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The 100 2x14: Lexa No

I apologize for not posting these the last two weeks. One week I totally forgot and the other week I thought it was Friday, not Saturday. I'm a little stressed out lately - and The 100 isn't helping!

The 100
2x14: Bodyguard of Lies
Wednesday 8|9c
In the Dead Zone
Jaha (who thinks he's Moses. Broses?) is leading the straggling few who decided a hike across a desert to a questionable 'city of light' was a good idea across a desert. Murphy is being gloriously sarcastic about the whole thing. A dude named Harris is cracking jokes about Reapers and Grounders when BAM! - he steps on a land mine, and so does another gal. Blood and limbs rain down, and they realize they're stuck in a minefield with absolutely no idea of how to get out. A sandstorm comes up (because naturally) and they wait it out. When it fades, they see light shining beyond the next mountain of sand. Broses proclaims that this is all a test, and if they have enough faith, they'll make it. Murphy graciously tells him 'you first, Chancellor.' Jaha leads them out of the minefield using his walking stick and they race up the dune to find....
solar panels?
A whole lotta solar panels, reflecting the sun. No city. Murphy, righteously angry, throws a rock at a solar panel and a drone detaches from its perch and flies past them. They follow the drone to the edge of the water, where it continues to fly. Fortunately for everyone, there's a boat! Broses tells them to get in. They do.
....Wow, guys.
To coin a Murphy phrase, 'What level of crazy is too much for you?'
In Mount Weather
Cage: Where are the 44? (RIP, three kids that Cage killed)
Lieutenant: I don't know.
Cage decides that they'll use the fact the kids killed ten Mount Weather soldiers (in SELF DEFENSE) as anti-propaganda so people will come forward with the kid's locations. In the control room we see via radar that the Grounder Army is camped just outside the range of the acid fog. We see Bellamy (HI BELLAMY) running around trying to stop the acid fog from happening. His keybard stops working, two guards realize he's not Lovejoy, and start firing at him. Now that they know they have an intruder, Bellamy's life just got about 100x more difficult - and it was no piece of cake before, chocolate or otherwise. (Sorry, Monty.)
Bellamy catches a guard, beats him unconscious, and takes his keycard. (I love Bellamy so much. He doesn't kill unless he has to, unlike some other characters on the show.) He finds Maya's dad, Vincent, who tells him that they've moved some of the kids to areas that were already searched. Bellamy asks Vincent if there's another way to shut off the acid fog, and Vincent tells him there's a place called the 'retro-fit zone' that's off-limits and HEY! Has no cameras! HOW CONVENIENT!
Vincent gives Bellamy a soddering gun. Why?
...I guess he was out of glue guns, or staplers, or tasers.
In the Grounder Camp
Lexa attempts to calm down Clarke, who is freaking out over the kids in Mount Weather, specifically - BELLAMY. For the first time on the show, someone acknowledges the existence of Bellarke (a ploy by the writers, I'm sure, to assuage the pain of what happens a bit later) by pointing out that Clarke worries more about Bellamy than the others.
Lexa wants Clarke to be an android-leader without emotions, but Clarke just wants to keep people safe. YAY! CLARKE WITH FEELINGS IS BACK! I missed you, Clarke With Feelings. Clarke and Octavia have a brief conversation where Octavia realizes that Clarke knew about the missile before it landed and killed a bunch of people.
'You'd fit right in on the council,' Octavia tells her.
But true, in that moment.
Grounder Bodyguard informs Octavia that she's been re-assigned to guard duty. Clarke, suspicious, tells Lexa that Octavia won't tell anyone about the missile. 'You take care of your people,' she says, 'I'll take care of mine.'
Lexa says sure, yeah, and then tells the Grounder Bodyguard to kill Octavia. Clarke gets wind of it and puts a gun to the Grounder Bodyguard's head before he shoots Octavia, and then she takes him to Lexa's tent. Lexa orders the Bodyguard to stand down and has him leave, and they have an exchange about feelings and doing what's right.
Lexa points out that, while she let 250 people die in the village, she didn't let Clarke die. Clarke, taken aback, tells her that if anything happens to Octavia, she'll tell EVERYONE about the missile. This makes an apparent impact, because later, Lexa calls for Clarke to tell her she trusts her, and she won't harm Octavia.
And then Lexa kisses her.
*deep breath*
I mean, I saw this coming (on Lexa's part, anyway) from a mile away.
But I think the writers have a serious apology to make to Bellarke shippers.
A. SERIOUS. APOLOGY. Because while Bellarke might be end-game, HOW MANY MORE DELAYS CAN WE EXPECT? FOR REAL? C'MON.
Clarke backs away from the kiss and says she's not ready for another relationship...yet.

In Camp Jaha
Bellamy has found the Poison Fog Vats (that's fun to say) they're taking turns trying to help him figure out a way to turn it off or neutralize it. This entire scene, while nerve-wracking, is adorable because it's like two teenagers trying to tell their mom how to work a computer. Basically, this is the entire scene:
Bellamy goes through every option on the monitor and then Wick has a brilliant idea - they can activate the cleaning solution to neutralize the gas! It seems to work, and when Bellamy announces the PH level has gone down, RAVICK HUGS. And they almost kiss, but....they don't. Sigh.
They send out the flare to let the Grounder Army know the gas is neutralized, and then Raven runs back in and starts making out with Wick.
Wow. Nobody saw that coming since the first encounter. *sideways glance* Nobody. I mean, I ship them and all, but this just seems fairly...abrupt? Sudden? Odd? We find out Wick's real name is Kyle, which changes absolutely nothing. Wick he shall stay.
When they're through, Raven tries to slip away as per her Modus Operandi, and Wick tells her, 'if you want to do this, I'm in, but I don't play games. So figure it out.'
While I admire Wick for being straightforward like this, I don't think Raven is ready. Another sigh.
In the Grounder Camp
They see the flare, and Lexa admits to Clarke, 'you were right to have faith in him.'  I'm hoping Clarke was feeling a little more than faith, but ahem. Cough. Lexa calls her army to battle.
In Mount Weather
Bellamy thinks his job is accomplished, but he notices a gauge on one of the vats that says the PH levels are exactly the same, and he realizes none of the acid has been neutralized. FLIPPIN' CAGE. URGH. I HATE YOU SO MUCH.
He tries to contact Raven but it turns out the Mount Weather control room has interrupted his frequency. They send people into the Toxic Waste Room - I mean, Acid Fog Vat Room - and they start shooting at Bellamy.
I start hyperventilating. Again.
Bellamy escapes down an air vent, because he rigged up an Oxygen tank with his soddering gun and it EXPLODES. WELL PLAYED, SIR. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU. (Also this is quite hilarious considering Raven specifically told him not to blow anything up. You got your wish, son.)
Cage tries to trigger the acid fog, but to no avail - the entire room was blown up. No fog, sir, no fog
He gets mad, because he's a baby.
Lieutenant: NOTHING, SIR.
In the Woods
The Grounder army heads toward Mount Weather and Clarke tells Octavia she wants her with the rear guard. Octavia tells her that she takes orders from Indra, and Indra tells Octavia she's staying up front. Octavia tells Indra about the missile thing, but it turns out Indra already knew.
Indra tells Octavia they'll win this war because Lexa is ruthless. Octavia says, 'that's wrong,' and Indra replies simply, 'it's war.'
BATTLE CRY, and fade.
2. Are we ever going to see Emori again?
3. Where on earth is Lincoln?
4. Why didn't Broses and Murphy and the others just dive into all that water? Hasn't it been ages since they've had a drink? And they've been walking through a burning desert? Eh? Eh???


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