Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review & Giveaway: Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1

I broke my typical stance as a Marvel girl to review DC's Teen Titans Go! Season 2, and I wasn't sorry I did. The DVD arrived so fast Barry Allen might as well have been the one to deliver it, and it was just in time - I was laid up with the flu a few weeks ago and Teen Titans Go! practically saved my life. (Also, it did what most cartoons fail to do - it made me laugh. A lot.)

What I Loved

The humor. (Duh.) I'm not usually a fan of slapstick humor, but with cartoons, it manages to work - plus, Teen Titans don't stick to just slapstick. There's real, quality humor that caught me by surprise, as it's not my typical cartoon experience.

The storylines. Each episode has a different storyline, and they're completely ridiculous and something only cartoons can get away with. I love that. Each episode has a moral wrapped up in a comedic - and occasionally touching - adventure.

The characters. Beast Boy and Cyborg are my favorite, with Raven as a close third and Starfire and Robin coming in last. Beast Boy and Cyborg's bromance is one of my new favorite things.

The nods. I loved the subtle glances toward other DC characters - messing with Batman's fountain was particularly fun.

The interaction. The characters play very well off one another and provide good, entertaining contrasts. Cyborg is kind and enthusiastic, Beast Boy is quirky and - well, like a puppy; Starfire is bubbly and happy just to be alive, Raven is brooding and sarcastic, and Robin...well...he needs to take a Leadership 101 class.

What I Didn't Really Love

Robin. The dude needs to get his act together because at this point in time, if I were Batman, I wouldn't even consider him a potential sidekick candidate.

Potty humor. Yes, sometimes this cartoon's humor goes a bit beyond what's truly funny and scrapes the bottom of the barrel (particularly noticeable in the episode 'Mr. Butt'). Just because something is aimed at kids shouldn't mean it also has to stoop to inappropriate humor.

I wasn't keen on the addition of George Washington. It took a real, noble historical figure and reduced him to a joke, which I think sends the wrong message to the younger kids who watch the show.

To Wrap It Up

Teen Titans Go! was a fun-loving, rollicking ride that I thoroughly enjoyed (in spite of my own, long-and-strong-standing Marvel loyalties). The main thing? I laughed. A lot. And if something can make me laugh that much and that hard, I give it a thumbs up.

A big thank-you to Warner Brothers for giving me the DVD in exchange for an unbiased review!


Warner Brothers has been kind enough to offer one free copy of Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1 for us to give away!

Teen Titans fans can relive the latest adventures when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) releases Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1 on DVD April 14, 2015. The two-disc DVD set is priced to own for $19.97 SRP and features over 4 hours of content on 2 DVD discs! Teen Titans Go!, which consistently ranked as the #1 show for kids 6-11 on Cartoon Network has been renewed for a third season of fun and mayhem.

In Season 2 Part 1, the Teen Titans return with a whole new bevy of baddies, beverages and adventures! Partner up with Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy to defend Jump City against slimy monsters, tyrannical villains and of course, crime fighting induced hunger pains. Every vote counts when the Teen Titans hold team leader elections, Beast Boy dials up the “man-factor” with his new robotic limbs, while Raven races to save the cotton candy bushes from the Gumdrop Goblin. It’s a titan red alert with 26 gut-punching, gut-busting adventures in this all-new collection.

“We are thrilled with the audience response to the youngest and funniest members of the DC Comics universe and even more excited to continue the fun with Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Vice President, Family & Animation Marketing. “With this release, fans both old and new will be able to continue to enjoy crime-fighting adventures featuring their favorite teenage super heroes.”

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  1. We love TT!!! We watch probably daily lol. MY favorite character would be JINX!!! <3 But from the main cast I would have to pick Starfire. My sons favorite is Robin all the way.

  2. I have not seen the show but my brother has. His favorite charachter is Robin. Thanks for the giveaway. BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com