Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "Checkmate" (5x16)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 for mature content. Spoilers included below.

Oliver learns that Adrian Chase is Prometheus, but Chase is steps ahead of him. When he kidnaps Susan Williams, Team Arrow will do whatever it takes to stop him. Meanwhile, Felicity gets a glimpse at Helix and what they want from her.

"That's a hell of a city you got here, district attorney's a serial killer?" -Dinah

What I Liked
Adrian Chase
I was super disappointed when they revealed Adrian Chase was Prometheus because I didn't understand the connection or why they chose to diverge from the comics when it came to his character. This episode, however, has completely changed my mind. His reactions to Oliver knowing the truth are the greatest. He's sassy and full of himself, believing he has the upper hand. And I'm so excited to watch him lose. It's going to be a long fall. A+ acting on Josh Segarra's part.

That smirk though. (source)

Oliver was a freaking badass in this episode. At the beginning, he took down an entire horde of warriors-in-training at the monastery. When he learns Chase is Prometheus, he doesn't hesitate to bust into a meeting to confront him. He also compromises his position as mayor and his identity as Green Arrow to stop Prometheus. He never backs down and he does whatever it takes, including revealing the truth to Adrian's wife. Seriously, Ollie rocked this episode. I look forward to more stubborn determination from him.

Oliver just doesn't give up! (source)

I honestly have no idea what was happening during the Russia flashbacks, but the shootout at the hockey rink was hilarious.

And there was also Antoly asking the real questions. (source)

What I Didn't Like
I'm shocked that Talia is involved with Prometheus and is the one who trained Adrian all because she's holding a grudge against Oliver for Ra's al Ghul's death. Seriously? After all this time? And she has nothing better to do than train warriors in a monastery exactly like her "estranged" father? It's just too slippery without knowing more of what happened in Russia. Can we get Nyssa back to knock some sense into her sister, or what?

So. Much. Sass. (source)

Felicity and Helix
Okay, it's great that Felicity's data cache is helpful to the team and all, especially in regards to Adrian Chase, but man, Helix is freaking creepy. It's like borderline "Big Brother," but instead of it being run by the government, it's run by people. I don't know. It sounds like a bad deal. Felicity, you need to get out now while you have the chance.

In the words of Nick Fury, "Given that it's a stupid-ass decision, I've elected to ignore it." (source)

Susan Williams
I'm still not a fan of Susan Williams, but she really didn't deserve to get kidnapped and beat by Adrian Chase because he has a personal vendetta against the guy she dated. I felt genuinely sorry for her.

I don't know whether to be more impressed with Rene or Chase... (source)

For whatever reason, this episode was pretty great. It's like Prometheus returned and the show got better. (Who would have thought?) There was just enough action and suspense to keep the episode moving, and there was so much tension and frustration with Chase that it flowed well. Basically, watching this made me stoked for what's to come because it's like things just got real. I still want a stronger connection to why Chase wants revenge so badly, but I hope we'll get there.

Can I keep her? (source)

What did you think of "Checkmate"?


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