Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing: February 2017

Hello, everyone! This is the monthly segment Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing! Fandom of the Month Club is a mailing service where you pay a monthly subscription fee to receive a box full of geeky goodies. I've been subscribed since May 2016, and I have received Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter-themed boxes, among others. All of it is exclusive to Fandom of the Month and a surprise every time! This is a geek girl's dream.

This month's box is The Little Mermaid-themed and it includes:
  • "Look at this Stuff" Zipper Pouch
  • Flounder Magnet
  • Golden Shell Choker
  • The Little Mermaid Charm Bracelet
  • Mermaid Scales & Purple Seashell Studs
  • Ursula Tentacles Ring

"Look at this Stuff" Pouch:

It seems that the zipper pouch is here to stay! Yay! Instead of the previous years' cinch pouch, the boxes are now including a zipper pouch with a loop for holding. This pouch is the perfect size for change, credit cards, cash, and other small handbag items. On this one is a beautiful coral ring with the quote, "Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?" As soon as I opened the box and saw this, I smiled. It was the perfect quote to put on this pouch. Love it!

Flounder Magnet:

This 3 1/2" by 2" magnet is perfect for hanging pictures or important notes on your fridge or whiteboard. It has a glossy finish, which will protect it from water and stains. This month's features Flounder, our adorable fishy friend. The design is very simple: just a minimalist drawing of flounder in front of a green background.

Golden Shell Choker:

Chokers are back in, y'all! This makes me so happy! I adore this choker. It's a velvet ribbon with a golden chain and a lobster claw clasp. Then the pendant is the golden shell that Ursula traps Ariel's voice inside. So clever! 

This necklace is very elegant and is even appropriate for formal wear. I'm definitely wearing this the next time I go to a formal event.

The Little Mermaid Charm Bracelet:

This is an Alex and Ani-style bracelet with five charms: a ship, a fork (aka dinglehopper), "Part of Your World" charm, a mermaid from the back, and a pin with beads. 

The ship symbolizes Eric's ship, and the beads are Ariel's colors: red, purple, and green. I love the inclusion of the dinglehopper. I chuckled when I saw it. This bracelet is absolutely adorable.

Purple Seashell Studs:

These studs are so charming! The seashells are very detailed and match Ariel's top.

Mermaid Scales Studs:

The scale studs are so shiny, and I love the texture. They also shift from green to blue depending on the light.

Ursula Tentacles Ring:

This is my other favorite item from this box. This ring is just too cool. This has to be one of my favorite rings that I own now. The tentacles appear to be wrapping around your finger, and I love the bumpy texture of the suction cups. I have fairly large fingers and this ring was a bit small for my ring finger, but it fits well on my pointer finger. Regardless, it's a fantastic ring design.

9 out of 10

This has to be another one of my favorite boxes! I'll definitely wear all of these items. They're adorable and so creative. This got a squee out of me! If you want to subscribe to Fandom of the Month Club, you can on their website for $13 a month, not including shipping. (It costs me about $17 total including shipping.) It's a worthwhile investment, and if you don't like the fandom, the items make great presents for someone else!

Are you part of this fandom? Which of these items is your favorite?


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