Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x15: One Door Closes [Recap/Review]

Agents of SHIELD
Season 2, Episode 15
Wednesdays 9|8 EST
Spoilers, obviously
This was one of those episodes where we finally see loose ends starting to tie themselves together! It's obvious that Joss Whedon really took 'this show's pacing is too slow' criticisms from Season 1 did a complete 180, since the action is pretty much non-stop this season. Coulson and May approach Mac and Bobbi, who both insist they're working for SHIELD. While this is true, it's not exactly the same SHIELD, and Bobbi and Mac escape Coulson and May's clutches.

In flashbacks, we see the day SHIELD fell during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Bobbi, Mac, and Hartley (hey there, Hartley) find Gonzalez and decide to re-take the helicarrier back from HYDRA.

At the safe house, Gordon approaches Skye and has a chat with her about coming to join 'the others like them' (c'mon, Gordon. Inhumans. Use the word. Say the word.) Bobbi knocks out the power and 'the real SHIELD' shows up, taking Coulson's SHIELD under custody. May helps Coulson escape and calls Skye at the safe house, warning her that 'the real SHIELD' is coming for her. Skye doesn't have time to escape and instead knocks Bobbi and Calderon ('the real SHIELD' resident Jerkier-Than-Thou) back ten yards with a wave of power. She then whispers, 'Gordon, take me home' and he appears, grabs her, and disappears again in a flash of blue light.

 In the post-credit scene, we see Coulson sipping a drink (for a second I thought it was another T.A.H.I.T.I. flashback and was about to go WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?) when Hunter shows up. He signs a napkin (with surprisingly good handwriting. Very elegant) and tells Coulson consider that a contract; he'll work for him now. Yaaaay!

• Jemma rocked in this episode, and I'm glad, since she's had more downs than ups this season. At first my heart broke when she called Fitz 'Leo,' but then she outwits and takes down Bobbi singlehandedly - and when they're captured by 'the real SHIELD,' she takes Fitz's hand. It almost felt like old times. Good girl, Jemma.

• What's actually up with 'the real SHIELD'? They knock everyone out with a dendrotoxin, but then Calderon actually goes to shoot Skye with a real gun. Something shady's going on, and I don't like it.

• Despite the deceit, I still like Mac and Bobbi and truly believe their intentions are honorable. Mac proves his loyalty by saving Fitz's life at the risk of his own, and Bobbi clearly states that Skye is a SHIELD agent, just like her.

• We know that May is still evading capture, and I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what her plan is! Also, what are Coulson and Hunter going to do?

• My love for Gordon grows with every appearance. There's just something entirely endearing about him and his laid-back personality - and the fact that he knocked on the door instead of just teleporting into the room was adorable. I love his dynamic with Skye, and I'm sad to say I think I'm Gordon/Skye shipper trash in spite of the fact that I can already for see a Lincoln/Skye storyline. Speaking of Lincoln (popular name on TV lately, that); the way they're setting it up, his appearance could be next week! Who else is excited!?

• Is FitzSimmons making a comeback?

• WE'RE FINALLY GETTING TO SEE QUAKE IN ACTION, complete with waterbending and power-waving. I'm practically giddy!

• While it's better than, shall we say, Season 1 of Doctor Who, can we please up the CGI effects for Gordon's face?

• What's going on with Cal and Raina?

• What do you think of 'the real SHIELD'? Are they up to no good, or are they the heroes?

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  1. Ooh, I hope FitzSimmons is making a comeback. I love Fitz. They have grown pretty far apart but they need to at least be friends. They're FITZSIMMONS. Much as I like Jemma's character, I've been a bit disappointed in her this season. :/ But I'll still think she's very cool and I'll like her either way. ;)

    And I agree, Gordon is a very cool character and he deserves some better CGI.