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Arrow Reaction: "Second Chances" (5x11)

Warning: Arrow contains PG-13 level content. Spoilers included.

After Curtis finds someone to become the next Black Canary, Team Arrow heads to Hub City to track her down and offer their assistance. Meanwhile, Felicity hacks into government databases to try to help clear John from his charges.

Oliver: I don't know if I'm ready.
Talia: I will help you become ready.
What I Liked
Team Arrow
The bond between Team Arrow was strong in this episode. Curtis and Renee especially have grown closer and are encouraging one another, which is nice to see. Renee eating Big Belly Burger was hilarious. Rory is such an adorable cupcake about everything. All of them trying to find a suitable Black Canary replacement was great. But the best part was the team came together to help someone and they recognized that they're all second chances. It was touching and also a big reason I love this show.

This was the greatest. (source)
While Felicity's part in this episode was much smaller, I enjoyed her enthusiasm for hacking again. It was cute. Plus, her hacker fangirl was the best. The only thing I want to know is... what's on the flash drive? Are there more secrets than about General Walker? I need answers!

As always, Curtis was perfect. His reactions, his genius ideas, everything. It seems the Curtis I've come to love has returned. I know he's not completely whole and there's still probably a lot of hurt he's dealing with, but it's nice to see him smile and get excited. I like that he's part of the team and he can be helpful not only in the field but also doing his science-based projects. He's adorable.

Precious cinnamon roll. (source)

I'm glad that Adrian (plus Felicity) could help free Diggle. While this plot of Diggle being arrested and then back in jail and such as been kind of annoying, I feel better about it now that it's resolved. Yay! Diggle is a free elf!

Connection to The Flash
I like that this show connects to the other CW shows. I'm baffled that some people only watch one of the shows. It was cool to see Tina gain her canary cry ability from the particle accelerator and for Oliver to ask Barry to help get information from the CCPD. That was a nice, baby crossover to appease me.

This was pretty cool. (source)

Once again, Oliver always has the perfect thing to say. You can really tell he's learned from his past (especially when the episode's plot lines up with the flashbacks) and he's using that to help people. He has faith in people, and he gives them the words they need. The world needs more people like Oliver Queen. Also, all the Green Arrow bow action was on point! (Pun definitely intended.)

While Talia is a little strange, I did enjoy the flashbacks in this episode. There was a lot of cool action shots and fighting sequences. And of course, this reveals the origins of Green Arrow with the bow and the hood. It's so exciting. Everything is finally coming together!

Seriously, so flipping exciting! (source)

What I Didn't Like
Tina Boland
It's not that I don't like her character; her character is fine. It's just that I don't care about them bringing in another Canary. I feel like it's a waste of a character and plot, and that they're just recycling everything they did with Laurel. I feel like Laurel earned her time as Canary, and Tina, while she has the canary cry, hasn't impressed me enough to take over the mantle. I don't know. I'm just apathetic about the whole situation.

Canary Hunt
I felt this episode suffered from the plot to find the perfect Canary replacement. They spent the entire episode focused on recruiting a single person, and it was predictable. I knew she'd show up at the end and agree to give it a shot. And of course, her real name is Dinah, which is just... lame and once more, recycling who Laurel was. I know Oliver wants to uphold Laurel's legacy, but it really should be someone else (Thea, it should be Thea). And please tell me that Oliver and Tina will not have a romantic relationship to make it canon. I do not want that. No.

The episode just didn't connect to the rest of the season. There was one mention of Prometheus, but nothing substantial. He didn't just disappear. They still need to find him. The whole thing just felt forced. I just didn't care for it. The only thing that was surprising was that Tina did shoot the guy in cold blood; that, I was not expecting. But the rest was... "eh."

I guess if we're going with the theme of the night, I'll give her a second chance. (source)

Okay, but Team Arrow really needs to invest in sonic earplugs or something. Because every time they encounter a meta with sonic abilities, they just get knocked down. When you actively go after someone with a sonic cry, you'd think you'd bring something better than just the dampener. Like earplugs.

This episode was okay. Some parts were great like Felicity's hacker fangirl or Curtis's adorable genius work. But I was also kind of just bored? It's not that I don't like Tina (or Dinah...), but I don't really care about them trying to find a new Canary. (Seriously, just bring Laurel back. Please.) It seems like Team Arrow is focusing too heavily on that instead of doing their job. Like where was Prometheus? Why are we not stopping Prometheus instead? Come on! But I'm glad Diggle is out of jail, again, and his name is cleared this time, thanks to Felicity's friend and Adrian Chase. I just want the season arc elements (Prometheus, Vigilante, training Team Arrow, etc.) to come back into focus. Well, at least the flashbacks were better this episode.

I got chills. (source)

What did you think of "Second Chances"?

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