Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "The Sin-Eater" (5x14)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 for mature content. Spoilers included.

Three former foes of the Green Arrow break out of Iron Heights and head to Star City to wreak havoc. Meanwhile, the ACU calls for the arrest of the Green Arrow for the murder of Detective Billy Malone.

"Just busy, you know, taking out the trash." -Thea

What I Liked
I think the memorable moment of this episode was when Lance sat down and talked to Oliver about everything that's been happening. It was really good because Oliver gives all these great speeches, but sometimes he needs someone to give him a pep talk. So, good for you, Lance.

Surprisingly, Dinah was my favorite part of this episode. She kicked a lot of butt, and it was extra fun to see her taking on the girl gang. Also, she was sworn in as a police officer, so that was exciting.

Go, Dinah! Go! (source)

I guess for the most part I liked that this episode tied together a lot of the earlier parts of the season, such as returning to Tobias Church's stash and finally coming back to Billy Malone's death. It makes the last few episodes feel less isolated. I guess.

What I Didn't Like
Susan Williams
Honestly, I still don't care about Susan Williams. I see absolutely no chemistry between her and Oliver. I also don't understand why Oliver cares about her so much so suddenly. She has done nothing to prove she isn't two-timing him. And the whole build-up of her learning he's Green Arrow is gone. In a single episode, a single decision between Felicity and Thea. Wow. Great pacing, writers.

Susan Williams: a summary (source)

Green Arrow
Oh look! The ACU wants to arrest the Green Arrow for Billy's death. Who is surprised? Nobody. Nobody is surprised that this has happened. It's happened before. It will happen again. (Please don't.) I don't care. Billy died episodes ago, and they're just now returning to it. Like... stop. I don't care. It's old news. Even Felicity got over it a while ago. Just drop it. Move on.

Girl Gang
Oh look Cupid and two other female criminals I don't remember are back. Wow. I don't care. I didn't care about anything they were doing during this episode. It was boring. I've never cared about Cupid. She's... annoying.

The only lady that matters these days is Dinah. (source)

I can't believe they're still under the illusion that Clayborn's son (?) is Prometheus. Yet they don't know his name or where he is? I'm confused. You have a super hacker on your side and you can't find him, but you can find his mother? That makes no sense. The whole situation is confusing, and I honestly don't care anymore. I just miss Prometheus in general. Where did he go? Did he disappear? Is he hiding out with Rory? He literally hasn't shown up on the show since last year. If he's out to get Oliver and the Green Arrow, why did he just leave?!

I don't know. I just kind of felt bored with everything in this episode. It felt like a huge filler episode that didn't help anything with the season arc or the character development. Nothing significant or exciting happened. Season five is starting down the path that season four took--as in, it's dragging on and on without anything happening. I just don't care right now. I'll keep watching, but I'm just so disappointed in this season again. Bring back Prometheus (and Rory).

What did you think of "The Sin-Eater"?


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