Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "Bratva" (5x12)

Warning: Arrow contains PG-13 rated content. Spoilers included.

Team Arrow heads to Russia to track down the rogue General Walker and the stolen nuclear missile. Meanwhile, Rene helps Lance return to the mayor's office after rehab.

"A man who embraces the dark is never without sight." -Talia

What I Liked
Lance and Rene
Rene coaching Lance is the most unexpected, yet absolutely perfect, moment of this season. This was a friendship/relationship I didn't know I wanted. I love that they can understand each other and help one another. It's heartwarming to know that Lance is the reason Rene turned his life around, and now Rene is helping Lance turn his around. It's just amazing. (I'm not crying... Okay, I'm crying.) And I'm just glad Lance is back and that he is better.

And the greatest moment of the episode goes to... (source)

While I'm not sold on her character just yet, I did like what she brought to the team this episode. She kicked some butt. She also was willing to help Oliver with the dirty work, no questions asked. And she doesn't take Oliver's brooding nature garbage. Right now, she's pretty cool. I just wish we had a better sense of who she is.

I thought it was fun that Team Arrow went to Russia. The setting and plot were great, and I liked that it connected the season five flashbacks to the present even further. Also, Anatoly punching Oliver in the face was perfect. And Curtis learning Russian was too precious.

I'm crying. This is the best. (source)

Felicity was one of the best parts of this episode. It was hilarious when she pretended to be this powerful Russian influence, especially with Rory and Curtis posing as Bratva. And it's pretty wild that her data cache has so much information. I'm both excited and terrified for what she's going to do with all those secrets.

When I started watching Arrow five years ago, I never expected to have so many feelings about Oliver's character. I mean, this man compromises his own integrity and morality in order to save his friends over and over again. It's crazy, and I guess this season has shown me why I care so much about Oliver and believe so strongly that he is a hero. Just take my heart, I didn't need it anyways.

*sobs* Original Team Arrow feels. (source)

What I Didn't Like
The flashbacks in this episode were kind of boring. I honestly can't remember what happened in them except maybe Oliver trained with his bow? I know it's setting up for his return home and how he becomes the Hood, but it was just kind of "eh." Talia, of course, had some wise things to say, I guess.

Diggle in this episode was just sad. He's changed so much since last season, due to his brother's death and much more, and I don't like how angry he is. I want the old Diggle back; the one that helped steer Oliver to be the better man. Please?

This is the only sliver of the real John Diggle in the entire season. (source)

Susan Williams
Basically: no. Just noShe's so annoying and is using Oliver. Like why do they even have a relationship? Why did they sleep together? There was no chemistry, no build-up. I honestly thought she was just trying to use him and he knew that, so he wasn't making any moves. But apparently they're dating? When. Did. This. Happen? No. Just get out. She's a conniving little something, and I don't like her Laurel-Lance-look-a-like face. Go away.

The worst moment and the best moment of the episode collided and shattered my heart. Rory, my precious cupcake, left Team Arrow. He left. LEFT. How could he leave? How could he be so heroic stopping the missile, and yet, he's the one who loses his ability? It's a tragedy, and I'm devastated. He better not be gone forever. He better come back. His magical rags better get fixed somehow and he better come back, or I will be so angry. Poor baby. Come back... please.

Also, this happened and I have lost the ability to DEAL. Look at how they run to each other. *sobs* (source)

I'm on the fence about this episode. On one side, there were a lot of great moments tied to this episode. However, I wish the show would get back to the main plot of trying to stop Prometheus and also get rid of annoying characters. And I'm saddened by Rory's rags "dying" or whatever. Please come back, creepy magical rags! But overall, it wasn't a bad episode. It was exciting because there was so much going on, and it makes me look forward to more Arrow season five.

What did you think of "Bratva"?


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