Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Arrow Reaction: "Human Target" (5x05)

Arrow contains PG-13 level content. Spoilers included.

Church kidnapped Renee, and Team Arrow is determined to get him back.When they do, they learn that Renee slipped and told Church that Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. Meanwhile, Oliver has to deal with the City Council and a nosy journalist.

"No one moves forward when they're hiding behind a mask. I should know." -Christopher Chance

What I Liked
This is the first episode of the season where I was glad to see Diggle. He's back, baby! He's donning a new helmet (it still looks terrible) and kicking butt! Also, I appreciated how much he helped Renee in this episode. That was a good choice on Oliver's part (and the writers'). There is just so much redemption pouring into this episode. It's my favorite.

Wait, hold up. When did Diggle get a codename? (source)

Okay, Renee is definitely a badass. He takes all of Church's torture and crap in stride. He even manages to get information from him and fights while badly injured and bleeding. He deserves some kind of award. He also seems to be improving. He's made mistakes, but he's getting right back up and going strong. His character development has been great this season. Keep it up!

Team Arrow
While most of Team Arrow was on the back burner this episode, they're continuing to improve. My heart is happy to see these superhero babies taking on the world. (*wipes eyes*) Last week, we had an episode focused on Rory, this week it was on Renee. Where is my Evelyn/Artemis focused episode?

This is terrific. (source)

Human Target
Okay, but did anybody actually think Oliver was dead? Because this is like the third or fourth time. But I like how they did it. The "Human Target" aka Christopher Chance is an interesting guy. Very handy in a sticky situation. Also, he was in Russia! Which is just exciting. I didn't scream or anything when he took off the mask. (Okay, okay, I did scream. But just a little.)

I am Felicity. (source)

The Russian flashbacks are still amazing. While not everything that happens in them is the most exciting, I'm enjoying the story line and how it connects with present-day Star City events. A+

Green Arrow
Oliver continues to be a badass with fighting and just Green Arrow-ing stuff. The fight with Church was stellar. (I knew he could beat him, but it was still fun to watch.)

Oh, buddy. (source)

WHAT!? Whaaaaat? That was insane. He killed all the cops and the escort and Church. Who is he? How does he know how to do that? What does he want with Oliver/Green Arrow? I can't handle any of this. I need answers now!

Ouch. (source)

What I Didn't Like
Once more, Church is annoying. While we got insight into his plan and why he wants Star City (for the ports), I'm glad he's finished. It's been five episodes, and I still didn't care for him. Moving on to bigger and badder bad guys, like Prometheus.

Billy Malone and Felicity
I'm still not happy about Felicity and this Billy guy. And now Oliver knows and wishes the best for her. No. Oliver, no. Don't you dare tell her you're happy for her. I can see that you still love her; it's written all over your face. Don't be happy for her. Go win her back right now, mister!

Seriously, look at these two. You were made for each other. Just kiss already! (source)

Susan Williams
This news reporter is getting on my nerves. While Oliver--or I guess Chance--got her to shut up for a month, she's still annoying. And now she's going to expose more about Oliver's past that doesn't need to be out there. Ugh. Stop. Go away. Gooooo.

Overall, this episode was crazy! So much happened, and it was all super exciting. This is the Arrow show I signed up for. I'm stoked for whatever is next.

Somebody finally said it! Also, Rory is still adorable, and I will never be over him. (source)

What did you think of "Human Target"? Who do you think is Prometheus is?


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