Monday, March 2, 2015

Of Pineapples and Shawn Spencer

Spoilers, as always.

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Shawn Spencer is an ENTP.

Ever since I started watching Psych, Shawn stuck out to me. He’s always been a fascinating character. He’s constantly shoving other people off when he’s hurting and denying that he has any emotions other than happy, but he feels everything very deeply. I want to take a closer look at this misunderstood man today.

Shawn is insanely intelligent. He’s always connecting the dots in ways that other people wouldn’t think of and finding a way to fit it all together so it makes sense (at least in his mind). But Shawn doesn’t want to be seen as smart. Shawn will do anything to not be seen as uncool. Despite his nearly photographic memory, he tries to make it seem as if he doesn’t know anything and, as a result, gets a lot of criticism from people.

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Shawn loves to have fun and do crazy things. He’s always thinking up new ideas or solving crimes with his best friend Gus and going elaborate lengths to solve a crime, such as auditioning for American Duos or thinking up words for a spelling bee.

Shawn is afraid of commitment and strong feelings or emotions. Despite that he hardly ever knows what he’s doing (he mostly just does stuff on the spot), the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing in romantic relationships scares him and so he backs away from that and distances himself. He’s deeply in love with Juliet (or Jules, as he calls her), but he’s afraid to act on that and tries to bury those feelings by going out with Abigail. This doesn’t work and he ends up being just as much in love with Juliet as ever. 

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By the end of Psych's 8-season run, Shawn learns to own up to his fears and imperfections and becomes a better man without losing his brilliant sense of fun and mischief. Shawn will be never be an ordinary man, and for that I am grateful.


  1. I love Shawn and Psych and Gus and the whole gang. :)

    so when I saw the title of this post, I squealed! Yes, another psych-o! :D

    I love that you figure out their myer-briggs perrsonality thing when you do your character posts. So cool, I never thought of characters' personality types before. :D You nail it!

    1. Psych was one of the first TV shows I ever really got into, so I'm glad I finally did a post on it :)

      I'm so glad you like the meyers-briggs thing! It's always fun to figure it out! :)

    2. Same! I remember watching Psych from the first episode that aired and loved it immediately. I think this is the first show (with multiple seasons) that I watched from start to finish. It'll always be important to me. :)

      I love these two goons, Shawn and Gus! :D