Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 100 Recap: Spacewalker

The 100
Season 1, Episode 8
Wednesdays 8|9c
Winter Finale (Returns January 21)
 My day was more or less made with the discovery that, unlike most mid-season breaks happening right now, we won't have to wait until March for the next episode - the hiatus is only a month long! We'll be back in business before February!
Clarke and the Headless Horsemen return to camp. Clarke explains to those waiting that Lexa's deal is: Give up Finn and have peace, or keep Finn and have war. At this point, my sister and I both said, "You shoulda waited to discuss this in private." And, of course, we were right - since everyone heard, 99% of the people in Camp Jaha are all ready to give Finn up. While Riah and I aren't Finn fans (like, at ALL) we still felt sorry for him. Seriously, that boy's puppy dog is almost as strong as Sam Winchester's.
I see no difference.
Abby, Bellamy, Raven and Clarke are, apparently, the only ones wholeheartedly against handing Finn over. Someone tries to attack Finn and Bellamy, being the boss that he is, punches the guy to the ground and basically tells him -
They protect Finn from the crowd while Abby and Clarke go talk to Lincoln, who has a beard and looks a lot better with one than Grant Ward did.
Hey, Lincoln -
Lincoln, being a Grounder, tells them the exchange seems fair. Finn took eighteen lives - it's only just that the Grounders get one. They ask what's going to happen to Finn if they hand him over, and Lincoln tells them it will involve burning, mutilation, de-limbing, poking eyes out, cutting - he killed eighteen, and he will feel the death of eighteen.
It was here that my sister and I changed our stance a little. We went from shouting, "GIVE FINN UP! GIVE FINN UP!" to going, "Um...well, he doesn't deserve THAT. BANISH FINN! OR SOMETHING!"  Lincoln and the women then have this conversation -
Clarke finds Finn packing, and he tells her that he loves her, and all he's done was to keep her safe. He says he'll be okay as long as she forgives him, to which I was like -
Abby is about to go talk to Lexa when who should walk out of the woods but Citizen - um, I mean, Chancellor Kane. He tells Abby that he bought them some time. He thinks Lexa will be okay if they kill Finn humanely for his crimes, but Abby is less than enthusiastic, since it means Finn's death either way.
Meanwhile, Finn has a flashback to when he and Raven were still dating, back on the dropship. Let me say this - Finn/Raven was MUCH cuter than Finn/Clarke. I'd think this even if I wasn't captain of the Bellarke ship. We learn that Finn secured an illegal spacewalk for Raven for her eighteenth birthday, then took the blame for it when they were caught. Turns out the Spacewalker isn't a Spacewalker after all.
Meanwhile, in real time, Bellamy, Clarke and Raven take Finn to the drop ship, but on the way there, Finn and Clarke are accosted by a Grounder. Finn nearly shoots him, but instead gives him the option to run away, which the Grounder does. Bellamy and Raven are pacing around at the drop ship when who should show up but Murphy, who has burrowed a strange little place of fondness into my heart during the last six episodes or so.
Finn shows up with an unconscious Clarke, and they actually TAKE HER CONCUSSION SERIOUSLY! I'm so proud! Yes, television, being knocked out is a big deal! She wakes up and is doing all right, and then the real truth about Murphy's presence comes out - Raven invited him so she could give him, rather than Finn, to the Grounders.
This was an interesting character point for her, proving that she can be ruthless in defense of the ones she loves, even if it means the death of someone innocent. I wonder how this will pop up later in the show.
And then, Finn proves his true colors by walking outside the drop ship and giving himself to the waiting Grounders.
Now that the Grounders have Finn, they set up a post where they can torture him in full view of everyone at Camp Jaha.  THEN, we get a Bellarke moment.
Look at that. No words needed. GET MARRIED ALREADY.
Clarke walks down to the Grounder encampment to make one final plea for Finn's life, but Lexa tells her, "We are what we are." Clarke asks if she can say good-bye to Finn, and Lexa tells her she can. (I don't know about you, but I'm really liking Lexa. Her second might be a jerk, but Lexa's pretty awesome, as Grounders go.)
Clarke walks up to Finn, and then she does the unthinkable. She tells him SHE LOVES HIM. Then she KISSES him. CLARKE. Please tell me this is just your way of trying to make him happy, and that you didn't mean it! You and Bellamy have HISTORY. What do you and Finn have!? A one-night stand and some annoying puppy-dog emotions. AAAAAAAAAAAACK.
"I'm scared," Finn tells her. Clarke replies, telling him it's going to be okay. And then she stabs him. "Thanks, princess," says Finn, just before he dies and Clarke walks away from him, bloody knife in hand.
Remember in Revolution, when they made you like Jason right before Charlie had to shoot him? That's what they did with Finn. They made you like him just in time to kill him off. Granted, I'm not sad because of him - but I'm terrified of the emotional repercussions for Clarke and what this will do to Bellarke and how Raven's going to take it.
a) Is Finn going to haunt Clarke for the rest of the season?
b) Is Lincoln going to stay with the Arkers, or will he return to the Grounders?

 Basically, my feelings toward the entire episode/season/show can be summed up with this:
 Next Wednesday I'm going to discuss the character of Bellamy Blake, but I really have to leave this parallel here. Remember when Bellamy told Raven, "You've mistaken me for someone who cares?"
Look at what he did when Raven saw Finn die.
Because Clarke might be the head, but Bellamy Bloody Blake is the heart.
Have you seen the promo for the next episode? WE ONLY HAVE TO WAIT A MONTH!
 ALSO: Happy 30th Birthday to Bob Morley (Bellamy)!!


  1. So, until the last two or so episodes (my shows didn't play, so I had the chance), I hadn't seen this since the beginning of season one. (like I told you) But.. what?! Because I've missed out on all of it, I'm not sure how I feel about anyone... other than I have a pretty good idea of who to trust, and who not to. But, wow... that was emotionally draining, and I'm way behind. I can only imagine what it's like for you, and other fans that WERE able to keep up with it!!!!

    Anyway, I was really shocked at the end... edge of my seat, eyes wide, shocked. And then I saw the trailer (is that what you call it?) for when the show comes back. And so I have a theory/question... is he REALLY dead? I swear I saw his eyes open, in that trailer thingummy. I'm wondering if it was one of those "made you think he died, when he really didn't" trick... things. Yeah. Ok, I'm tired... maybe I should quit talkin' for now. :P Thoughts?


    1. We have it on good authority that yes, he's dead; it has to be an illusion/nightmare/ that kind of thing. *SQUEALING*

  2. The show actually followed through - I am impressed. And yah, a bit worried about what the fallout of that is going to be...but seeing what they're doing with Bellamy's character development, I am mostly excited to see what else they have planned. :)