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"Flash vs Arrow" Recap

"Flash vs Arrow Episode" Recap

The CW 12.2.14
This past week history, television history that is, was made when the CW’s Arrow and The Flash teamed-up to air a 2-part superhero crossover! For DC comics fans—and any superhero fan—this is BIG. I mean, we haven’t had this much superhero awesome in one show since the Absolute Justice (JSA) episodes in Smallville, which was almost five years ago. Five.

Basically the premise of The Flash is that Barry Allen, a forensic scientist for Central City’s police department, gets struck by lightning during a crazy science experiment gone wrong, and he gains super-human abilities. He can run fast, he can heal fast, and he kick butt fast (okay, maybe that last one is a bit of an exaggeration as he is usually the one getting beat up. For now.) However, he’s not the only one to gain super-human abilities. A whole bunch of “meta-humans” now roam Central City and it’s up to Barry and a team of scientists to save the city. So Barry becomes the Flash.

For Arrow, the premise is a big choppier since it’s on its third season. Basically, Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on this island for five years (or was he?) and he returns with one goal in mind: bring justice to his city, Starling City. To do so, he takes on a hooded disguise and uses a bow and arrow to get his justice. But it’s not so easy and well, lots of good and bad have happened over the past eight years and Oliver is trying to be a better hero every step of the way (but he’s still brooding—what is with the billionaire playboys and brooding? I’m looking at you, Batman).

Whew. Now that is over, let’s get down to business about this super-fantastic-my-mind-is-exploding-with-awesome episode! I mean, we’ve had Barry on Arrow before (season 2 when he was introduced and everybody fell in love so he got his own show) and Felicity (Oliver’s hacker friend and currently something more but nobody will admit it) was on The Flash a few episodes ago (adorable really). But this is bringing both sides together to fight and do awesome stuff. So let’s get down to.

A case brings Oliver and Co. (Felicity and Diggle) to Central City, where Barry is having a little trouble with this meta-human that gets people to focus on their rage and go bat crazy. Thus, he needs a little help and Oliver decides he needs a little training.

Onward into the episode:
Barry starts off talking about feels attacks and I basically had a feels attack about him talking about feels attack (he speaks the language of my people!) He basically was getting to the point that science and emotions go together but also are separate. Mainly he was swooning about Iris again. *sigh* Then the meta-human shows up in this bank and everybody starts going absolutely crazy, breaking things, fighting, and pointing guns at each other. Barry runs in (literally) just in time to save the day and the meta-human escapes.

Of course, nothing is easy because why would it be?

After encountering Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity in Central City (which Diggle’s reaction to Barry’s super-speed was hilarious. I’m glad there was a little human in this episode because it got dark quick), Oliver witnessed Barry trying to track down the meta-human and almost getting himself killed. So like a good mentor, he decides to train Barry…. by shooting him in the back with arrows?!?!

Right? My reaction too. Oliver! What are you doing!? I get your all brooding and disciplined, but dang: did you have to shoot him? Poor Barry…

Felicity returns to Star Labs and catches up with the scientists. I love her relationship with Caitlin Snow… it’s adorable. I’m glad they can have strong, healthy female relationships in this show and nobody has to be bitter rivals! Thank you, writers.

Well, Barry didn’t like Oliver’s training (and who would) so he goes after the meta-human ALONE (no, don’t!) and well, he gets infected with the rage disease thing. Because of his special abilities the infection doesn’t work the same as in normal humans. It doesn’t take affect right away and when it does, there is one angry, super-fast human running about. And it was terrifying.

Barry Allen, up to this point, has been the sweetest, charming guy. I mean, I had about one scene with him in the first season (okay, scratch that, one scene when he was in Arrow) and I was swooning. He’s easily one of my favorite TV characters right now. And I was sickened by how angry he acted. (props to you, Grant Gustin. You go, Grant Gustin).

He yelled, he screamed, he rage run at a car and started beating people up. And then, Oliver arrived to stop him. And that was even worse.

THE AGONY. I mean, Oliver’s been his mentor up to this point. He wants Barry to succeed; he wants to train him to succeed and protect himself. And he can barely stop him. Barry grabs Oliver’s grapple arrow and drags him along at super-speed. And he doesn’t stop.

There’s an entire moment when Oliver is caught up in this whirlwind of ripping-fast lighting run and Barry just goes at him with punches everywhere and he’s completely caught off guard with no way to protect himself. This episode broke through the two shows and brought them together, showing Oliver’s world of mainly normal human beings involved in crimes and Barry’s world of meta-humans.

My heart was racing and I thought Oliver was done for. The only thing that kept me sane was that the two teams (Oliver’s and Barry’s) were back in Star Labs bantering about who would win in a fight and Cisco and Diggle arguing about which hero was better. xD

But Oliver did it, with the help of a few friends, including Dr. Welles (*glares evil eye* I still don’t know what is up with him…)

Once Barry is in his right state of mind, he and Oliver take off to defeat the meta-human. Unfortunately, they don’t show it (after all this episode is called The Flash vs Arrow, so the main conflict was Barry during bat psycho and Oliver taking him down). They just show him locked away in Star Labs.

In the end, Barry and Oliver part with good spirits and few words of encouragement to each other. Unfortunately Barry’s—the Flash’s—biggest fan, Iris (who happens to be Barry’s best friend who he is secretly in love with) decides The Flash is dangerous after all and breaks all ties with him (hey, Iris, before you go blaming Barry better keep an eye on your boyfriend, I sense trouble in his pretty eyes).

Overall, I thought the episode was heart-wrenching and an exciting twist for the show. I’m super pumped that these superhero TV shows are doing so well. And that it’s capable of having crossovers between the two shows (hey TV networks: this is what I've been wanting for years). I’m excited to watch part two. 

-Jaime Heller


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