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Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

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(Spoilers for Sleepy Hollow.)

In the heat of the American Revolution, young Patriot officer Captain Ichabod Crane dies in battle with—and after beheading—a mysterious, terrifying Redcoat horseman.  Two hundred and fifty years later, he awakens in a world he does not recognize, and fate brings him together with Lieutenant Abbie Mills of Sleepy Hollow PD, who has just lost her partner Sheriff August Corbin to the now-headless horseman who killed Crane during the Revolution.  Seeking answers, the unlikely pair discovers that their adversary is none other than one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, namely the Horseman of Death.  A vision from Crane’s hitherto-thought-dead wife—the powerful white witch Katrina—reveals that Crane and Abbie are the Two Witnesses foretold in the Bible (and in greater detail in the copy belonging to Washington that was buried with Crane) to protect and defend the world during a seven-year period of tribulation.  Death means to reclaim his missing head, and once he does, he will then raise the other Three Horsemen to begin the End Times. Crane and Abbie’s only hope to stop the Horseman is to find the head before he does and thus prevent him from ending the world we know.

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British actor Tom Mison portrays a completely rewritten version of the character from the Sleepy Hollow legend; his Crane is a Britain-born defender of the infant American nation, trusted of George Washington himself, brave, clever, staunch in his loyalties and ever searching for the truth, no matter how difficult it might be to believe.  Nicole Beharie of 42 fame plays Abbie Mills, a young police lieutenant about to leave Sleepy Hollow for the FBI academy in Quantico when her partner Sheriff Corbin is murdered by the Horseman of Death.  Abbie is a good cop, hard-working and smart enough to get accepted to Quantico, and although she is at first skeptical of Crane’s claims, demons and shadows in her own past eventually convince her that he is telling the truth.

I saw the trailers for Sleepy Hollow the year it premiered, and I was intrigued enough to record the pilot when it premiered.  I’m a big fan of mystery, magic, mythology, and history, and all of these things Sleepy Hollow has in spades.  In short, I was not disappointed.  The show has good plots, good characters, strong leads, and enough heart to keep you coming back for more.  I look forward to however many seasons Sleepy Hollow has in the tank, and I look forward to bringing you favourable reports on this marvelous show.

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