Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Lewis, an orphan boy genius, creates a machine that lets him see his past.   When his invention is wrecked at a science fair, a boy who claims he's from the future takes Lewis to the future in a time machine.   When the time machine breaks, Lewis must fix it himself to get home.

     This film is a personal favorite of mine.   I love movies that are optimistic about the future!   With all the apocalyptic entertainment out there, it's nice to have a refreshing Utopian movie.   ☺   (Though apocalyptic movies can be very entertaining!)
     Lewis is a boy who aspires to be an inventor.   He is an orphan, and his mother left him on the orphanage step before he could remember her.   His inventions often malfunction badly, which causes parental candidates to run away in terror.   After another bad interview with potential guardians, he decided to build a machine that will look into his past memories and give him a glimpse of his mother.
     He gets straight to work, spending days and nights on his beloved project.   In his frenzy to finish the project, he fails to realize that his poor roommate, Goob, has not been able to sleep.   On the day of Goob's big baseball game and Lewis's science fair, Goob is so sleep deprived that he can barely keep his eyes open.   Lewis has seemingly no energy loss.
     An energetic judge, Dr. Krunklehorn, is the judge of the science fair.   She has several "caffeine patches" on her arm, claiming she hasn't slept in eight days.   At the fair, Lewis meets a strange boy who warns him to stay away from a man in a bowler hat.   Lewis ignores him, assuming that the boy is talking nonsense.
     Unfortunately, the boy was right to warn him.   "Bowler-Hat Guy" sabotages Lewis's machine, causing it to explode and ruin the science fair.   Lewis is heartbroken and runs away to the orphanage, leaving his machine to be stolen by Bowler Hat Guy.   Lewis, crushed by his failure, goes to the roof of the orphanage, where he meets the strange boy again.   The boy, Wilbur, claims he's from the future, and offers to prove it by taking him there.   Lewis agrees.
     The future is a wonderful place.   Everything is clean and beautiful.   People travel by flying car or by bubble, and robots do all the dirty work for the humans.  Lewis thinks this is very nice, but wants to use the time machine to see his mother.   Wilbur refuses to let him, and they end up fighting and breaking the machine.   They stuff it into Wilbur's father's garage and Wilbur tells Lewis that he must fix it.   Lewis must overcome his recent failure to get home.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
     This is such a cute and lovely film!   It shows the power of family and the power of caring for others.   There were several laugh-out-loud moments, and there are plenty of fun quotes to use for every occasion.   ("Mr. Steak, you're my only friend.")   It also has one of the best credit songs, Little Wonders.   I highly recommend this movie to people of any age!


  1. This is one of my favorite Disney films! It's such a good story, right? I think "The Future Has Arrived" is still one of my favorite songs, and I think I really love the diversity of their family... It is just all awesome. The end. :)

    1. Ooh, "The Future Has Arrived" is a great song. I like "Little Wonders" the best because I'm a hopeless romantic and it appealed to that aspect of my nature. X) It's an awesome movie, through and through!