced August 30th. 
  • Mixes must have a minimum of 8 songs.
The Prizes

There will be two winners, one for each category.

One lucky winner will receive a custom drawing by our very own Mirriam Neal!

One lucky winner will receive a custom 8x10 multi media piece by our very own Erinn Leach, based on either something you like to fangirl over or your mix itself.

Please note that the art pictured are samples and will not be the prizes. Artists reserve the right to refuse to draw anything they're not comfortable with. 

Both winners will receive:
  • Mini-posters created by our very own Sarah Munson, featuring lyrics of your choice
  • A spot in our Fangirl Hall of Fame
  • Promotion of your mix on our social media accounts throughout the month of September


Just fill out this form, and you'll be good to go!

We can't wait to see your submissions!


  1. Oooh, I'd definitely like to participate in this. Just curious, will we get to see the winning mixes when they are announced? :)

  2. Sooo cool! I definitely want to try this and will share this with my other fangirl friends. (-: