Friday, July 10, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Doc McStuffins" This Summer

   When I first started watching Doc McStuffins, I really connected with her.   As a kid, my favorite thing to play was "doctor."   I used a big Magna-Doodle to write down (scribble) the names of my patients, who were all stuffed animals unless I could convince my parents to play along.   I even put a doll's pair of bloomers on my head for a hairnet.   (I was so fabulous.)   This has fast become one of my favorite Disney Junior shows.   Here are some more reasons why I think you should watch Doc McStuffins:

It has a plethora of adorable stuffed animals.

What kid hasn't wanted to see their toys come to life?   The adorable friends of Doc has just as adorable personalities.   Every character has something that makes them special.   There is also a toy for almost every character ever featured on the show, which brings me to my next point.

You can buy almost all of the toys you see on the show.

I am the type of person (aka kid) who likes to have a stuffed animal for everything.   When I watch Monsters, Inc, my Mike Wazowski toy is always beside me.   When I watch Winnie the Pooh, my Eeyore toy watches with me.   You can choose a favorite character to snuggle up to as you watch, or just to display because they're so cute!

Doc isn't constantly asking for your help.

I know I hate on Dora the Explorer a lot, but you have to admit that it's kind of creepy when a character stares at you until you answer (or until she thinks you've had enough time to answer).   Doc is smart and can figure out things by herself.   I'm pretty sure that if Doc were a real person, she would probably be one of those people that graduates from college at age 12 with multiple degrees.   (Including a medicine degree, of course.)

Doc has the sweetest office ever.

It's kind of like Steve's house from Blue's Clues, it's ten times bigger on the inside,   So, basically, her office is the TARDIS.   Doc is The Doctor.   *mind blown*   Bonus: IT HAS A SLIDE.
(Who else is imagining Peter Capaldi wearing Doc's outfit now?)

You will now sing this every time you go to the doctor.

Not gonna lie, I sing it every time I go to the doctor.

Have you ever watched Doc McStuffins?   Who is your favorite toy from the show?   (Also, is McStuffins a real name or is it just something that you can get from McDonald's?)


  1. I used to LOVE Doc McStuffins. I used the little backyard shed for my "clinic", and told all my friends to call me Doc. xDDD

    ~Lydia~ <3