Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Flash Reaction: "The Once and Future Flash" (3x19)

Spoilers for The Flash included below.

Barry travels to the future in order to learn about Savitar, but what he discovers is worse than he ever imagined. Meanwhile, Killer Frost escapes STAR Labs and joins Savitar.

"You weren't the only one who lost something." -Cisco

What I Liked
Killer Frost
Is it bad to say I like Killer Frost? Don't get me wrong, I adore Caitlin and I want her to come back whole, but sometimes Killer Frost is great. Plus, Danielle Panabaker does a fantastic job in the role.

The sass is strong with this one. (source)

Iris wasn't in this episode a whole lot, but when she was, it was memorable. I admire her for being realistic about Savitar killing her. She's thinking of her family, in case it happens, and that's a brave thing to confront.

Honestly, this is the best episode of Barry in a long while. I haven't cared about him as much as I wish I did recently, but he did an outstanding job in this episode getting the team together to fight metas and inspire them to continue what they once had, despite everything that happened. Precious cinnamon roll.

Amazing comeback. Just amazing. (source)

The Future: 2024
I've been stoked for Barry to travel to the future since they brought it up a month ago. Let me tell you, the future was insane. There was so much that happened to Team Flash after Iris died. So much that happened to Central City. One of the biggest reasons I like The Flash is how many opportunities there are to see different versions of the characters, and this episode is no exception. Everybody did fabulous portraying their future selves. Wow.

  • Top and Mirror Master are back, which was awesome.
  • Cisco is still a precious cinnamon roll, even if he has robo hands and is so sad. (When he told 2017 Barry he wanted his friend back, my fangirl heart was crushed. Like a grape.)
  • Wally, poor Wally. Oh my gosh, Wally.
  • Julian! My son! Your hairline is receding, but whyyyy?
  • Caitlin/Killer Frost teams up with Savitar and knows his identity. Holy crap.
  • Barry abandoned everyone to stop Savitar. Ouch. 
  • 2024 Barry is just so sad. His line of "you can't save her" killed me inside.
  • 2017 Barry getting the team back together and stopping metas was amazing. 
  • Inspiring 2024 Barry to be the Flash again was great, and we got a new Flash suit!
2014 vs 2024 *ugly crying* (source)

What I Didn't Like
This episode was solid. It continued what was left at the end of the previous episode, moved the season arc forward, and gave us a new look at Team Flash from the future. There was action and suspense, comedic moments, and a lot of heartbreak. Basically, it was fantastic.

Wow. This hurts. (source)

This episode was wonderful. I liked seeing the future versions of the characters, seeing what might happen to them if Iris dies. We also got to see Killer Frost interact with Savitar, and they gave a brief glimpse of who is beneath the armor. I'm already speculating about who it could be--someone familiar to Team Flash, probably male, and most likely dark-haired. There are so many possibilities, and I can't wait to find out. I'm excited for more of The Flash!

What did you think of "The Once and Future Flash"? Who do you think is Savitar?


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