Monday, July 27, 2015

The Road So Far: Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Supernatural

I don’t know about you, but for a long time I didn’t know what Supernatural was. I was on tumblr, so naturally I had seen gifs and feelsy graphics of the Winchester brothers everywhere, but I didn’t know where they were from or who they were. Following a text post  If you haven’t already started the series, and are looking for some incentive to do so, read on.

1. It's the family business.
One of the first things you will learn once you begin to watch Supernatural, is that the family business is something that is not easily left behind. Saving people, hunting things, the show is addicting from the get go. And, as the fandom is aptly named, we’re all one big SPNFamily.

2. The fandom has a gif for literally everything.

3. Sam's hair becomes increasingly more fabulous.
If even possible, Sam Winchester’s hair grows in length and fabulousness, until it becomes the glorious moose-mane we all know and love. By the end of the show, we expect his hair to look a little like this: 

4. Lucifer.
Come on now. Just how many fandoms can say that Lucifer is one of their favorite baddies and is just ‘misunderstood’? One. One can do so. And it’s Supernatural. Besides. Dean may be the one with the classic rock obsession, but Lucifer's the one who can quote Devil Went Down To Georgia and have it work.

5. The Winchester boys.
Perhaps this one's a given, but in all seriousness, the relationship between Sam and Dean alone is worth watching this show for. The sacrifices they make for each other will make you squee and cry and wonder where you can find a Winchester of your own.

What do you think? Convinced that Supernatural is the show for you yet? No? Let us know!


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