Tuesday, August 30, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Game Of Thrones

Everyone has heard of Game of Thrones. Most people have seen the TV show. Many have read the books. Yet there are still people who have not ventured into this new world. Whether it is because there are too many episodes to catch up with or because the show features sex and violence, it does not matter: the following five reasons will get you all hyped up and ready to watch this show.

The characters

I know this sounds incredibly vague and cliché, but it's true: if there were any other characters, the show would be far less entertaining. Not only are their personalities and ambitions incredibly well crafted (thank you George R. R. Martin), but their development matches their personalities and circumstances. Daenerys Targaryen, for example, starts off as an insecure girl. To survive in her world, though, one must be far more strong willed and brave - that's exactly what she achieves as she struggles to become the Queen she truly is.

Jon Snow (oh, come on, I know you've heard of him!) starts off as a simple bastard and doesn't look like he has many qualities, apart from being honourable. As the show progresses, Jon proves to be more than what people consider him to be - and is also part of the biggest surprise you'll get from the show. When you get to season 6, that is.

The surprises

As we all know, the most important part of a good book, movie or TV series is a plot twist that you did not see coming. Game of Thrones delivers exactly that. Each episode has a plot twist, which may be a death (yes, lots of people die in this series) or the introduction of a new character that puts everyone back to square one. I've watched all six seasons and, thanks to David Benioff and Daniel B. Weiss' (the GoT writers) creativity, I still didn't expect all the things that happened in the sixth season!

Good news: all the episodes are entertaining and the word "boring" is not in this series' vocabulary. Bad news: that means that most episodes make you want to watch the next episode and, actually, never stop watching Game of Thrones. Sorry.

The catchphrases

If you've heard of GoT, chances are you've heard the phrase "Winter is coming"... But do you know what it really means? What about "Valar Morghulis" (all men must die)? Who says this? It'll all be clear once you watch the show. Is it worth watching a show just to know what one sentence means? Of course it is.

The attention to details

Nothing happens in this show without a reason. If a character disappears, don't worry: they'll show up on the other side of Westeros soon enough. If you see someone writing on some parchment, if you were to pause the episode, the parchment could be very likely be read and some secret would be revealed. But that's not all: every costume is perfectly made for each character, resembling their status and location (meaning no peasant will wear fur coats and people living in the North won't wear short sleeved dresses). Not to mention the fact that the locations are always wonderfully arranged to look just like they would in a medieval-esque world - extras included. Nothing is out of place.

There aren't many special effects in the show, but when they are there, they look perfectly real. Dragons? Flawless. Green fire destroying hundreds of ships? Oh, they must've burned real ships to do that, of course.

Emotional attachment

I remember watching the first episode of GoT: apart from being impressed with how well set up the show was, I was surprised to see how quickly I had found my favourite characters. One thing I can assure you is that you will fall in love with characters such as Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya, and will keep on rooting for them throughout all of the seasons. The baddies, on the other hand, are smart and despicable, making them not only hateable but also dangerous - that's a lethal combination. 

But mark my words: don't get too attached to the characters, because George R. R. Martin likes to get rid of all the likable characters. 

BONUS REASON: Maybe, one day, you'll hear Tyrion's infamous joke

Tyrion Lannister is by far the funniest character in GoT: whenever he's talking he's either sarcastic, cracking jokes or making fun of someone in a sneaky way. His joke repertoire is huge, and we never hear him tell a joke twice... Actually we do, but it's not a complete joke!

In season one episode six ("A Golden Crown") he starts off the joke: "I once brought a honeycomb and a jackass into a brothel -". He is rudely interrupted, however, and nobody thinks about the joke again. Five seasons later however, in season six episode 8 ("No One"), Tyrion brings up a familiar sentence: "I once walked into a brothel with a honeycomb and a jackass. The madame says -", but he is once again interrupted.

If you watch the show, maybe, one day, you'll hear Tyrion's infamous joke. Just the hype around it makes it the best joke ever. 

Did I convince you to watch Game of Thrones? If you do watch it, do you agree with these reasons?


  1. I know you're right - I should. I have read the GoT first book and bow down to the genius that is GRRM. But I'm squeamish and not sure if I can handle the violence on screen!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. I'll be honest - it is a bit violent at the beginning. But it is worth it and, weirdly enough, gives the right atmosphere to the whole show.