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Fangirls Assemble: Our Reaction to the Captain America: Civil War Trailer

This past week, we finally got our first glimpse at Captain America: Civil War. Simply put, this movie is going to break our fangirl hearts. A few of us have assembled to give our thoughts on the trailer.

Jameson C. Smith

First thing’s first: the Civil War trailer actually exists! It’s been a long wait for the first official look at the movie, and what a preview it turned out to be.

Pretty much my initial reaction.

There were so many things happening in it, but here are the four which really caught my attention:

Bucky Barnes everywhere. And I’m pretty sure he has more lines in that trailer than in the entire Winter Soldier movie. I’m excited to see how everyone is reunited and what’s going to happen.

“So was I.”
I thought the Bucky feels were going to be the worst part. I was wrong. This one line was the most heartbreaking thing in the whole trailer. And if my theories about Tony in Civil War are in any way close to what happens…I’m going to be a mess.

I’m curious to see exactly what she’s going to do in Civil War. As the MCU has progressed, we’ve seen a great friendship develop between Natasha and Steve (It’s one of my favorites). Knowing how they’ve learned to trust each other in The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, it’s a little distressing to see them on opposite sides this time.

Well, that scene of War Machine on the ground certainly doesn’t look like anything good has happened. I’m going to assume he is one of the movie’s first major casualties. If that’s true, I think his death will be one of the big inciting events of the story.

Overall, I’m excited to see how things play out, but at the same time, I kind of dread seeing all the conflict between some of my favorite heroes. The Winter Soldier drastically changed the MCU as we knew it, and Civil War looks like it will do the same.

Bethany Baldwin

I've been waiting for Civil War for a while now. My feelings have been both excited and terrified. When the trailer came out… well, let’s just say I felt the urgent need to watch it. Gah. This thing gets me. I wish I didn’t know what I did about this story line at times like this. 

BUCKY. I love Bucky. I’m really angry at the people who are trying to kill him. IT’S CALLED BRAINWASHING. Seriously. He isn’t killing people anymore, according to his own words. Give the guy a break. 

Watching the decline of Tony Stark’s and Steve Roger’s relationship… Wow. That was tough. When Stark says, “I thought I was your friend,” it was like a bit of a gut punch. And let’s talk about that gang-like beat down on Iron Man by Captain America and Bucky, trading the shield back and forth to decimate Stark. Yikes. That was also one of the coolest clips we saw in the trailer. 

And Black Panther. BLACK PANTHER. He looks so cool. I’m pumped to see what he’s going to be doing. We didn’t see Spider-man or Ant-Man yet, but I’m confident they’ll both be great. Since Spidey is new to the MCU it should be interesting. I’m curious to see what Black Widow is going to do. Will she stick with the government or rebel? 

Man, I’m so nervous about this now but also really excited. This trailer is really well made and one of the best I’ve seen lately. Why isn’t it May yet?

Galahad Strange

Ever since the very first Iron Man, I've always and invariably looked forward to Marvel movies. But for the first time...that anticipation might be tinged with a little dread. In the comics, the Civil War was an epic among Marvel story lines. Tony's side fought for the Registration Act and the belief that heroes should answer to someone for their actions, and Steve's side fought for the freedoms and rights that the Registration Act would undoubtedly and eventually infringe upon. It was a long, terrible struggle, and people actually died.

In this Civil War, I don't necessarily fear for the physical death of any of my favourite characters but for the death of friendship, of kinship.  I was so distracted by all the intel that said this movie was going to be all about Bucky that I was completely blindsided when the trailer came out and Tony said, "So was I." So blindsided and sucker-punched that I actually cried after the trailer ended. I mean, Tony and Steve haven't always gotten along, haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but at the end of the day, when the chips were down, they were always brothers-in-arms. My fear is that this story might change that forever.

But putting that aside, it looks like Anthony and Joe Russo have continued the excellent storytelling they began with The Winter Soldier, and I look forward to seeing an epic story that lives up to the name Civil War.

Sky Destrian

I’m pretty sure the Civil War trailer took a piece of my heart and crushed it under his heel. And this is just the trailer. If this is how the movie’s going to go, I’m not sure I’ll have many emotions left.

The trailer was amazing, don’t get me wrong. It reeled me in, leaving me in absolute shock when Bucky remembered Steve. Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for! There were so many other cool moments. We get to see Natasha with yet another new awesome hairstyle, Falcon with a badass supersuit, and Bucky. There was so much Bucky. So much Bucky. And last but not least, we got a glimpse at the film we’ve been anticipating for months! In a word, this trailer was fantastic.
(Pardon the... *Steve Rogers voice* Language!)
However, this trailer absolutely took my emotions through the wringer. Between seeing friends on different teams and seeing Bucky remember Steve, I was an emotional wreck. What I didn’t expect, though, was to be hit straight in the face with feelings about Tony Stark.

The moment that hit me hardest was the iconic, painful moment between Steve and Tony:
“He’s my friend.”
“So was I.”
I audibly gasped, and I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. I’m still not okay. (Before this trailer, I thought my Tony feels couldn’t get any worse. I thought Marvel had already completely wrecked my emotions. Yeah. Um. I was wrong. Also, please tell me Rhodey is okay. Please. I can’t handle this.)

One thing I do like is that Civl War is doing a great job of not making Tony the villain or vice versa. This was one of my concerns about the movie, and the trailer is a good sign that the Russo brothers are going to give the Civil War plot line a balanced portrayal. I’ve heard some people say Tony’s the villain, but I’ve also heard other people say that Steve is. It’s up to the viewers whose side they're on and who they think is the villain. As much as I may disagree with people’s opinions, I think leaving it up to the audience is a very smart choice, rather than painting Tony or Steve as wholly evil (or wholly perfect). The Civil War comics story line, from what I understand, is meant to be about two equal viewpoints, neither of which is “better” than the other. I like that, so far, it seems the Civil War movie is staying true to that.
Personally, I’m on the side of friendship and “please, let's not do this at all.”
Before the trailer, I was excited for the events of Civil War. I wanted the pain, the angst. I thought it would be awesome. But now that I’ve actually gotten a taste, I don’t feel that way anymore. I’m really upset about what’s about to go down. (Actual tears have been shed.)
Humor like this is the only thing that gets me through this tumultuous time.
I can’t even express how the trailer makes me feel. But here’s what I’m quickly realizing: Civil War is not going to be okay. Yes, Bucky remembers Steve, but this leads to something terrible. Something awful. Civil War wrecks and irrevocably changes the MCU by ripping people apart. It’s taking the team we’ve come to know and love and turning them against each other. There is no way this can end perfectly, with all the loose ends tied in a little bow. There is going to be pain--so much pain--and I’m not ready for it.


(Thanks to Jaime for finding the memes I used!)

Mirriam Neal

By this point, I've probably seen the Civil War trailer fifteen times. I've discussed every angle, from the appearance of the Black Panther to the fact Bucky appears to be saying 'STEVE'S DEAD' as he attempts to rip out Tony's arc reactor. This trailer was absolutely bursting with things to excite (and terrify) any Marvel fan, even if they don't know the Civil War story line already. Personally, I think the direction this is headed will give us Captain America: Fear Itself in 2018, but hopefully that's just my own personal paranoia. (And, I'll admit it; a slight glimmer of hope because it's my favorite storyline.) I can tell this movie is going to bring out every fanfic-writing, fanart-drawing urge I have.

Jaime Heller

The two minute, twenty-seven second trailer wrecked me. I was about in tears after the first fifteen seconds with Bucky remembering little details about Steve and genuinely smiling because of it. (The newspapers in the shoes! My heart is ruined.) I’m still not sure what to think. Are you telling me, Marvel, that Steve Rogers starts the Civil War over Bucky (freaking) Barnes? Yep, this movie is going to ruin me.

Overall, the trailer introduced the heartbreak this movie is going to reveal. Two people who have just found their way back into a good spot of friendship are going to be torn apart. (Steve: “He’s my friend.” Tony: “So was I” Me: *cries*) The Avengers are splitting. I was excited to see Natasha and Clint and Wanda again, but the knowledge of the damage that is coming has fractured my spirit for the film. We saw glimpses of the two sides, though it’s hard to tell who will be on Tony’s side (from the looks of it, everybody is fighting with Cap except Natasha?). I am looking forward to the Steve-Bucky-Tony fight. Basically, I’m just excited to see more Steve and Bucky together, especially since Bucky is no longer the brainwashed assassin.

As someone who has read through the entirety of the Civil War comic book arc, I can definitely say: I am NOT prepared for this movie. This is the end of the Avengers as we know them. The end of everything fun and shiny that we’ve come to love. This movie will change everything they’ve been moving toward. The revealing of the registration act makes this real. This is happening. Civil War is happening. And it doesn’t look pretty.

Two sides to every story? I hope it’s worth it.

What did you think of the Captain America: Civil War trailer?


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