Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" This Summer

     I know what you're thinking: "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?   Really?"    Trust me on this one.   Let's face it: most shows for children aren't really very child-like.   So many kid's channels cast their shows with teenagers and make the challenges in the show so dramatic.   It makes me wish we could just go back to the days when all there was to watch was Sesame Street!   So, instead of me spit-balling about today's terrible programming, I'm going to tell you why you should watch Disney Junior instead, one show at a time.

It has one of the most adorable theme songs.

I defy you not to cry "Donald! Daisy! Goofy! Pluto! Minnie! Mickey!" every time someone says "Roll Call."   Bonus points for Mickey Mouse not staring at you creepily while waiting for an answer.  *cough DORA THE EXPLORER cough*

It has the clubhouse of your dreams.

Well, at least my dreams.   This is coming from the girl that had a Mickey Mouse cake for her Sweet Sixteen, after all.   And look how secluded it is!   You could live there and no one would ever bother you again.


Where do I buy Toodles?   I need a Toodles in my life.   (Now, when Toodles got a face later on in the show it was a little weird, but in most of the episodes they air Toodles is just a helpful Mickey Mouse shaped...thing.)

All of the adventures are different.

There's episodes about space, hot air balloons, pets, food, you name it!   Not two episodes are the same, and they air different ones all the time so it doesn't feel like the entire show is on "repeat" every time you turn it on.   Dora the Explorer, however, well...

Hot dog!

(This Christmas one was the only one I could find but it's the same thing, so, oh well.)   It will be stuck in your head.   All day.   Sorry not sorry.

Do you watch Disney Junior or am I the only sixteen year old who does this sort of thing?   (And if I am, I don't care.   I will continue watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until the day I die.)

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