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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Reaction: "Last Refuge" (1x12)

Spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. 

When we last left the Legends, Mick Rory warned the team that the "Pilgrim" had been sent to hunt them down. But the Pilgrim isn't coming to the present to hunt them; she's traveling to the past to eliminate them from the time streams permanently! The Legends must travel back to save their past selves and stop the Pilgrim. To the time machine!

Let me start off by saying this episode was everything I didn't know I wanted. In most time-travel stories, the heroes are forbidden to cross their own time streams. Usually, they can't interfere with their past or meet their past selves because things would end up very, very bad. However, Legends of Tomorrow tossed that notion to the wind and decided to do something fantastic: meet the younger selves of our favorite criminals, losers, and assassins. The Legends hop through time, collecting younger versions of themselves in order to save them from the Pilgrim. Of course, it's not so simple, but that helped give the episode more plot.

Central City 1990: Mick Rory
The first Legend they save is Mick Rory in 1990. I thought it was interesting that the Pilgrim only had one specific point in time she could kill off each individual Legend. It gave the Legends a plausible chance of stopping her. When they go to rescue Mick Rory, his younger self is probably about twelve or thirteen, and he just accidentally lit his house on fire. It was intriguing to see that Rory's obsession with fire started when he was a kid. (It also explains why he's such a coarse man later--he killed his family in that fire.)

(Ray is still a dork.--source)

In addition, Mick Rory talks to his younger self on more than one occasion, which was well done on the writers' parts. (Also, casting this episode was perfect.) Younger Rory says he sounds just like his dad, which was shocking. But then Rory tells his younger self the truth, and the whole scene just really shows how far Rory has come this season. He may have betrayed his team and he may be angry, but he's grown too. He may not be a hero, but he's definitely a Legend.

Mick Rory: "You can't change the things you did. But you can change who you become. Don't be like me. Be better."

Starling City 2007: Sara Lance
This is pre-Island Sara, but she's still getting herself into trouble. She's in the precinct being booked by an officer when her daddy, Detective Lance, comes in. And oy vey, his hair made me laugh! I love that other characters from Arrow and The Flash can unexpectedly cross over into Legends of Tomorrow. It's great fun. Younger Sara is kind of adorable. When the Pilgrim shows up, it's actually wonderful that Sara comes to save herself. (It's just so symbolic to show how far Sara Lance has come too!)

(Look how proud Sara is that Rory called her badass.--source)

I was curious as to how Sara meeting Sara would affect their pasts. Do they remember any of this happen? Does it change anything or create a million alternate timelines? They don't quite explain it, which is about the only problem I had during this episode.

Star City 2004: Ray Palmer
Since Gideon is unable to track the Pilgrim (Seriously, what is Gideon good for?!), the stakes rise because they won't know when or where she'll strike. Unless you're Ray Palmer and suddenly have wounds appear on your body. (This was actually pretty cool to watch unfold. But poor cupcake.)

Ray: "How long does it take for what happens in the past to affect the present? Could I be dead right now and not know it? Maybe I am dead. Hello? Can anybody hear me?"
Snart: "No."

Fortunately, Rip travels back in time to stop the Pilgrim from doing further damage. Unfortunately, we don't get to see Baby Ray Palmer, which saddens me. However, this incident did throw Ray and Kendra into a whirlwind, and by the end of the episode, they're officially engaged and happy as can be. (Except I know that it won't end well. How can it? I'm all for defying supposed fate/destiny/curses, but I also know how TV shows work. And it's going to rip all our hearts out.)

(Rory is wonderful.--source)

Central City 1972: Leonard Snart
Because they can't track the Pilgrim--and nobody wants to go through what Ray went through--they decide to kidnap themselves as babies so the Pilgrim has no chance to eliminate them. And it's adorable. Baby Snart! Kendra and Sara go to pick him up, and Kendra tells Sara she's sounding like Snart. And then they both get all googly-eyed over Baby Snart, who is adorable. Also, Rory threatens his younger self not to hurt Baby Snart, and it's just beautiful.

Kendra: "Okay, which one is Snart?"
Sara: "Look for the one with horns."

(Bary Snart almost makes up for no Baby Ray. Almost.--source)

I'm continually grateful that this show has blessed the world with two strong, badass female superheroes. And that these two can be friends and can practice fighting together, talk about their crazy relationships, and also squeal over babies yet are still considered strong, smart, and beautiful. God bless Sara Lance and Kendra Saunders!

Ivy Town 1950: Martin Stein
Apparently, Dr. Stein was born in a car on the side of the road. Hilarious. Also, I love these pair-ups of who goes to rescue who. Rip claims they can't go rescue themselves or be involved, so the other team members have to go in and save them instead. Ray saves Rory. Sara and Rory save Sara. (So, I guess if your name is Sara Lance rules don't apply to you?) Rip saves Ray. Kendra and Sara save Snart. Rip and Rory save Stein. (Which is hilarious because Rory keeps saying the wrong things, and Rip has to correct him.) It's just wonderful how they've paired everybody up. It really gives this episode some extra fun with the conversations they have.

Stein: "It's somewhat disconcerting that my father would give me up so willingly to two complete strangers."
Ray: "Well, the 1950s was a much more trusting time. Trust me, I lived them."

Central City 1993: Jefferson Jackson
Okay, this one is probably the most touching. Stein and Ray go to pick up Baby Jax, but they find that Jax's father is at the hospital before he is shipped off to war where he'll die. (Which means Jax spent his whole life dreaming about the chance to meet his dad.) Stein, despite what Ray or Rip or anybody else says, gives Jax the chance to talk to his father. It's very sad but very happy.

Mr. Jackson: "I hope you get to experience this for yourself one day. Imagining all the things my boy's gonna be when he grows up."
Jax: "How do you know?"
Mr. Jackson: "Because he's my son. Jefferson Jackson, remember that name. He's destined for great things."

Later, when the Pilgrim kidnaps the Legends' loved ones as leverage, Jax is not only able to talk to his dad again without any secrets, but he can show his dad who he has become by saving him: a hero. It's a wonderful moment. He even warns his dad about getting killed in combat, which might alter the timeline. (However, Rip apparently doesn't seem to think that will matter because apparently "time" makes things happen. So Jax's father could survive that moment, but he could be killed somewhere else. It's very interesting to think of time in that kind of way.)

The Refuge ????: Rip Hunter
While they explained that Kendra and Rip wouldn't be targeted by the Pilgrim, we still got the chance to see Baby Rip. (Or Child Rip.) Rip takes the past selves of the Legends to The Refuge--an orphanage set in a classified time and place for future Time Masters. Thus, this is the place where Rip Hunter--or Michael--grew up. His "mother" takes care of the orphans for the Time Masters, but she's loyal to the children, not the Masters. And she's a wonderful person. I enjoyed her character immensely. She even works with them to help stop the Pilgrim, which was awesome!


They set up a trap for the Pilgrim. Rip offers his life--the life of a Time Master--in exchange for the safety of his team. If Rip dies, the team wouldn't have assembled anyways. This is probably one of the finest moments on the show so far. Not only can this Pilgrim lady reverse time (aka freeze it), but she's a pretty awesome character. Her outfit, her fighting technique, her attitude--she's pretty badass and awesome. So it would take an even greater plan to stop her.

But the Legends pull through. They time everything perfectly, they work together, and it's legendary. Plus, the Legends circling around the Pilgrim to fight is probably the coolest scene because of the special effects. The Pilgrim essentially reverses time as they attack, which freezes them all in attack position. She thinks she's won when Baby Rip stabs her with a knife. Apparently, Baby Rip is quite the ruthless little brat. This was also an interesting glimpse into Rip's past too. Since the age of five, he's been a cutthroat urchin, starving more than eating. So he would do anything to save himself--which older Rip was counting on. (This makes a lot of sense from what we've seen of Rip's character so far. He's definitely dealing with inner turmoil.)

Young Rip: "Thought you could snuff me out? You don't know me at all, miss."

(I love this scene. Wow.--source)

However, despite their success in stopping the Pilgrim, if they don't return their past selves to their right places in time, people will forget them. In addition, Rip informs them that they've also run out of time to stop Vandal Savage.

Concluding Thoughts
This episode was cool. There was a lot jam-packed in it to not only give it an interesting plot but a deeper look into most of the characters' pasts. It had great dialogue, as always, and great action moments. This episode revealed how much these Legends have grown over the past season. They are truly shaping up to be heroes after all. (Just look at this group of assassins, losers, and criminals working together to save the future!)

(This is my favorite scene.--source)

The amnesia pills were a little convenient, and the whole talking to their past selves was a bit off-putting since I've watched too many time-travel movies/shows that say that would create some kind of paradox/alternative time lines. But besides that, this episode was just plain awesome. The casting was perfect, the Pilgrim was fantastic and definitely someone to be feared (I'm kind of sad they killed her), and saving themselves was such cool concept. I'm pumped to see what they do next. Can we time-travel to next week?

What did you think of "Last Refuge"? React with me in the comments!


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