Friday, January 13, 2017

Sherlock Series 4 Reaction: "The Lying Detective"

The second episode of Sherlock series 4 was a wild (and trippy) adventure that included more muuurder, more sleuthing?, and more... heart-shattering revelations! What did we think of this dazzling episode? Let's find out. Spoilers included.

Synopsis: As Sherlock tries to fulfill Mary's last request to save John, he's determined to prove that Culverton Smith, a well-known entrepreneur, is actually a serial killer.

Jaime Heller
Upon finishing “The Lying Detective,” my brain could only think one thing: What in the world did I just watch? The episode as a whole was a discombobulated mess of heroin highs, Mrs. Hudson driving a kick-ass car, a creepy dude that looked like a short version of Donald Trump (or was that just me?), and sadness everywhere. So what in the world did I just watch? I don’t know. But it was thrilling. It was mind-boggling. And it was… Sherlock.

There was a lot to process as I watched this episode and a lot to dwell on later. We got confirmation that John only texted the girl on the bus and nothing physical happened (which made me forgive him a little, but not enough). We learned Mrs. Hudson is a crazy driver, but she has a fabulous car (and she’s bold enough to call Mycroft a reptile to his face). And we found out, once more, that Sherlock is always right, even if he’s strung-out on drugs.

Despite the craziness, there was a lot about this episode I enjoyed. It was much better than the series four premiere and, in my opinion, most of season three. There were moments that made me laugh (like Sherlock’s nighttime walk leaving a message for Mycroft) and other moments that made me cringe and clutch my blanket to my chest because I could physically see the pain these two were going through. This episode hurt. A lot.

I feel like the episode, as a whole, flowed well from point to point, scene to scene, and it was overall just elegant and graceful (despite it being super trippy and bizarre). The cinematography was, once again, visually stunning. From how Sherlock explained the placement of the paper in the kitchen to Culverton Smith’s drugged “confession” meetings to how they interlaced Mary’s video with Sherlock talking to Smith, it was amazing. I was in awe.

I liked the plot and outcome of this episode more than the premiere because it was both intriguing and intricately connected to the premiere and other previous episodes. But it was also sad. Very sad.

John hallucinating Mary broke me. Sherlock almost overdosing on heroin again was devastating. (I wish Molly would have slapped him.) The two, together, mourning and grieving over their loss was heart-shattering. Culverton Smith was creepy yet up until the end, I wasn’t sure if Sherlock was right or not. And then there’s Faith Smith… or the fake Faith Smith aka John’s new therapist aka the girl on the bus aka… Euros Holmes, the other Holmes sibling.

She was the most confusing and shocking, and even the most tragic, part of the episode. Who is she really? Yes, she’s Sherlock’s sister, but why didn’t he recognize her, even in disguise? He had at least two opportunities to notice who she truly was, and he didn’t. Was it because of the drugs? Or does he not know his sister? If he doesn’t know his sister, why not? What did she do that prevented her from growing up with Sherlock and Mycroft? Or was he pretending not to know it was her? (But why?) Is she connected to Moriarty? Is she Moriarty? Does Mycroft know? How far back does her involvement in their lives go? Is she like Mycroft and Sherlock or is she actually a psychopath? Where has she been this whole time? Why did she just come back now?

I have so many questions. So many questions. I know we will get answers during the finale, which terrifies me to no end because it’s called “The Final Problem.”

The plot-twist--that not only is the Holmes “brother” a sister, but that she messed with John, lead Sherlock to investigate Culverton, and left a message similar to the one in the Moriarty video--was a shocking turn on the show. I’m definitely intrigued. Give me more episodes.

Jamie Stewart
I’m still a bit in shock over "The Lying Detective." I knew that it would be a rough one from all the promos and cast/crew interviews but still, I think it was my favorite one yet.

Both of our boys were in A LOT of pain this entire episode. From John’s grieving to Sherlock’s suicidal tendencies, there wasn’t a whole lot to smile about. I’ve been angry at John since last episode but that came to a head when he started to beat Sherlock senseless in the morgue. I was livid at him. Everything Sherlock has done has been for him. Sherlock has endured torture and exile for two years to protect John. Sherlock was shot by John’s wife and forgave her to protect John’s happiness. Sherlock shot a man in the head to protect John’s happiness. Then Mary jumps in front of a bullet and John thinks it’s okay to start beating the hell out Sherlock for it. And the worst part was when Sherlock looked up at him with blood on his face and said it was okay. That he deserved it. I was livid.

But maybe we needed it to get that bad for it to ever heal. Maybe we needed John to go off the deep end to make the hug at the end of the show all the more impactful. I don’t fully forgive him yet for all the crap he’s given the only man who’s ever loved him as much as his wife, but we’re getting there. Finally, these two emotionally stunted men are talking to each other, they’re finally emoting. I was in tears at seeing Sherlock wrap his hand around John’s neck and rest his chin on his head. I’m having that scene tattooed on my back.

The true hero of this episode was Mrs. Hudson. She was taking charge and kickin’ butt. When she opened up the trunk to reveal Sherlock I almost died. And when she comes into 221B during Mycroft’s raid and just absolutely destroys him, it was pure beauty. Mrs. Hudson isn’t a civilian, indeed. She is a damn Queen and I am here for it.

As far as The Big Twist goes, I’m eager to see where we go with the Holmes sister. I’m a bit confused at the moment, as I’m sure we all are. Was she Moriarty the whole time? Or is she just using his image to freak Sherlock out? When is the Bliss Serum introduced by Culverton going to be used? How much of what we’re seeing is real?

All in all, I can’t stop thinking about this episode. Every one seems better than the last. I’m both excited and terrified for the "The Final Problem." Here’s to hoping they let my boys have some peace.

What did you think of "The Lying Detective"?


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