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The Flash Reaction: "Dead or Alive" (3x11)

Spoilers for The Flash.

A bounty hunter called Gypsy from Earth-19 comes for HR, who has broken inter-dimensional travel laws. In order to save him, Cisco challenges Gypsy to a trial by combat. Meanwhile, Iris convinces Wally to help her track down a major arms dealer for a news story.

HR: Her name is Gypsy. And she's what's known on my Earth as a collector.
Caitlin: What is she collecting?
HR: She's come to collect... you know. Me.
What I Liked
I'm so glad Julian is part of Team Flash now. His dry humor is perfect, and he's also been helpful in multiple ways. His science background and his research are a good fit for Team Flash. (He's also honest and straightforward, which is sometimes needed with everything they deal with.) I love that Team Flash has already picked up on little habits to tease him about.

Precious cinnamon roll. (source)
While HR is a bit odd and not my favorite version of Wells (that would be Harry), I do enjoy his character. His narrative story telling is entertaining, and his personality is hilarious. I love how he interacts with the other characters and Earth-1. Thus, it was nice to see Team Flash standing up for him against Gypsy. I like that Cisco is finally giving him a chance, and they all continue to welcome him into the family. We learned more about him and his past--specifically why he came to Earth-1 despite that doing so was against the law. I think HR just needs friends, and I'm happy he finally has them.

Iris showed a lot of fortitude in this episode, which was kind of unexpected. I haven't always liked her character, but she's slowly growing on me. I'm glad she's sticking up for what she wants and what she believes. She isn't letting the worry of the future keep her from doing what she wants. Instead, she's using it to fuel her passion. It's memorable and admirable. (Also, her conversation with her dad about "expanding the family" with Barry was absolutely hilarious. Poor Joe.)

Oh, Iris. (source)

Of course, Cisco was the best part of this episode. His reactions were spot-on. I love that he built a diorama of the future using Legos. It's absolutely perfect that he was swooning over Gypsy. He just can't get a normal girl, can he? Also, I'm glad that he's opening up to HR. It was touching to learn he defended HR because he wants to be there for Harrison Wells. I'm glad the Cisco Ramone I've come to love has returned, and he's not acting like a complete jerk anymore.

Gypsy was pretty badass. Her powers and outfit and attitude were great. I wish she could have stuck around. Her flirting with Cisco was perfection, and her obsession with Earth-1 coffee was hilarious.

Smooth. (source)

Trial by combat
The trial by combat was... fun. All the different universes were great from Earth-2 to Supergirl's earth to the volcano verse. And the entire thing was just Cisco and Gypsy flirting with one another. Basically: it was great. Except for the end. It was kind of lame that Gypsy gave up so easily. It was a "trial by combat to the death," yet the minute Cisco knocked her down, she relented. I knew Cisco wouldn't kill her, but she didn't even make him try. It was whatever.

Finally, Wally gets the praise he deserves. He's so adorable. I'm glad he's able to help Barry. And finally! Finally, they realize that if Barry isn't fast enough to save Iris maybe Wally is. I can tell this is going to be good. I'm excited.

Yea, boi! (source)

What I Didn't Like
Stupid Decisions
Despite the fun and games, many of the characters made really stupid decisions in this episode. Cisco volunteering for the trial by combat. (You're telling me Cisco--the fanboy extraordinaire--doesn't know that a trial by combat means to the death? He's seen enough movies to know that.) Barry and HR trying to mess with the trial by combat behind Cisco's back. Iris and Wally doing dangerous reconnaissance work for a story without telling their father. Like... aren't most of these people supposed to be geniuses? Why do they keep making dumb decisions? Where are your brains?!?!

Never change, Cisco. Never change. (source)

I was a bit sad that Caitlin was kind of pushed to the background this episode. I know that happens with large casts, and she had a few of her moments here and there, but overall, she could have been absent from the episode and nobody would notice.

Earth-19 Logic
The logic of Earth-19 and Gypsy was kind of unnerving. Earth-19 says it's illegal to conduct inter-dimensional travel, which is why HR is a wanted man. Yet wouldn't Gypsy also be breaking that law by traveling through the multi-verse to find him? Wouldn't she get arrested for her actions when she gets back to Earth-19? I'm so confused. It doesn't make sense. It's probably not that important to the overall show, but it kind of bothered me. I still need logic, especially when it comes to inter-dimensional travel.

Perfection. (source)

Overall, this episode was kind of light-hearted for the season. I knew Cisco wouldn't die, and I figured he would find a way to win without killing Gypsy. Iris's boldness was noteworthy; while she may have made stupid decisions, I can't help but admire her resolve to do what she believes and not to fear death. You go, girl. Wally gaining a fanbase and also Barry's (and Joe's) trust is the best thing. I'm glad Julian was helpful. Nothing in this episode was pressing or heartbreaking, but it was still fun and enjoyable. I look forward to what The Flash has planned for the future! (Pun definitely intended.)

Best. Moment. Ever. (source)

What did you think of "Dead or Alive"?


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