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Arrow and The Flash Crossover Part 2: "Legends of Yesterday" (2x08)

The Arrow and The Flash crossover event continues with part two: "Legends of Yesterday." Let's see how Oliver, Barry, and the rest of the heroes join forces in order to take down Vandal Savage once and for all.

The episode begins with a flashback to ancient Egypt. Prince Khufu (Carter) visits his father's throne room to give an offering to Horus. Priestess Shayera (Kendra) speaks against him and his offering, saying it will not appease Horus. Vandal Savage, who is a priest and garbed in fancy robes, arrives to bring a grave warning. Prince Khufu follows Priestess Shayera out of the throne room, so they're alone in a corridor. They kiss, but Vandal sees them.

In the present, the team arrives at a farmhouse to lay low while they figure out a way to stop Savage. They discuss lots of "geek squad" stuff (Oliver's words) to figure out the staff of Horus. Oliver thinks Kendra needs training.
Barry: "Don't let Oliver train you. No offense, but when it rains, I can still feel where you shot me with those arrows."

Oliver takes off on some super secret mission, one that's even secret from Felicity (Oh, Ollie). Cisco and Kendra go to "talk," but Carter follows and basically tells Cisco to leave while he trains Kendra. He shows her the Hawkgirl helmet and super cool suit. He assures her that as her memory returns so will her abilities and skills. He trains her to use her rage as a warrior to fight and control her abilities.

Oliver is seen in a car, spying on Samantha Clayton and her son. He gets out of the car and approaches her. They talk. The boy is William, but she assures Oliver that William is not his son. However, when Oliver reaches down to pick up William's hat that was dropped, he sneaks a strand of hair.

Malcolm then calls him to warn them Savage will want to decimate Central City to get what he wants. So Malcolm, Barry, and Oliver find Savage in an abandoned warehouse of some sort. (Typical, right?) Savage says he can only die if he doesn't take Kendra and Carter's life forces. Oliver shoots him with an arrow, but Savage just pulls it out of his chest like it's no big deal.
Savage: "Robin of Locksley, I taught him to shoot. He taught me to not feel pain."
Feels. Feels everywhere. 

Savage threatens the city, as Malcolm predicted, if they do not bring Kendra and Carter to him in twenty-four hours. Barry says they have hope to stop Savage. Malcolm says they can't stop the cycle, that they should just offer Kendra and Carter up. He threatens Oliver if their actions cause Thea's death.

They return to the farm and update the team. It doesn't go well. Kendra doesn't think her life is worth millions of lives in Central City. Barry tells Cisco he's thinking about time-jumping, but Cisco doesn't think it's the greatest idea. He spouts off some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey jargon on what could result from time-jumping. Carter chases after Kendra. She asks if they've ever killed themselves in past lives to stop Savage. Carter thinks the fact that everybody is willing to die for them makes them heroes.

Diggle, Laurel, and Thea discover an old tape about a conspiracy group... and Savage. They watch it. Kendra thinks the staff is the key to destroying Savage.

Oliver has Barry test the strand of hair. It's a match to Oliver's DNA. He tells Barry not to tell anyone and leaves. However, Felicity walks in and when Barry tries to hide the results, she notices and forces him to show her. Oliver goes back to Samantha's house. He confronts her about William. She admits Moira bribed her to lie; she even shows him the check, which she never cashed. She doesn't want her son to get involved with Oliver. She says no one can know (too late). Oliver tries to bargain with her so he can at least tell Felicity, but she doesn't relent in her decision.

Oliver returns to the farmhouse; Felicity greets him. He tries to make up some excuse about where he's been, but Felicity shows him the test results. He admits he didn't know when he was going to tell her. Felicity says she doesn't care if he has a son, but she doesn't think he trusts her. Barry walks in on their conversation, and he tries to reassure Oliver when Felicity storms off. However, Oliver blows him off and goes inside to prep the team.

Oliver won't allow Team Arrow to join the fight for fear of risking more lives. So Barry and Oliver, with Carter and Kendra shackled, meet with Savage in an abandoned building. Savage approaches to kill Kendra, but they get out of the cuffs and fight him off. Savage drops the staff, but Kendra's abilities won't work. He stabs Carter. Kendra lunges for Savage, but he stabs her too. He steals their life forces. Barry grabs the staff, but something is wrong. The gauntlets Cisco made to hold the staff won't work. It's draining Barry. Oliver grabs hold of the staff, and together they point it toward Savage. It still won't work. So Oliver tells Barry to run.

Barry lets go, and they're both thrown back. Savage grabs the staff and slams it into the ground. Barry runs, trying to beat out the explosion destroying Central City (which sweeps Oliver into fire and ash). Barry runs--and time travels.

He ends up with Malcolm and Oliver at the first meeting with Savage. Savage threatens the city again if they don't bring him Kendra and Carter within twenty-four hours. When they return to the farmhouse, Barry tells Oliver he traveled back in time and that their plan didn't work. They decide to try to use what Barry knows--the gauntlets not working, Kendra's inability to user her powers, Savage overpowering the two of them--to their advantage to form a better plan. Barry also tells Oliver about the DNA test and the fight with Felicity because it distracted Oliver during the fight.
Oliver: "This time we do things differently."
Oliver checks on Cisco and tells him to look over the gauntlets again. He also tells him to talk to Kendra, to help her with training. Cisco butts into Carter and Kendra's training session, sending Carter away. Cisco suggests Kendra focuses on the priestess part of her and not just the warrior. She admits she's been remembering her past in Egypt, but she doesn't want to admit it's real. He convinces her to choose to remember. She does.

Priestess Shayera gets out of Prince Khufu's bed, where they've obviously been sleeping together. She needs to make an offering, but Savage walks in on them together. He reprimands them: a priestess should not be defiled by a prince. They fight. Savage admits he wants to end Prince Khufu's father. Savage stabs him; when Shayera goes to Khufu, Savage stabs her too. As they lay dying, the world begins to crumple from the prophesied meteor shower. Shayera sees the staff of Horus lying on the ground; there's a hidden knife from the staff with a blade that glows blue.

Cisco and Kendra tell everybody about the blade, and with Felicity's expertise, they discover they need to counteract the effects of the staff with meteorites that fell from the sky in Egypt. Luckily, a museum has one on display, so Barry zips over and takes it.

Oliver tells everyone--the entire gang--to suit up. He reassures Barry things will go well this time. They use the same ruse: Barry and Oliver enter with Kendra and Carter shackled. Savage approaches. They fight--the whole gang surrounds Savage to distract him. Kendra is able to use her abilities. Barry grabs the staff, and the gauntlets work. He blasts Savage back. Everybody runs. Together, Barry and Oliver use the staff to destroy Savage. He bursts into fire and then dissolves into dust. The staff dissipates as well.

The entire team stands together, alive.

Now that Savage is gone, Barry and Oliver ask what Kendra and Carter will do next. They're going away, of course, to help people somewhere. Kendra talks to Cisco. (Poor Cisco.) He says she should do what she wants, and he gives her a necklace he made from the remaining meteor remnants. It's embedded with a GPS so if she needs him, she just has to ask. She kisses him and walks away. (There seems to be a pattern of pretty girls kissing Cisco and walking away. Watch out, Cisco.)

Barry and Oliver discuss Oliver's son... and Felicity. Barry thinks Oliver should try to be part of William's life. Oliver isn't so sure. He goes to Samantha and has the same conversation as before, except he agrees he won't tell anyone, not even Felicity. (Oh, Ollie.) Oliver goes to say hi to William as a "friend" of Mommy. The talk about the Flash since William's room is decked in Flash memorabilia. They play with the action figures.

Oliver and Felicity return to their messy apartment, courtesy of a party that turned into a fight. She leaves it wide open for him to tell her what he's hiding, but he doesn't. (Oh, Ollie.) Malcolm goes to the warehouse and places a handful of Savage's dust pile into a jar while talking to it as if Savage isn't quite gone yet. He tells Savage he will return to hunt them in the next life.

My thoughts:
When I originally read the episode titles and saw the crossover trailer, I expected there to be a bigger emphasis on the Legends of Tomorrow. I expected the team to come together by the end of the two-part event. However, that didn't happen. This crossover event was purely to bring the Hawk duo into the CW universe. They mentioned Ray Palmer, but there weren't appearances of White Canary, Captain Cold, or Firestorm. I suppose we'll just have to wait until January to find out how Rip Hunter gathers the team of Legends together.

Overall, I thought the crossover was fantastic. The second part only amplified the first with higher stakes, more strategy, and more depth into the characters interactions. Thea and Cisco still win the award for best lines. Plus, bonus points for time-traveling Barry Allen. While I'm not happy with Oliver's choice to lie to Felicity (I sense this won't end well, especially with the events from the trailer for the mid-season finale, which airs tonight), I'm curious to see how bringing in his son will affect our emerald archer.

I count this crossover as a success and better than last year's. Here's to more epic crossovers in the future, possibly between three superhero shows instead of just two!

What did you think of "Legends of Yesterday"? 


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