Monday, April 17, 2017

Calamity Read-Along: Prologue and Chapters 1-4


Aaaaand here we are again! Who's excited to dive in and see what this third book of super-villain awesomeness holds? (Hopefully redemption for Prof. And lots of... Mavid? Degan? I'll keep working on the ship name.)

They insist they will have me again.
I'm guessing that this is David, but it works for the Professor too... if we still cling to the possibility that he can brought back.

Chapter 1
"If anyone tries to sneak up on you, lass, I'll put a bullet up his nose."
Ah, Cody. I missed you during Firefight. *mutters under breath* He better not die, dang it.

Pre-Calamity people had been weird. Awesome, too--evidence: castle--but still pretty weird.
It's okay. We think you're weird too.

Now we were going to rob them.
Calamity opens with a heist! Be still my heart! I love heist stories!
Oh, ahem, also, yay! We finally get to see the legendary Nighthawk Foundry!

"Please tell me that's not a real word," I said, then raised my gun to follow him as he made for the opening.
Yeah, you and me both wish it wasn't.

He could be the most dangerous Epic this world had ever known.
Noooooo. Nope nope nope. I refuse to believe it. I do not accept that Prof remains evil, okay? I will be in denial until the end of this series if I have to!

Chapter 2:
Prof or Tia could have come up with a way better plan, but they weren't here.
Where IS Tia anyway? There's no mention of Prof killing her at the end of Firefight. She's either gone to ground or--better guess--she's with Prof. Not sure if I like either possibility.

Chapter 3:
This had to be a laboratory where bodies were dissected.
Also... who owns and operates Knighthawk? I'm assuming it's not an Epic, since they cut up and experiment with Epic bodies. Even though it sounds like something an Epic would think up, I'm also thinking that most Epics would just want to destroy their enemies, not give normal humans a way to emulate their powers.
Sparks. Prof knew more about tech that mimicked Epics' powers than anyone else. And he had the stuff that mimicked his powers, presumably without taking off pieces of himself to power the technology. I bet Prof is heavily involved with Knighthawk OR was at one point.

Chapter 4:
Personally, I'd have been embarrassed to create such stupid-looking robots.
Of course you would, David.

"No, I keep those in the other chest."
Yeah, 'cause that's what we need, some creepy disembodied voice speaking in the middle of a room full of body parts. Would this seem like a weird time to say that I really, REALLY want these books to be movies? Because I want to see this scene come to life in theater. It would be a fabulous jump-scare.

So, is Calamity off to a great start? And who's excited to see who is behind Knighthawk?!?


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