Monday, August 17, 2015

Parks and Recreation: Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Back in May, I did a Myers-Briggs post about Marvel characters and I thought I would continue in a similar vein. Only this time, I'll be typing characters from Parks and Rec! There may be slight spoilers.

Leslie Knope -- ENFJ (The Teacher)

I'm going to be honest here, I'm still not sure is Leslie is an S or an N. However, I decided to go with an N because of things I wouldn't normally see in an S that I see in Leslie.

ENFJs have a deep sense of empathy and caring for other people. They genuinely want to make the world a better place and help people. For example, Leslie doesn't work in government for personal gain, she works in government because that's where she believes she can impact the most lives. Sure, not everyone is going to appreciate her (Which hurts her. ENFJs like to be liked.), but she feels like it's worth it to even help a few people.

They tend to be natural teachers and leaders and are very good at communicating with people. They love to help people reach their full potential and guiding them on their way.

"We have to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third."

Ron Swanson -- ISTP (The Craftsman)

ISTPs are artisans, and I think this fits Ron well. They tend to look for practical solutions to problems at hand and are very independent. Ron, like a lot of ISTPs, enjoys sensory things and experiences and hands-on hobbies. For example, Ron loves woodworking.

ISTPs are not generally open with their emotions or feelings, but that doesn't mean they don't care about the people around them, they just tend to show it through their actions instead of words.

"I once worked with a man for three years and never got to know his name. Best friend I ever had."

Andy Dwyer -- ENFP (The Champion)

ENFPs tend to be passionate, curious, people-lovers. They love novelty and adventure and love trying new things and meeting new people. This fits Andy very well, as he's always giving up practicality in order to eat turkey chili off a frisbee and washing his clothes in bubble bath and taking crazy spontaneous trips to the Grand Canyon.

They tend to be very creative and have big imaginations. Andy may often overlook details, but he has a enthusiasm and love for life that's simply contagious.

"My whole life is a giant mess and I love it."

April Ludgate -- INTJ (The Mastermind)

Upon first inspection, it might not be obvious that April is an INTJ, but looking at it closer, I find quite a bit of evidence that points to her being a Judger. One reason why I wasn't sure at first was because of how spontaneous April can be. It's not that Judgers can't be spontaneous, it's just that they tend to be more methodical about choosing something, rather than waffling back and forth on a decision, as Perceivers tend to do. But as I look at her spontaneity, I see more of a method, it's more controlled than her husband Andy's is. It's almost more systematic or strategical.

INTJs, similar to their INTP cousins, tend to be reserved. They tend to spend a lot of time thinking and if someone's thinking or reasoning has a flaw in it, they aren't afraid to point it out. They also tend to have really sharp senses of wit and irony that are just waiting to show themselves.

"Deep down inside everyone is just faking it until they figure it out."

Ben Wyatt -- INTP (The Architect)

INTPs tend to be analytical thinkers and observers who like to think about things beneath what they see. They love thinking about complex ideas and adding to them or finding an answer to a hard question. Because of this, they tend to like things that allow them to do that, like science, technology or math (like Ben!).

Their minds are so active that sometimes it may seem as though they get lost in them, however, if you get them started on a subject that they're passionate about, they might not stop talking. They may love Game of Thrones (like Ben) or anything else, but there's doubt about them loving to talk about their interests.

"I didn't really do Model United Nations in high school so... Oh wait, I SUPER-DID."

Ann Perkins -- INFJ (The Counselor)

INFJs tend to be private individuals, often really great at understanding others' emotions and feelings. They have a deep set of personal values and are often very idealistic. They like to do things that will improve people's lives on a personal level or a big level; either way, they want to make things better. Ann's a nurse and she truly cares about it, so I think this fits her very well.

They may be hard to get to know, but once you get to know them, they open up and share. They often prefer to have close relationships with just a few people, rather than have a lot of friends that they aren't very close to. I think this shows up in Ann and Leslie's friendship a lot, as Ann is a lot more open about herself when they're together than when she's with other people.

"Traditionally, when I end a long-term relationship, I'm a little fragile, and I have a tendency to do some reckless things. So I need to stay away from Chris."

Chris Traeger -- ESFJ (The Provider)

ESFJs value loyalty and tend to act by a strict moral code. They tend to like harmony and cooperation and they tend to think that the best way to achieve social order is by everyone following the same sets of rules. For example, Chris did not make an exception for Leslie and Ben when he found out they were dating, even though he knew they wouldn't bring corruption into the government.

They tend to be open with their time, efforts and emotions and they often tend to make their friends and family a top priority. They are often sensitive to the needs of others, but they are also not afraid to point something out that they think is wrong.

"I think you've got several options. They're all terrible...but you have them."

Tom Haverford -- ESFP (The Performer)

ESFPs love to entertain people. They are energetic and fun-loving and they tend to love sensory things such as food, clothing and other things around them. This is a perfect example of Tom. He loves expressing himself through food and his sense of style.

They tend to live in the moment. Because of this spontaneity, they may overextend themselves because they don't want to miss out on the fun. As the show goes on, Tom gets better at balancing work and fun. 

"I am a party scientist. Welcome to my laboratory."

What character do you share a type with? What do you think some of the other characters on Parks and Rec are (Donna, Jerry, Jean-Ralphio, etc.)? Are there any you don't agree with me on? Tell me all!


  1. Awesome job. The only thing I differ in opinion from here is that Tom strikes me more as an 'ENTP'. But I completely agree that April is 'INTJ' (contrary to the popular opinion that she's 'INTP'). Nice character analysis!

  2. You should add Donna to this list, and Gary/Jerry.