Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Reasons Why Clint Barton Should Be a Valued Member of the Avengers

Spoilers for Age of Ultron.

I am a huge Marvel fan. As in, it is one of my favorite things in the world. And lately, I've been fangirling a lot over a character named Clint Barton.

There's a chance you've probably heard quite a bit about Clint, but I find that's he often an undervalued member of the Avengers. I'm here today to tell you why he shouldn't be.

1. He's a family man.

If there's one thing Clint cares about, it's his family. He would do anything to make sure that they stay out of harm's way. That not only includes his wife and kids, but also all the members of the Avengers, as he thinks of his teammates as family too.

2. He knows how to lighten up a situation.

Clint knows how to be funny. He knows how to take people's minds off a situation that they need to stop worrying about for a bit. He's very in tune to the people around him.

3. That being said, he also knows when it's time to be serious.

There are times when making jokes just doesn't work. Clint knows and he will act accordingly. As previously stated, he understands the people around him.

4. He's smart.

It may be subtle at times, but he single-handedly figured out that the Tesseract probably opened on both sides. He figured that out with pure reasoning and common sense, which is something the scientists couldn't figure out with all of their tech.

5. He's got a huge heart.

I mean, Clint's the type of guy who takes stray animals in. And stray little orphan humans. He may not show it all of the time, but he cares deeply about the people around him. He rescues a child even though it probably would have gotten him killed.

What do you think about Clint Barton? Is he one of your favorite Avengers? What do you like most about him?


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