Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Miles from Tomorrowland This Summer

     As this summer is coming to a close (does school really start next week?), I've decided to recommend a newcomer to the Disney Junior screen.   Miles from Tomorrowland premiered in February of this year.   Here are five reasons why your last days of summer should be spent watching this show:

Miles has the coolest family.

A family that performs missions in space?!   I'm in!   (It's also nice to have a racially diverse family, too.   Disney's been good about that lately.   ☺) 


Where can I get a robot ostrich?

There's super cool futuristic technology.

Um, can I have it, please?

Flubber makes a guest appearance.

They call him Blodger on the show, but we all know who he really is.

The character's facial expressions will make life worth living.

I have no idea what's going on.

Have you ever watched Miles from Tomorrowland?   What is your favorite part of the show?


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