Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Tips for Your Next Netflix Marathon

Listen. I know we’ve all done it. Why does Netflix have that automatic play feature if they don’t want us to use it? It is far too easy to take the passive role of sitting back and letting Netflix take over your life.

I’m not going to judge. Fangirls gotta fangirl. Netflix marathons can be wonderful and necessary. Here’s how you can make that process a little more comfortable.

1. Snacks.

What’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite show? Wouldn’t those two things combine admirably to make the perfect moment? Go ahead. Do it. It’ll make everything 10 times better.

Bonus points if it’s chocolate.

2. Soft blankets, comfy pants

Come on, get those snuggly fleece blankets and sweatpants out. It's honestly the best part of sitting down to watch something. 

Speaking of sitting, make sure you’re comfortable! Recline if you need to. Bonus points if you wear your pajamas during your Netflix marathon.

3. Tissues

I've given this advice before. But it's true. You need them. For the FEELS, man!

Eventually, characters die, people break up. Sometimes there are happy things, like OTPs finally getting together, or heartfelt moments between two characters. Whatever happens, make sure the tissues are there to catch your fangirl tears. (Even if they're invisible or nonexistent.)

4. The perfect show.

Sometimes the stars align and you find the show that is perfect in every possible way. THIS is the show you need to marathon, my friends. Find this show and never let it go. Until it ends, of course. Then you get to… find a new one?

 Never mind, it will never fill the hole in your heart from that one show. Just blissfully ignore that part.

5. The perfect mindset

This is your time to relax. (Except when you’re busy worrying that all your favorite characters are going to die.) So do that! Life’s too short not to have Netflix marathons.

This post was brought largely in part to you by Emma Stone.

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  1. I don't have Netflix but I do manage to stay on Demand a lot to binge watch a lot of everything. I'm more of a Hulu user. I may just get Netflix and lose all hope of ever going outside again. I'm already an introvert, I don't want to make it worse. LOL