Saturday, April 15, 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reaction: "Identity and Change" (4x17)

Spoilers! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. contains PG-13 level content.

It's our second foray into the Framework, and this time, we're a part of the Resistance. And so are some other familiar faces that we didn't get to see in last week's episode. How did it all go down? Honestly, pretty wildly. Let's discuss!

My Favorite Moments

★ The best part, by far, was Fangirl!Coulson. My goodness, that was awesome and hilarious. It was hilarious to see him in wide-eyed wonder of everything around him.

★ I love seeing Skye in her element. I didn't think she could become even more of a badass, but she did. I also love seeing her identify herself as Skye for some reason.

All the flashbacks, and all the feels.--(source)

★ The moments with Mack and his daughter were so adorable. I love Hope, and it's going to break my heart if and when she has to cease to exist.

★ Okay, let me just say this: I hate Madame Hydra, but I'm kind of digging those green hair extensions?
★ I love Jeffrey Mace in every universe. (That scruff? Definitely doing it for me.)

★ I like having Ward back, but Jemma brought up the point that it's apparently in Ward's nature to double cross his friends, which made me concerned. I definitely hope that's not the case here. Please don't, Ward. I need to keep loving you. It's a new feeling, and I love it.

★ Radcliffe, as a character, is confusing and intriguing, and I love that. I couldn't decide whether I loved him or hated him. I still can't. I really appreciate, though, that we got another chance to see John Hannah's acting skills in action. I'm definitely glad they brought him back. The Framework is proving useful in so many unexpected ways.
★ Like Coulson said, the "New Republic aesthetic" is really working for me. I like the ragtag, rundown rebels vibe. It's reminding me a lot of Dollhouse, which makes sense because Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen worked on that show as well. Meshing AOS with the vague Dollhouse vibes, effectively merging two of my favorite shows, has made me really happy. Overall, AOS is just on point lately. (More on that later.)

★ Agnes. Just... Agnes. ♥

My Least Favorite Moments

★ Agnes?!? Just... Agnes?!? </3

★ Fitz!!! What?! I have no words. Okay, actually, I have a few. Like... what the actual hell, dude? What are you doing? I can't believe that happened. I'm really upset about it. This is not the Fitz I know and love, and I am not okay with what just went down. This is not you, Fitz. How is this possible? Who are you? What is happening?
★ Why is May like this, too? I have a really hard time believing that May and Fitz could just do a complete 180 and become such horrible versions of themselves.

★ Circling back to my point about Fitz... I need to give Jemma a hug now. Like... now.

Actual footage of me.--(source)

★ Hope's screams made me viscerally uncomfortable to the point of squirming.

★ Seeing the complacent, cowardly version of Mack was... not pleasant. I didn't like seeing him cave into Hydra and their demands. I understand why he did it, but it was still not my favorite thing to watch because of what a strong presence he's become in "the other world."

★ This whole plot line with Hydra is actually pretty uncomfortable in and of itself because of how it parallels to current events. (There was a line there about "making this society great again" that was extremely on the nose.) Yes, it is uncomfortable, but it's uncomfortable in an entirely necessary way. 

★ Is Daisy okay? For that matter, is Radcliffe? Is anyone? I have concerns.

★ I don't know, everyone. I don't like where this is going. 1.) How are they going to get out? 2.) Are they going to have to leave Ward? It's going to be like him dying all over again, and I actually like him much better this time. 3.) Are they going to have to leave Hope? I cannot handle that, and neither can Mack. Like... can we please have a situation where we can materialize people outside of the Framework? I'm hopeful. Please, please, please. My fangirl heart can't take it if not.

★ This episode just had a lot of painful stuff in it.


During this entire episode, I kept thinking this: "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is at its absolute best." This is a subjective opinion, and it's just mine. But at least for me, this is the best AOS has ever been. The Framework is one of the most intriguing things I've seen on TV, and in the context of AOS, with all my favorite characters thrust into an alternate reality, that makes it even better. I'm in love with this plot line, this show, and these characters. I'm intrigued by the awful reality, the plot twists, and the evil versions of the people I've come to love. And I'm simultaneously looking forward to and dreading what comes next. 

Did you see "Identity and Change"? What did you think of it?


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