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The Flash Season Two Recaps: Episodes 2-5

Season two of The Flash is up and running after the bang of the season premiere. With more metas, more mysteries, and more excitement, the Flash and Co. have their hands full with the portal breach. New faces have joined the show to spin around the life of our favorite speedster. And one familiar, yet different, face has returned.

This is The Flash.

Episode 2: Flash of Two Worlds
Air date: 10.13.15, The CW

This episode picks up where the premiere left off: introducing Jay Garrick, the Crimson Comet from a parallel earth (notably named Earth-2). He explains that he found himself in a different earth (Earth-1, Barry's Earth) without his powers because of Zoom (duh-duh-DUN!). Dr. Stein gives his input that Jay's appearance (if they can trust his story) would prove the multi-verse theory (hence, Earth-1 and Earth-2). However, Barry isn't ready to just trust anybody since Wells' betrayal last season. He locks Jay up until they can figure out if he's telling the truth. Caitlin runs tests, including lie detector tests, to see if anything odd comes up. (The only thing that comes up is my sudden ship of these two science babies.)

While saving the city from a fire, Barry is pelted with sand. He confronts the man who seems to be responsible for the meta-powers, but there's not much he can do against a guy who is made of sand. So he flees. Jay Garrick sheds some light on the matter: the Sand Demon is from Earth-2. Jay, also, is willing to help Barry out in defeating him, but Barry refuses. He just doesn't trust him. (Come on, Barry.)

Meanwhile, Joe is dealing with his own problem: Patty Spivot. She's a spunky, adorkable cop on the force that wants to join Joe's meta-human task force. Initially, Joe tells her no. But she doesn't like the answer, so she goes out and captures the supposed Sand Demon on her own. (Score!) However, they have no proof to hold him, so they let him go. Only for him to turn around and knock Joe out, then proceed to kidnap Patty. He takes her somewhere and attaches a bomb to her.

The STAR Labs gang only finds the Sand Demon's location because Cisco had another "vibe vision" earlier in the episode, which showed Barry fighting the Sand Demon. He makes up some science mumbo-jumbo to explain how he figured out where the Sand Demon is hiding out. Cisco still isn't ready to admit his powers. Iris convinces Barry to trust his team, which in turn means trusting Jay. Learning the strange helmet that rattled out of the portal in the season one finale is actually Jay's helps win Barry over fully. (Really? A hat?)

Together, the two speedsters figure out a way to save Patty: by harnessing enough energy to shoot lighting from his speed. This will turn the Sand Demon into glass. (Science bros!) However, they've got other ideas if Barry can't grapple this new ability. Jay goes with Barry as a distraction. As the Sand Demon taunts Jay, Barry saves Patty from the bomb. Of course, Jay is injured, Patty is knocked out, and Barry manages to turn the Sand Demon to glass. He shatters to the ground moments later (Ouch).

They return to STAR Labs. My ship for Caitlin and Jay grows as they discuss their losses (Ronnie and his speed force). Barry and Jay are bros now. Joe allows Patty on the task-force since she proved herself out there. She admits she wants to join because the Weather Wizard (from season one) killed her father. Dr. Stein learns of Cisco's abilities. Joe's ex-wife, Francine, shows up out the blue for the first time in twenty-some years.

We flash to STAR Labs in Earth-2. It looks bright, shiny, and active. Oh, and there's a healthy, wheelchair-less Harrison Wells there.

Episode 3: Family of Rogues
Air fate: 10.20.15, The CW

Lisa Snart--known as the Golden Glider (Thanks, Cisco!)--comes to STAR Labs, begging for their help. She thinks her brother--Captain Cold--has been kidnapped, and she wants them to help her find him. However, as they warily begin their investigation, they learn a startling truth: Leonard Snart is working with his father. Lisa insists there is no way her brother would do such a thing. Their father was abusive to them while growing up; Leonard would do anything to protect his sister because of how much he hates their father.

A body of an associate of Snart turns up dead--with his head blown completely off. Leonard promises Barry he would not cross the "no kill" line, but his father made no such promises. Barry puts two-and-two together: Daddy Snart put a bomb in Lisa's head. If Leonard doesn't help his father in their heist, Daddy will blow Lisa's head off. Talk about Daddy issues.

Barry goes undercover as a tech guy with Snart's team to keep an eye on Daddy Snart. Meanwhile, Cisco tries to figure how to extract the bomb without causing it to detonate. (It'll go off if exposed to air.) Barry gets the Snart team in, only to have Daddy Snart shoot him for all his hard work. Of course, we know our Scarlet Speedster isn't dead: he catches the bullet and tells Cisco what has happened. Fortunately, Cisco has figured out a way to get rid of the bomb in Lisa's cranium.

As the Flash, Barry confronts Daddy Snart, which only provokes him to prepare Lisa's detonation. But just in time, Cisco--who is nervous as all get out--extracts the bomb. Lisa is saved. Once it's confirmed, Leonard turns on his father and shoots him with his cold gun.

The whole thing lands Leonard behind bars. (I'm making all sorts of Prison Break jokes in my head at this point.) Barry visits him and tries to convince him there's good left in him, that Cold could be a hero too. (hmmm... maybe in another show like Legends of Tomorrow?) Lisa gets a free pass to walk away without more punishment. But she doesn't leave without giving Cisco a sizzling kiss.

Meanwhile, Patty gives Barry her number in the most awkward yet adorable conversation between these two. Joe has to deal with Francine's sudden appearance, so he tells Iris about it, leaving the next step in her hands. Harrison Wells from Earth-2 travels through the breach to Earth-1. Caitlin and Jay work together (my shipper's heart) to stabilize a breach so Jay could potentially return home (Noooooo!). But before he gets to make the decision, Dr. Stein bursts into flames before collapsing to the ground.

Episode 4: The Fury of Firestorm
Air date: 10.27.15, The CW

Dr. Stein is unstable without Ronnie. If the STAR Labs gang doesn't find a replacement for him, Dr. Stein (and FIRESTORM) will be no more. Cisco and Caitlin manage to stabilize him while they search for metas with similar abilities, but it won't last forever. The clock is ticking. They quickly find two matches--a scientist, Henry Hewitt, and a high school football star, Jefferson Jackson.

First, they bring Hewitt to the lab. They're like-minded with the whole "science bros" thing, and Hewitt is eager to join with Dr. Stein. After a few failed attempts at merging, Hewitt leaves in a rage. However, he did connect to the FIRESTORM matrix, which foreshadows trouble in the near future.

Jefferson is another story: he refuses. He wants nothing to do with the meta-human abilities or STAR Labs, since the particle accelerator explosion ruined his chances of playing football and getting into college. Hewitt sets off on a rampage with his unstable abilities surfacing. Caitlin visits Jefferson in hopes to talk him into it again. Her speech, plus the sudden appearance of Hewitt, springs Jefferson into action. He agrees to merge with Dr. Stein and help them.

They merge, saving Stein. Then with Barry, they hunt down Hewitt (who happens to be at the football stadium where Jefferson gained his abilities) and defeat him. When it's all said and done, Dr. Stein and Jefferson say their goodbyes. Their headed off somewhere to someone who can help them work on their stabilization.

Meanwhile, Iris agrees to meet with her mother. However, the meeting doesn't go as Joe originally thought. Iris tells her she doesn't need her in her life, that she's been fine for the past twenty years without her. She leaves the meeting. Francine tells Joe that she's dying (from a disease seen in other DC comic book situations: Mr. Freeze's wife, Tockman from Arrow). Joe decides to tell Iris. So they meet again, this time without Joe. Iris, taking her reporter nature with stride, reveals a deep secret of Francine's: a son. Iris has a brother; Joe has another child. (Wally! Wally! Wally!)

Patty has been investigating reports of a "shark man" in Central City. Barry continues to run into her with the most awkward, flirty conversations coming out. Joe tells Barry to quit messing around and do something about his feelings for her. Patty comes face to face with "shark man" (I think Cisco needs to come up with a better name), a mysterious man in a hood shocks the beast.

The Flash--who wasn't able to do much against "shark man" (That's three in a row, Barry.)--confronts the hooded man. He pulls of his hood to find Harrison Wells looking back. (Who else?)

Episode 5: The Darkness and the Light
Air date: 11.3.15, The CW

The episode starts off in Earth-2 with Harrison Wells showing off his latest invention: a meta-human detector app. We also learn, when Jay Garrick shows up at STAR Labs in Earth-2, that Wells is the cause of metas and Zoom in Earth-2 as well (just a different science experiment gone wrong). Jay and Wells do not get along, which brings tension to Earth-1 when Barry brings Wells, aka Harry, to STAR Labs. The rest of the gang isn't too thrilled by such actions either.

Harry decides to help the gang take down the metas who have breached the portals and to defeat Zoom. Barry convinces the gang to give Harry a try, despite their lingering feelings for the old Wells. (Man, parallel universes are sure confusing!) Joe is uneasy with the situation, which prompts him to give Iris a gun to protect herself.

While at the cafe, Cisco tries to ask out the barista, who is none other than our soon-to-be Hawkgirl in Legends of Tomorrow. She, of course, rejects him. While Cisco has no luck with romance, Barry does: he finally asks Patty on a date. Good ole, Barry. Cisco gets a "vibe" vision of a bank robbery in progress. The Flash races off to save the day. He confronts the new meta, called Dr. Light, only to realize it's the Earth-2 version of Linda Park--Barry's ex-girlfriend. Her powers to emit dazzling light blinds Barry and she gets away.

His temporary blindness sets him back, but he's worried about Linda. The other metas who breached the portal went after The Flash but also their Earth-1 counterpart. He thinks Dr. Light is going to target Linda. Since Barry can't see, Jay and Caitlin volunteer to conduct a stakeout to watch over Linda. Meanwhile, Barry has to somehow survive a date with Patty without his sight!

Cisco creates a pair of sunglasses with cameras in the lens for Barry to wear. That way, Cisco can tell Barry what to say or do in response to Patty. It goes for the most part well, except that Patty is a detective and a good one. She soon realizes Barry can't see, so he makes something up about getting his pupils dilated. The rest of the dates goes smoothly as these two dorks enjoy their time. Barry even gets a kiss out of it.

Speaking of kisses, while on their stakeout, Jay and Caitlin get awfully cozy in the car (my shipper's heart!). Right before they kiss, Dr. Light attacks, which cause their car to blast over. Dr. Light enters the newsroom and corners Linda. Luckily, Iris is there to defend Linda. Dr. Light kills the editor, but Iris shoots off her helmet before she can do more damage. Dr. Light flees the scene, leaving Linda Park confused and shaken.

Barry and Patty both get calls about the situation and get over there as soon as they can. (Talk about awkward for Barry: his current date, his ex-girlfriend, and the girl he used to be in love with are all in the same room.) They bring her helmet back to the lab, where Harry reveals to everyone that Cisco is a meta. He even uses one of his fancy detector devices to prove it. They convince Cisco to touch the helmet to locate Dr. Light. At first it doesn't work, but then Harry yells at Cisco to try again. He thrusts the helmet at Cisco's chest, which jumps him into another "vision." Dr. Light is at the train station.

Barry zips on over and corners Dr. Light, getting the people on the platform safely out of the way. She starts to blast light toward him, but he can't get close to her. Harry tells him to run fast enough to create a mirage, so she doesn't know which is the real Flash. It doesn't work at first, but then Jay, who has been against Harry's ways the whole episode, steps up and encourages Barry, letting him know he believes in him. Barry succeeds and knocks Dr. Light out.

They bring her back to STAR Labs and safely lock her up. Jay and Harry's truce doesn't last long. Harry thinks Barry should go after Zoom now, but Jay disagrees. He doesn't think Barry can defeat Zoom alone. Barry says he's not alone if he has his gang, Harry, and Jay with him. But Jay doesn't want anything to do with Barry getting himself killed, so he leaves.

The gang goes to the cafe for fun and games, such as Cisco scoring a date with the barista girl. They come up with a cool meta-name for him as well: Vibe. (Who saw that coming? *Raises both hands*).

Meanwhile, Zoom has Harry's daughter locked up on Earth-2. (Duh-duh-DUN!)

The new season is off with a great start with the portal breach and Zoom running around causing trouble. I love the addition of Jay Garrick; I hope he comes back soon. I'm excited to see Wally West show up. And the turn-up of another, different Harrison Wells should prove to be interesting. Here's to the rest of the season!

What do you think of this season of The Flash so far?


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