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My Terrakinetic Top 5 (In Honor of Earth Day)

Crysta from Ferngully (source)

Earth Day was this past Friday, so I decided to list my Top 5 Characters with Terrakinesis (meaning they have the ability to control geological materials). All of the following characters have a deep connection with earth and may even be able to control, contort, or communicate with it. So, without further ado, I begin my list with *drum roll*...

Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Toph metalbending (source)

The Terrakinetic Top 5 wouldn't be complete without mentioning a character from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.  And although Ang, Korra, and all the other Avatars are all capable of moving earth, I will focus my attention on Toph, one of Ang's companions and the series' most accomplished earthbender. Throughout the series, Toph is the sarcastic, grumpy girl that helps round out Team Avatar.  She sure is one talented earthbender, which is made even more impressive when you realize she's also blind.  She actually utilizes earthbending to see what's around her, using vibrations in the earth to do so.

Toph first learned to earthbend at age six from badgermoles.  From there she only excelled, bending earth and, later on in the series, even metal. She went on to teach others her metalbending technique, eventually training an elite group of people who became metalbenders. Looking past her prickly and blas√© exterior, one realizes she truly cares about people, even if she wants them to think otherwise.

As is true for other terrakinesis characters, Toph is grounded and steady, just as the earth that she moves. She is one with it and uses the earth as an extension of self. Talk about being in touch with the planet. Seems like Toph would most definitely appreciate Earth Day.

Cornelia Hale from W.I.T.C.H.

Nice shirt for Earth Day (source)

If you have never heard of the comic/show W.I.T.C.H, I highly recommend you change that.  However, you should start with the comic because it's WAY better than the TV series.   For those of you who are unfamiliar, W.I.T.C.H. (which is an acronym for the characters Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin) is an Italian magical girl comic that became popular and made into a TV series many moons ago.  It's about five teenage girls who are chosen as elementally infused guardians to protect the peace.   Each girl has a specific element (air, fire, etc.), but I will be touching on Cornelia Hale.

Cornelia is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty with the power to control anything “earth” related, including plants, stones, and even sugar (yup, like table sugar)!  What’s interesting about W.I.T.C.H. is that the characters use their magic in creative ways.
Cornelia's Guardian state (source)

For example, Cornelia has the ability to move earth, right?  Well, as I was saying before, this series can take elemental control to the next level.  Cornelia not only moves earth but as she grows and improves upon her powers, she begins to stretch her abilities.  She is able to make hair grow faster (and harness it as a weapon), communicate with plants, heal people, and see visions simply by touching the earth.   She can even mess with metals and processed materials but only if most of the material's composition is made from the earth.

If we want to celebrate Cornelia’s powers, we must also appreciate her personality, which differs from the TV show to the comic.  While Cornelia is a bit boy-obsessed in the TV series,  the comic portrays her as someone who doesn't necessarily need a man.  Personally, I like comic Cornelia better.  She's strong, even though she's a tad overconfident, feeling that she must do all things alone.  Though she's fashionable and cares about her appearance, at times she can be materialistic.  This is because she's drawn to earthly pleasures, fitting for the element she possesses. But that doesn't mean she's shallow.  Far from it!  She greatly cares about others.

All and all, Cornelia is a true terrakinetic master and matches her element quite nicely.  

Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII

Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII:  Crisis Core (source)

 No one is more in tune with the earth (or the planet, in general) than Aerith (not Aeris, as originally thought) from Final Fantasy VII.  She is one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters and has been for a long time.  She's independent, playful, cute, motherly, and upbeat.  And just like most earth-wielding characters, she's stubborn and won't back down from something she's already set her mind on.

In the world of FF VII (on the planet called Gaia),  Aerith is a descendant of the Cetra (also called the Ancients), who were one of the first races to reside on the planet.  They may look like normal human beings but in truth, they have a great tie to the earth.  We get hints of Aerith's powers when she mentions that she can hear the wind calling to her or during one instance when she says she's afraid of the sky.  In fact, we learn that she is the last remaining Cetra alive.  (How lonely!)

Because of her race and its influence over the planet, she is a powerful healer.  In the game, she became one of my favorite characters to use (since she is, you know, an astounding healer...which is important in any RPG).  Even in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, she heals Cloud and company multiple times.

You tell him, Aerith! (source)

Throughout the series, she protects and has connections to the earth.  She even helps save the planet.  Definitely an advocate for Earth Day.  

Terra from Teen Titans

 Do you guys remember Teen Titans?  I was obsessed with that show.  I was in middle school at the time (yup, that sure dates me) and I remember relating with Starfire, while my best friend sided more with Robin, and my sister was a Raven fanatic.

But, I also remember liking Terra.  She was strong, mysterious, and she knew how to kick butt. (Eh, even though sometimes she kicked her fellow Titans' tushies.  What?  She was confused and misguided!  Darn you Slade! *shakes fist*)  I'm not sure how Terra acts in the comics, since I've never read the Teen Titans comics (le gasp!), but I have seen all the episodes of the animated series (plus the movie!).

Terra possess geokinetic abilities and is able to move earth, but that's not all that defines her.  What's truly alluring about Terra is that she's shy and insecure, and, deep down, she just wants to know her purpose in life.  Don't we all? I think that's what's so fascinating about her.

She's confused and lost when she first meets the Titans.  Not having the capability to control her powers, Terra shies away from the Titans and joins Slade (the main antagonist of the series), who promises to teach her how to control her powers.  And she desperately yearns for this because whenever she uses her powers, she triggers seismic tremors and volcano eruptions that could potentially hurt people.  Once she does learn how to control her powers, she's a true team player (or a true terror, depending on whose side she's on).

But she is most definitely one with the earth and is a true asset to any team.

Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon from Digimon 

Mimi (source)

 Mimi is one of those characters that, at first, annoys you the minute she opens her mouth but, as the series continues, her whiny, high pitched squealing grows on you (caution: sometimes it never does).  All joking aside, Mimi develops over time and may even become a favorite by the end of the show.  She's cheerful, innocent and deep down she's a kind, sweet girl.  Not to mention she has her own style.

Fashionable and naive, she may look weak but her digicrest proves otherwise.  A crest is a physical manifestation of the digidestined's dominate characteristic.  It's also something they draw power from to evolve their digital partner.  Mimi's crest turns out to be sincerity (or purity in the Japanese version).  She uses this to digivolve her partner Palmon.

Palmon (source)

Palmon is a digimon that's plant/earth based.  She looks just like a harmless walking, talking flower but her looks can be deceiving as well.  She uses vines and earth-like powers to combat her foes in order to protect Mimi. The plant theme persists when she even digivolves into a fairy-like monster with plant-based attacks.  Since Mimi is paired with Palmon, she must have some connection to the earth.  Right?

So, again we see another example of a powerful (and very pink) planet-based hero storming the stage.  
Though I didn't mention all Terrakinetic heroes, I did want to mention a few more of my favorites:

Crysta from Ferngully:  The Last Rainforest 
Terra and Lexaeus from Kingdom Hearts 
Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus, and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon
Captain Planet and Kwame from Captain Planet 

Remember, we only have one Earth.  Let's get out there and protect it! (Hehe, now I sound like Captain Planet!)

Terra from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (source)

Do you have a favorite Terrakinetic character?  Let us know in the comments. 


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