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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x12 - Who You Really Are

Agents of SHIELD
Season 2, Episode 12
Wednesdays 9|8 EST
Spoilers, obviously

I've decided to create a petition. I'll call it 'PROTECT THE BABIES', and I hope we all sign it. The babies, by the way, include everyone. All of them. They're all babies and they must all be kept safe. Unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that, which leads us into the episode with a Portuguese beach, where Lady Sif emerges and proves her stance on being badly flirted with. I.E., she doesn't go for it. When the onlookers ask who she is, she tells them she doesn't know. (I don't know about you, but I found myself wondering if Loki - who has been masquerading as Odin since the end of Thor: Dark World and apparently doing a great job of it - erased her memory and banished her, or some other such nonsense. Had she been LOKI'D?)

Meanwhile, on the Bus, Skye's training is apparently improving (she even manages to flip May over her head! Points!) but May knows Skye is holding back. Skye fudges around the truth, saying she doesn't want to hurt May, who gives her the most May expression possible. Fitz, being the gloriously wonderful human being that he is, walks in and tentatively suggests that maybe Skye should take a break. Skye assures him she's fine.

Bobbi and Hunter have been getting their sexy-times on, and apparently they're both so good at multitasking that no sooner have they rolled off each other that they begin discussing work - mainly, how Coulson has asked Hunter to stay on permanently, and Hunter has decided he wants to.

Coulson tells Mack that, after watching him in Peru, he's decided he's wasting his talents under the hood of a car, and he wants to put him in the field. Mack is hesitant, saying he doesn't like violence, but Coulson points out that Mack doesn't even have to twitch in order to look intimidating.

Before they can fully discuss it, May walks in and announces that Sif is on earth. Coulson and May go to where some Portuguese officials are holding her, and they explain that the only reason she hasn't caused trouble is because she's looking for someone named 'Kava,' and they told her that they would bring Kava to her. Coulson says, "I'm not Kava." The official smiles and says, "I'm just glad I'm not the one who has to tell her."

Coulson talks with Sif, who remembers she's from Asgard + some basic knowledge but not much else. May comes in and says Skye found a video on Twitter that shows Sif combatting a man who wins the fight and runs off. Said guy shows up at a hospital in Portugal, asks where the supplies are, turns blue (literally) and assures the nurse she won't remember any of this.

The SHIELD team goes over the video again and sees that when Sif strikes him, some kind of blue sparks shoot out. They decide to send a team to examine the boardwalk, and Jemma all gung-ho about nipping-the-threat-in-the-bud, shooting-first-and-asking-questions-later, much to Skye and Fitz's dismay.

Mack, Hunter and Fitz go to the boardwalk and sniff around while Bobbi and Skye go to the hospital. The head nurse tells them that she hasn't seen the man they're looking for, but they notice in the background that a nurse is asking her colleagues who she is and why she can't remember anything.

Coulson and May find a balloon vendor on a beach who says that someone stole the nozzles off his helium tanks. They call Simmons, who says a lot of sciency things, and they figure that he's somehow using the nozzles to power a disguise suit to keep him from turning blue (??????).

Bobbi and Skye find the man in the hospital supply room and take him on, but he knocks Bobbi out and Skye quakes so hard her gun explodes and she knocks a shelf onto herself and the guy escapes.

Back at the Bus, they figure out that he's a Kree; and 'kava' is the Kree word for 'keys.' Mac and Bobbi have a vague chat about whatever-it-is-they're-hiding and Mac insinuates that Bobbi can't get close to Hunter. Mac reminds her how the team felt when they discovered Ward was HYDRA. "We're not HYDRA," Bobbi says, but Mack replies, "But you know how they felt."

The team discovers there's a city in Portugal called 'Chavez,' which means 'keys,' so they decide to head there. Skye asks to sit this one out, saying she's shaken up from her last encounter with the Kree. May's suspicious, but Coulson agrees, and they find the Kree guy very easily, over an unopened Kree crate. They also capture him very easily, with an electrified net. Yay for technology!

Coulson and Sif question the Kree guy, who tells them his name is Vintak and that he's here to help. He offers to restore Sif's memory with his truncheon, but of course everyone else is skeptical. Bobbi's inspecting said truncheon when Hunter walks in and attempts to flirt with her, but Bobbi pushes him away, saying she wants to slow things down. Hunter is obviously injured but assures her fine, consider things slowed down. As he leaves, Mack walks in and sees Bobbi, who is obviously unhappy about what she just did.

They bring the Kree down to see whether or not the truncheon is biologically wired to him (why not just take the truncheon to the Kree...? Ah, well) and since he knows they won't trust him, he manages to get it out of their hands and restores Sif's memory before giving the truncheon back. Sif remembers that her mission was to pick up the Kree and take him back to Asgard for safekeeping. Sif’s memory. Then she punches Vintac in the face.

This was her mission: to pick up the lone Kree that made it to Earth. She’s heard of how the Kree once came to Earth and changed humans into genetically engineered soldiers to fight in their wars. Apparently, their plan worked a little TOO well on earth, and it was shut down. Vintak is there because he saw that the Diviner worked, and he has to retrieve it and whoever the Diviner changed in order to keep everyone else safe - and to keep the Kree from re-starting the program. There were seven Diviners in the crate they picked up in Portugal, and they're all missing.

Vintak calls these changed humans 'abominations' one too many times and Skye, terrified, starts to quake. The team puts two and two together and suddenly they're split into sides - Sif and Vintak want to capture Skye and take her to Asgard, but Coulson and May are having none of it. Coulson calls in backup and holds Sif and Vintak off while May snatches Skye and flees with her to Cell D.

Vintak and Sif knock Coulson out of the way and Sif follows in pursuit of Skye, but Mac and Bobbi stop Vintak in the hall. "Think we should call for more backup?" Bobbi asks Mac, but they have no time as Vintak attacks and knocks Mac aside. Hunter arrives and fights Vintak, but the Kree is much too strong and bats him out of the way. Bobbi takes him on, but it turns out she's a distraction. Fitz arrives and BLASTS THE KREE DOWN USING THE BAMBINO. I WANT TO THROW FITZ A PARTY. Bobbi then uses Vintak's own hand to stun him with his truncheon, erasing his memory. You go, girl!

Sif finds May and Skye in the cell and forces her way in, but Skye can't stop quaking. In a last-ditch attempt to stop her powers, she shoots herself in the arm, effectively stopping the quaking. Sif takes a very forgetful Vintak back to Asgard after warning Coulson about Skye. The rest of the team feels betrayed by Fitz, keeping Skye's secret from them, but Fitz defends her, saying they would have attempted to 'handle' her and done it badly. 'WE need protection from HER,' says Mac, but his face falls when he notices Skye standing just outside the room. She walks into the interrogation room and puts down a duffel bag, apparently moving in for the safety of everyone else.

In the post-credits scene, we see Hunter approach Mac on the quinjet. He demands to know what he and Bobbi are up to, and says he heard them mention more backup in the hallway. Mac lunges at Hunter and suffocates him until he's unconscious (I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO KILL HIM AND HE DIDN'T AND I'M SO RELIEVED BUT STILL SO CONCERNED AND NERVOUS AND WORRIED AND JUST /PROJECT PROTECT THE BABIES/).

2. Is anyone else's heart breaking over Jemma's turnaround?
Take a look at the promo for the next episode and WORRY WITH ME.

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  1. 1. The sciency-details of the Kree's suit involved liquid nitrogen, which can basically instant-freeze anything on contact (you really don't want this stuff to touch your skin unless it's to remove a wart). Because of that, I spent almost the entire episode thinking that Vintak was a frost giant. He even has the scar-like patterns on his skin!

    2. Skye shot herself with a sleeper to stop the quake, didn't she?