Sunday, September 4, 2016

Steelheart Read-Along Chapters 31-35

Hello again! We are in the home stretch, my friends! Five more chapters to go as our heroes face down Steelheart and we get those classic Sanderson plot twists--yay!

Chapter 31: 

"Abandon the guilt," Prof said. "Abandon the denial. Steelheart did this to her. He's our goal. That has to be your focus. We don't have time for grief; we only have time for vengeance."

This actually made me a little mad, reading Prof saying this. Throughout the book, he seems like the wise old mentor-type character, and here, he's definitely not.

"I've seen it. There are troubles there you can't understand, David. Sometimes doing things we used to do reminds us of who we used to be, and not always in good ways."

This quote really makes me wonder how far back Tia and Prof go. Were they friends BC (Before Calamity)? Where did they meet?

Chapter 32:

"A battery," Edmund said. "A slave..."

So Conflux is actually just Steelheart's prisoner. I wonder who else has been coerced into working with him...

Chapter 33:

"Is it that way for other gifters?" Prof asked.

So gifter Epics can't gift their powers to other Epics. Probably a good thing.

"Not as bad as the El Brass Bullish Dude," I said... "Incredible cosmic powers do not always equate with high IQ..."

1) All I can think of with the phrase "incredible cosmic powers" is this quote from the Genie in Aladdin.


2) OK, so maybe Limelight wasn't the worst villain name they could have thought up.

3) El Brass Bullish Dude just makes me picture this guy...


Chapter 34:

Blackness and Calamity, burning in the distance directly above, like a terrible red eye. 

I just realized something. If Nightwielder turned the sky so dark that they can't see the sun, moon, or stars, then how does Calamity still shine through? Does Nightwielder somehow allow it through? Could he even block if it he wanted to? Do Epics need to continually be exposed to it, or at least exposed to it some of the time?

Chapter 35:

"All right, you slontze," Cody said softly to Steelheart. "Let's see if that junk was worth the trouble of hauling up here..." A shot rang in the air.

Showtime, folks.

So...what did you guys think of this week's chapters? Any theories on how they're going to defeat Steelheart?


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