Sunday, February 19, 2017

Firefight Read-along Chapters 40-45

Welcome from the (slowly thawing) semi-frozen North! We're almost done--in just a few chapters, we'll find out what disaster befalls David and the Reckoners this time. (Because let's face it--it's a Sanderson novel. We're almost always going to have a huge disaster five pages from the end of the book.)

Chapter 40
I suddenly imagined it all as an intricate Reckoner-style trap, one laid by Regalia to bring Prof here and eliminate him.
It makes total sense. Prof said that he knew Regalia. She would know how he thought, and she's probably been able to study Reckoner plans since they've taken out Epics in the past.

And... the truth was I loved her.

Chapter 41
"Jonathon always did have a keen sense of style. He might fight against his nature, but aspects of him so blatantly show his heritage. His extravagant bases, the nicknames, the costume he wears."
This is why Regalia is terrifying to me. She's smart and perceptive. Steelheart knew how to force people into submission, but Regalia knows how to manipulate.

Also, as an aside note, I love how Sanderson takes outlandish things about superhero villains and makes them mostly plausible in this story. (Like Regalia said, think of Prof's penchant for secret bases and nicknames.) It all makes sense in his story world.

"Of course," Regalia said. "Calamity is an Epic. What else did you expect?"
Calamity is an Epic.
And Prof knew?!?

Chapter 42
"Washing machine?" I said. "Gun shoiw? You know. Washing machines don't use guns, right. No fingers. So if they're at a gun show, there's nothing they'd want to buy. Anyway, I'm good here. Not interested."

That's it? He just says no and the urge to use any sort of power Calamity granted him vanishes?
It's strangely anti-climatic. I thought there would be a lot more drama.

Chapter 43
Now that the tense moment had passed, I realized just how much I hurt from being thrown around by Mizzy.
Sorry, David. It's just a really, really funny picture.

"We bring justice to those who have murdered. We don't kill them because of what they are. We kill them because of the lives they threaten."
Yes. This! This is was Prof can't see.

Chapter 44
"No," I said firmly. "It's about making Prof the man I know he can be...the Epic I know he can be."
Pleeeeease just let Prof listen and not be too far gone, that's all I ask.

Chapter 45
"Calamity won't respond to my questions of why you didn't gain powers."
How did Regalia even gain the ear of Calamity, anyway? Because she was part of the original group that realized he was an Epic, did he reach out to her? Did he notice something specific about her that meant he could easily manipulate her? It wouldn't surprise if Calamity somehow thinks he's being benevolent. (Like Loki in his speech outside of the Berlin museum: "Is this not simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation.")

I don't have much to say for the rest of the chapter, except this...
*blares 'Final Countdown'*
It's on, folks!

Now that we know that Calamity is an Epic, does anyone have any theories about him? Is he benevolent? Clueless? Evil? Can't wait to finish out the book next time!


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