Monday, May 18, 2015

Sam and Dean Winchester at Hogwarts

One of my favorite things to do is sort my favorite characters into Hogwarts houses. In fact, it might just be an unhealthy obsession of mine, and, because I just can't get enough of the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean have become my latest victims.

Sam was hard for me to Sort. However, when consulting with my sister, we both came to the conclusion that, while he definitely possessed traits consistent with all four houses, he was predominantly Slytherin. We based this decision on two things:

1. His actions as soulless!Sam. Yeah, we know that at the time he wasn’t in possession of his soul, the way in which he handled himself was largely consistent with the actions of a Slytherin. For example, the way he allowed Dean to be turned into a vampire in hopes that vamp!Dean would lead him to the head honcho. He allowed himself to become ruthless, although we know that he wasn’t entirely himself.

2. He’s incredibly cunning and, at times, ambition is what drives him. We see this primarily in the first season when Sam has just come back from college and rejoined Dean in the hunting world. He left because of his own needs, something that can be seen as both selfish and ambitious, particularly in what he planned to do at Stanford. Law school was definitely ambitious for a boy who had previously been on the move for his entire life.

Because of these two things, Sam was placed into Slytherin.

Dean was an easy one to Sort. He too possesses many traits that could place him within any of the four Houses. Hufflepuff, the house of the loyal, however, seemed to be the most fitting for the oldest Winchester boy. As we’ve seen over the entire series, family and loyalty to that family is everything to Dean. It’s why he didn’t understand why Sam would leave and go to Stanford. It’s why he followed his father’s instructions blindly and unwaveringly. More than that, though, one of the biggest things about Hufflepuffs (besides their loyalty), is their incredible dedication and ability to work hard. This is something we also see from Dean. He throws himself into his work entirely and tirelessly. 

He also is quite the fan of food, something that, while not exclusively attributed to Hufflepuff, is a Harry Potter head canon.

What do you think? Was I spot on with Dean? Was Sam's house iffy? Let's talk Hogwarts and our favorite Hunters.

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  1. Aw, Dean as a hufflepuff is ADORABLE. I would agree with that! He's so loyal...well. Let's not talk about Season 10. -_- I'm not 100% convinced of Sam being Slytherin, though! hehe, I think he's Ravenclaw. XD