Sunday, November 13, 2016

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 11-15

Nearly halfway through the book! In these chapters, we get a closer look at Babylon Restored and meet a couple of interesting new Epics. Let's head into the discussion!

Chapter 11:
"Oh no. What have I done. How terrible."
So far, Regalia makes me think of the antagonist in the Portal video games.

Chapter 12:

He was the sort of person I'd learned to avoid in Newcago, the sort of person who didn't look dangerous until you saw his eyes and realized something vital was missing there.
I love this description. Not only does it send a shiver across my shoulders, but I can picture exactly what he's talking about. I think it's interesting that this is the only Epic he's described like this--like even though the other Epics are insane killers, their powers make them that way, but Obliteration would be a killer regardless of whether he was an Epic or a normal human being.

"Yes," he said, "we're very similar. Go get Mizzy's bomb, you slontze."
This quote made me smile because Prof and David so are alike.

Chapter 13:
"Surely your reward will be great."
OK, so Obliteration takes away all of David's weapons and communication and talks as if not only is he thankful but rewarding David for killing Steelheart. And if you look a few paragraphs down, Obliteration says something that, if not a direct quote from Revelations, sure sounds awfully similar. What does this guy think he is, an avenging angel or some reincarnated god?

Yay, Megan's back! Hopefully she's not as crazy as the last time we saw her.

Chapter 14:
"Soap?" I asked when I saw the suds.
Nice! Also, submarine! Cool, but...scary. I agree with David, I'm not a fan of deep, dark water either. If I can't see the bottom, no thank you.

Chapter 15:
"I'll also bury your corpse," he noted to me.
OK, out of all the professions the Reckoners had claimed before Calamity, this one blindsided me the most. I did not expect cheerful, chubby Exel to have been a mortician. Also, dude, stop talking about David possibly dying. That's not something we want to think about. Shush.

Great. A few hours into the new team, and I'd convinced them that Steelslayer was adorably strange.
David. You are adorably strange. You're an adorably strange fluffy cinnamon roll. Deal with it.

So, thoughts? Any ideas what's up with Regalia and Obliteration? Looking forward to seeing your comments!


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