Thursday, February 12, 2015

Barry Allen's Not-So-Romance-Less Life

For Barry Allen, romance is a slow aspect of his life. He sees his life as "romance-less" and a losing battle every where he turns. He may be fast, but he doesn't seem to be able to catch-up on his love life. Or so it appears.

But when fangirls take a deeper look into Barry Allen's "romance-less" life, we discover... it maybe not be as slow as we thought. 

Since Barry Allen was first introduced into the CW world via Arrow, he was stealing hearts with a quick glance of his cute grin and dashing looks. Immediately, he snatched the attention of one Felicity Smoak, and I think it had to do with more than just his science-y side. 

Since then, Barry Allen not only has the opportunity to star in his own show, The Flash, but in addition, he's had plenty of romance opportunities, some that just might still work out. I'm going to highlight four opportunities Barry has to speed up his love life. 

Felicity Smoak

Felicity was Barry's first opportunity for romance and while I think the time has passed for anything more to blossom between them, let's take a look at what made Felicity and Barry click at the start.

Strengths: They're both smart, so they can understand each other's language. Felicity already knows how to deal with superheroes and knows Barry's secret from the start. He doesn't have anything to hide and she can help him as he saves Central City. Plus they look so darn cute together.

Weaknesses: Oliver Queen. Felicity's maybe, sort of, kind of in love with Oliver. Hung up on him. As is Barry for Iris West (more on her later). Felicity lives in a different city (and show), which would make things tricky for their relationship. And last, they've already come to agreement to just be friends and nothing more (despite sharing a kiss and all those lingering glances).

While I adore Felicity and think she would make Barry happy, I don't think the show writers will move in that direction. But if anything (else) happens to Oliver Queen with Romance beyond Felicity, I would want nothing more than for Barry and Felicity to find a way to work. But until then, let their friendship live. 

Caitlin Snow

Caitlin is Barry's scientist friend at S.T.A.R. Labs. While there haven't been too many indications of a romance blossoming between them, I--along with many other fangirls--can't help but notice there's hints of a possibility. Here's a few things that might make their relationship work, or not.

Strengths: Both are smart and involved in the field of sciences. Like Felicity, Caitlin speaks Barry's language. Again, Caitlin knows his secret and knows how to deal with a meta-human, especially in the act of cleaning up his wounds. She's currently single (ouch). And Caitlin can see beyond Barry's abilities. She sees him as a person of worth with or without his super-speed. 

Weaknesses: Ronnie. Caitlin's (ex?) fiance may not be so-dead as it seems (sort of spoilers?). His re-appearance remains to be unseen. A relationship within the work place might not be such a good idea and only provide more opportunities for tension. 

Caitlin and Barry would probably be cute together. They both had lost someone important to them and were heavily influenced by the accident at S.T.A.R. Labs. They can certainly relate to each other, and they already care for each other. Whether their relationship stays platonic or becomes something more is still up in the air. But anything could happen. This is only season one after all.

Linda Park

We haven't had a lot of Linda Park yet, and definitely not enough to clearly know whether this relationship will pan out. However, we have to admit that this is the first relationship Barry's had in a while and it actually might be working... for now. 

Linda Park is a journalist Barry met and has gone on one and half-ish dates with? She also gave him a second chance when deserted her because duties of being The Flash. 

Strengths: She makes Barry smile and also eat really hot peppers, which ends up being kind of funny. He won't give up on her even though it didn't seem it would work right away.

Weaknesses: She's moving Barry along waaayyy too fast. Plus there's something about her that strikes my fangirl heart as: not good. Whether she'll have other motives for dating Barry or not, I'm not confident this relationship works. It's too early for a superhero to meet his "happily ever after" and "first" girlfriends don't usually end up panning out. 

An interesting fact though, in the comics Linda Park was a journalist and actually married Wally West, another version of the Flash and Barry Allen's nephew. Since the writers have clearly already switched around a few things, it isn't certain how close to the comics they will keep the story line. So in reality: anything could happen. 

Iris West

Iris is Barry's long-time best friend and foster sister (ish?). They've known each other forever and Barry has been in love with her for just as long. She's smart, she's pretty, and she definitely loves Barry. But the question comes down to: in what way?

Strengths: They already know each other well. There's not a whole lot to hide (well, except that he's the red and yellow streak running around saving Central City). Iris probably knows Barry better than he knows himself. In addition, he makes her happy and she makes him happy. And, she's a fan of the Flash. 

Weaknesses: Eddie. Iris is currently dating someone else (and now Barry is dating someone else). From what we know of (aka see the mid-season finale), Iris doesn't share the same feelings as Barry. However, the latest episode kind of makes one wonder whether that's accurate or not. She seems to be moving back and forth between her feelings, which isn't a good sign either. 

In the comics, Barry and Iris do get married. They have a few kids and grandkids (the Flash family is big). However, it's highly unlikely we'll see all of that pan out. At least not in "real" time, but with the introduction of time-travel in the show: anything could happen (aren't you tired of hearing that?)

If the writers stay true to the Barry/Iris arc, it probably won't be for some time that we see them get together. Just think how long it took for Clark and Lois to get together on Smallville: six seasons worth!! Six! Come on, CW, we can't wait that long!

The Flash show is early on. It's season one, and I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities for Barry to find his one true love. His life is far from "romance-less." 

Who do you think Barry  should end up with? Do you think the writers will stick to the comic book path? 


  1. Another Flash post!

    allow me to be happy (because I'm actually super excited whenever I find something to read about The it really this under appreciated or is it just me not looking in the right places?)
    When I first started the show, and when I first picked up on the Barry/Caitlin possibility, I greatly disliked it. I actually didn't even care much for Caitlin either, but now, within these few episodes, she's kinda (greatly) grown on me, and...I almost think I would be happiest if she and Barry became a thing. He's comfortable around her (something he isn't with Linda, and even 100% with Iris...theres that crushy awkwardness with her) and, I really think they could work out cutely. but then Ronnie.
    As for Iris....I actually really like Iris and Eddie together... or maybe I just don't like Barry and Iris as a couple, but instead as friends...?
    I don't trust her.
    at all.
    but that may just be me being protective of bbyBarry. but she...she really makes me nervous. She seems the type that, if she found out about his secret, would either use it against him, or be unable to keep her mouth shut, and cause Barry trouble.
    in short, ew Linda get away from my Barry Bear.

    (I just came up with Barry Bear right now...beautiful)

    1. HAHAHAHA I agree with everything you said. I thought abou tCaitlin at the beginning but Barry & Iris were kind of cute--at least Barry's crush on her was. (I'm a sucker for BFF love)

      I definitely don't trust Linda either. She reminds me too much of Lana from Smallville & I thought Lana ruined everything for Clark. :P

      Barry Bear is beautiful improvisation. <33

      I'll be posting about The Flash frequently, along with stuff about Arrow