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The 100 2x11: Bellamy Blake Is Actually Perfect

The 100
2x11: Coup de Grace
CW 8|9c

This episode was basically a tornado of feelings and I was wound up like a spring the entire time. I don't think we've had an episode that stressful since the season 1 finale. My sister and I were practically holding hands the whole time (and I'm not a cuddler). It doesn't pull any punches and opens straightaway with Bellamy being tortured in Mount Weather - scoured, scrubbed, dusted, and drugged.

The Mount Weather people even appear to take a tooth (?) and put into him - whether it's a vacuum or a chip or another drug or what, I hope we find out. They then throw him into a cage to await his turn to be Harvested (i.e. drained of blood) and, Bellamy being Bellamy, the first thing he does is try to physically force his way out of the locked cage. His neighbor is a Grounder gal who realizes he's a Sky Person (how? Does his appearance scream 'I AM NOT A GROUNDER' or something?) and proceeds to spit on his face. He wipes it off and says patiently, 'I take it nobody's told you we aren't enemies anymore.' She tells him that they take the strongest first, so he shouldn't make too much of a fuss.

(Side note: Wow, we got to see Bellamy clean. How weird was that?? While I prefer him looking all rugged and scruffy, it was cool to see what he actually looks like. Also, we haven't had shirtless Bellamy in like twelve episodes, so I'm not complaining about that, either.)

The Mount Weather people come back in and start to take the helpful Grounder gal, but Bellamy - again, being Bellamy - makes a ruckus and they take him instead. They shock him, drug him, and hoist him up to drain him of blood.

Meanwhile, Maya makes Jasper promise he won't do anything stupid. He promises he won't, and then sets off to find President Wallace, hold a sword to his throat and demand where his friends are. (Because every President should definitely have a ceremonial sword lying about.) President Wallace is, fortunately, a pretty decent guy (for someone who drains Grounders of all their blood and creates cannibalistic Reapers) and takes Jasper to find Monty and Harper. He releases both Monty AND Harper and tells Jasper to get the other teenagers and pack their things, because they need to leave. Unfortunately, when Wallace goes to confront his son, he's arrested by said son and imprisoned. LEMME TELL YA - hearing a guard call Wallace's son 'Mr. President' is chilling. CHILLING.

Maya, snooping around trying to help Jasper, discovers a Weather-woman in the hospital zone, and she's been healed an hour ahead of schedule. Maya, being a lot smarter than I've previously given her credit for, realizes this must mean there's someone unusual hooked up to said Weather-woman and goes into the Harvest area. There she sees Bellamy being drained. She gives him a shot of epinephrine and he wakes up just in time for a guard with Terrible Timing to walk in and ask Maya what she's doing. Maya, being an extremely quick thinker, pulls the plug monitoring Bellamy's vitals so his heart flatlines and tells the guard she was curious, but Bellamy is dead. The guard, unperturbed, lets Bellamy down, and then Bellamy takes action, leaping up and attacking him. With some help from the Grounder Gal (who, still caged, grabs the guard's hand through the bars), Bellamy strangles and kills the guard.
I really liked this scene, actually. During season two, we've had Saint Bellamy. He's done a near 180, and I think it's easy to forget that he's actually a strong, trained, lethal man - and now he's desperate and has a mission to save 46 lives. Does he enjoy it? No - his reaction after he's killed the guard (who we discover is named 'Lovejoy') tells us that. But is he capable? Oh, yes.
Bellamy puts on the guard's clothes (Bellamy in a cap. It's adorable. But also, I can't wait for him to get back in his regular clothes. He rocks black pants and a V-neck, but it's hard to rock a khaki uniform. Even for him.) They're almost caught in an elevator, but once again Maya's quick thinking gets them out.
They reach another floor and Bellamy sees a string of small children holding hands and walking into a schoolroom. He realizes they need to change their plan, because he won't be responsible for killing children. A little boy walks up to him and asks if he's in a ground unit, because his father is training to be in one. When the boy walks away, Bellamy sees a name tag on the boy's backpack - Lovejoy. With tears in his eyes, Bellamy follows Maya, who asks 'what did you expect you'd find down here?"
As they reach the dorms, alarms sound and the kids are locked into their rooms, placed under guard. Jasper looks out the window and sees Maya - and Bellamy. Now that they can't get the teenagers out, Bellamy and Maya head to a radio to get word to Camp Jaha.
Meanwhile, two Mount Weather snipers in full hazmat suits attempt to shoot Clarke and Lexa, but are foiled by Indra and Octavia. They kill one of the snipers but Clarke stops them from killing the second sniper, because they might be able to use him for information. Abby tries to mother Clarke, telling her 'someone tried to kill you, it's okay if you're upset' and Clarke tells her it's just another day on the ground. (I like Abby, but I liked her a lot more on the Ark.) They rush the wounded Weatherman back to Camp Jaha and give him a blood transfusion to heal up his burned skin, then put him in an airlock, thanks to Raven.
Then Clarke asks Raven if there's been any word from Bellamy. *happy sigh* Unfortunately there hasn't been, and the two bicker before those in charge (i.e. Clarke, Abby, and Kane) need to decide what to do with the Weatherman, who isn't giving them any information. Abby is pulling a pre-war Clarke and insisting they can't torture anyone, while Abby and Kane are all for it since being nice didn't work.
The Weatherman's bloodwork reveals traces of the engineered blood from the people on the Ark, which Clarke knows means her people are already being drained in Mount Weather. She goes back to check on the radio, and just as she and Raven argue about not giving up, Bellamy comes through on the radio. *more happy sighing* The two look so happy to be talking to each other, on respective sides of the radio, and it's adorable and makes me happy. Clarke tells Bellamy 'you came through. I knew you would,' and then we get another BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, AMAZING writing parallel. THE PARALLELS IN THIS SHOW. EVERY EPISODE. I HAVE A CRUSH ON THE PARALLELS. Because Bellamy, instead of saying they need to kill everyone in the mountain, instead tells Clarke this -
Clarke says she'll work on it, and advises Bellamy to use the Grounders already inside Mount Weather. He compares it to a Trojan Horse (which is adorable. Bellamy is the actual resident mythology/history geek) and Clarke promises she'll keep the Weathermen so busy looking outside the mountain that they won't notice him. (Considering there are only 362 people in the mountain, if anyone notices he doesn't belong, he's effectively dead.) As part of this plan, Clarke takes the Weatherman (Emerson) out of quarantine with a message to give to Mount Weather. She tells Mount Weather that they might think they know everything, but the Grounder army is bigger than they've imagined - basically, she tells Mount Weather they're in trouble. Before she can let the prisoner go, however, she's confronted by Abby, who tells her she won't allow this.
Clarke then tells her, "You may be Chancellor, but I'm in charge."

Abby finally has no choice but to allow the prisoner to leave - you can bet there are going to be some enormous repercussions in the next episode, but for now, Clarke is a boss and Abby has been put in her place. Clarke and Raven then discuss how basically everything is resting on Bellamy. No pressure, Bells. No pressure.
1. Where has Wick been!? C'mon! I need some more Wicken, because he and Raven are perfect.
2. Please tell me Abby isn't going to try and lock Clarke up in the next episode. I know that's not technically a question, but still.
This show. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. IT STRESSES ME OUT SO MUCH. Oh my goodness. I just - I am not looking forward to the finale. I mean, I am. But in a dreading-and-trepidation kind of way. Pretty sure I'll spend the entire hiatus rocking back and forth and writing on walls. Also, I'm a HUGE fan of Bellamy not dying. So. Um. Yes. Until next week.


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