Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Top 5 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

With Jane the Virgin still in its hiatus, I've needed ways to distract myself. What better way to do that than Netflix? In my Netflix viewing years, I've binged a few shows and wondered why I wasted the time. These are not those shows. Let's begin.
#5. Reign
Reign is still airing on the CW, but its first two seasons are on Netflix. And this show...dang. It is a thrill ride. We follow Mary Queen of Scots as she navigates the court in France. Enamored with her betrothed, Prince Francis, forces align to keep them apart. Political, romantic, and supernatural.
Many know the history of  Mary and her battle with Queen Elizabeth, but this show adds so many "what ifs". What could history possibly be hiding? There's so much drama that probably didn't happen but could have, and was then easily excluded from the history books. I love how it stays true to real life events, but the reasons that lead up to's just great. It tends to be bit gritty for my liking. Some violence and more sexual content than I'd like, but it's still great, which is why this show lands itself in number five.

#4. Gilmore Girls
This is a pretty hardcore commitment, but if you're similar to me and didn't grow up on this show like so many others have, it's a great show for binge watching. Staying awake until five in the morning for a week straight kind of binge watching. This is what I mean by commitment: seven seasons that each contain around twenty-two, hour long episodes... yeah. But those episodes are brilliant.
We follow two girls named Lorelai, a mother and a daughter, in the town of Stars Hollow. The daughter, nicknamed Rory, is a brilliant teenager, while the mother has had her fair share of rebellious days. After becoming pregnant and leaving a rich family behind, she must reconnect with them in hopes of gaining money for Rory's Chilton (a rigorous academy) tuition. It's filled with fast paced dialogue, quirky characters, heart throbbing love interests, and a great mother-daughter relationship. With all its beauty, I did occasionally find myself wanting to skip episodes for more interesting parts. While there are definitely dramatic moments, there are many filler episodes in between. Not that I didn't enjoy those fillers, they just took up a lot of space, which is why Gilmore Girls finds itself at number four.

#3. Sherlock
 If anyone follows the Sherlock fandom on Tumblr, you are well aware of the torture fans of this show have endured. It doesn't show episodes in the conventional manner but with series instead of seasons, which are the equivalent of three mini-movie for episodes. Between the release of each series are years of waiting. Literally, years. Thankfully I didn't join the fandom early, and I'm just now joining in on the waiting game.
Sherlock follows the adventures of a man named Sherlock with a brilliant mind for detective activities but a terrible one for emotional activities. John Watson aids him in these adventures, and the two of them kick butt. It is based off of the eighteenth century books but is set in modern day London. It took a while for me to get into this show, which is why it's in the middle of the list, but when I did get hooked, I was hooked. Every episode is a thrill ride of twists and turns. And Sherlock! Sherlock! He's such a wonderful character...well, not pleasant but wonderfully written. He has a hard time feeling, but Watson brings out the best moments in him. And I am patiently waiting for the day Sherlolly (Sherlock and Molly) will rise. Because Sherlock will feel, if I have to wait eternity for it.

#2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
I recently binged this show in Jane the Virgin's absence. With only one season on Netflix, it was easy to, and I'm so glad I did. This show follows the adventures of Kimmy Schmidt, a woman who was kidnapped as a child and hidden in an underground bunker by a preacher who leads an insane doomsday cult. Sounds serious, right? Wrong. It is absolutely hilarious.
When Kimmy is found in the bunker by the FBI, she is determined to return to the life of normal people, which to her means moving to New York and derping around until she can get herself back on her feet. Kimmy is incredibly naive but in a very hilarious way. She soon finds a rundown apartment and becomes roomates and best friends with Titus, a gay Broadway enthusiast. After fifteen years in the bunker, the adventures she has are hilarious. This is something to watch when you don't want to think about anything, when you just want to laugh, which is why it is number two on the list.

#1. Jane the Virgin
 Is this really a surprise? I've been watching this show before it came on Netflix, but re-watching it on Netflix has been a beautiful adventure. Only season one is available, but season one is a wonderful season. It was the season that captured my interest, that lead to the obsessed person I am now.
If you haven't read my other Jane the Virgin posts, this show follows the life of Jane after she is accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of her former flame. It is based off of Spanish soap operas (telenovelas) and is full of hilarious moments. But the serious is in there too, which makes me feel all the feels. Binge watching this show will not disappoint. Every episode has a purpose that brings the plot a step up, and everything should be consumed in the manner Rogelio drinks wine when nervous. 

Runner Ups

Because, it's a classic, but there are too many filler episodes for my taste.

The Vampire Diaries
With the vampire trend dying a long time ago, this show is really undead, I guess (let me be punny). In recent seasons though, the plot has veered off track. The first four seasons I would highly recommend.

Once Upon a Time
Another wonderful show, that in recent seasons I've been a bit iffy towards. It's still fantastic, and either way I would definitely recommend it. This show is recapped every Saturday on The Fangirl Initiative.

Doctor Who
I haven't fully finished it. I'm still only on the David Tennant Doctor (I know), so I can't give a completely fair judgement.

What shows have you binge watched on Netflix?


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