Monday, January 19, 2015

7 Reasons Why Leslie Knope is a Wonderful (Fictional) Person

I’m going to talk about Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation today. Spoilers, as usual. Also, this post will be a little different.

Leslie’s either an ESFJ or a ENFJ. It’s difficult to tell, because she exhibits traits from both types. On the one hand, she follows the rules and wants order in her job and life, which is a very ESFJ thing. But on the other hand, sometimes she does crazy, reckless things fearlessly which seems less ESFJ, but could be any of a number of different types. I personally remember when she went through her wardrobe to find something to wear on one occasion and came up with a bunch of crazy-looking outfits to wear. That seems more N than S to me, because Sensors tend to be more focused on the sensory aspect of their surroundings (this is just a tendency, because I know many iNtuitives who are great at Sensory things.). I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts on this!

Why is Leslie awesome? A few reasons.

1. She’s amazingly loyal.

She will never abandon her friends. EVER. Especially if your name is Ann Perkins and you are doing weird/self-destructive things. Best friends for life.

2. She gives the BEST presents.

Oh yeah. She can basically take your personality and interests and find you the best present ever. One time she gave her husband Ben a replica of the throne from Game of Thrones, because he loves that show. He did what she calls “his stupid surprised face.”

3. She has the best ideas.

Yes, they may be a bit impractical at times, but they are literally (to quote Chris) the best.

4. She gets stuff done.

Not only does she have the best ideas, but she actually acts on her ideas. She and her department single-handedly organize a children’s concert in a very short amount of time. They organize a memorial concert for Lil’ Sebastian, the tiny horse. She becomes city councilwoman by 22 votes. This is Leslie Knope, everyone.

5. She loves her job.

A lot of people hate their jobs. Despise them. But not Leslie. She loves her job so much that she is going to, “work until I’m 100 and then cut back to four days a week.” How’s that for dedication?

6. She loves the people she works with.

They are her best friends. Literally. She meets Ann while working and they become best friends and Ann eventually becomes her coworker. She MARRIES Ben and he's her coworker.

7. She hates salad.


What do you think of Leslie Knope? Is she merely annoying or a potential fictional best friend?


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