Friday, January 1, 2016

Throwing a Sherlock Premiere Party

     With the holiday special of Sherlock coming out today, I decided to throw a premiere party for me and my local friends!   I've been collecting ideas for things to do that are Sherlock related.   Here are some of the things that I'll be doing for my party:

Sherlock Bingo

     One of my favorite things about the Oscars last year was the bingo cards that they released!   It helped me pay attention in the hours upon hours of the show.   I looked for some Sherlock bingo cards on Google, but I didn't like any of the ones I saw.   (Our fandom is a weird one, after all.)   Instead, I made some myself!   There's a super cool website called My Free Bingo Cards that allowed me to make some pretty bingo cards with whatever words I wanted!   It let me title the cards and decide how many spaces I wanted.   You can make your own cards with your own words, but here are the ones I made if you're interested:   These came with a card for a bingo caller, but I'm going to use them when the things show up in the show.   (I also made them all vintage-y because of the Victorian episode, but it looks really good with the black template as well.)


     Moriar-Tea has been an ongoing pun used in our fandom ever since Moriarty made his first appearance on the show.   This Tumblr, Kitchen Prose and Gutter Rhymes, had the cutest little labels for her tea bag cookies.   I decided to use them for our tea at the party!   I printed out two sheets full of labels (resized for my purposes), cut them out, then folded them over the old tea labels on some plain teabags.   A little bit of glue and they were finished!

Sherlock, the Game

     There are loads of Sherlock board games available for purchase, but none are as fun (or easy to come up with) as this little game that was thought up by a Facebook user:
     This game is so intense!   (That's me up there in the purple at a Sherlock party two years ago playing the game.)

Mycroft's Cupcakes

     Of course, one always must have Mycroft's favorite food at a Sherlock party!   I like making cupcakes because they're each an individual serving (and there's no messy cake knives, too).   I've made "I Am SHERlocked" cupcakes before, but this year I'm doing something a little different.   I decided to base my cupcakes off of these ones from 6 Bittersweets.   Since my mom doesn't like red velvet and we'll be stuck with all the leftover cupcakes, I thought it best to go with something we all like.   I used Devil's Food cake mix and homemade buttercream icing instead.   (I also edited the toppers slightly to match my cupcake liners.)

What are you doing for the Sherlock holiday special?


  1. Can I join your party? X)

    This sounds super fun. I will keep some of this in mind if I ever need to throw a Sherlock party!

    1. I wish you could've joined in! *sends you a virtual cupcake*

  2. What fun ideas! I'm totally saving these ideas for a fangirly party sometime in the future...