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Daredevil Recap: "Daredevil" (1x13)

This is the episode we've been waiting all season to watch, so Sky and Jaime have teamed up to tackle this monstrosity of a season finale. Spoilers will be included for the entirely of season one of Marvel's Daredevil. This show is rated TV-MA for mature content including violence, language, and dark overtones. Be advised before watching or reading below.

The episode begins with soulful music and a hearse being opened. A coffin is carried to a funeral, which Father Lantom presides over. Matt and Karen are present at the funeral, as is Doris and The Bulletin’s lead editor, Ellison. (Sky: Where’s Foggy?) The pallbearers put the coffin down, and it fades to black.

Cue opening credits.

We return to the funeral scene. Karen talks to Doris, finally introducing herself. (Jaime: I love Doris’ reaction.) Doris recognizes her because Ben talked about her all the time.
Doris: “He thought you were something else. The way you wouldn’t let go until you got to the truth. He admired that.”
She says that they never got around to having kids, but if they had, she thinks Ben would have wanted one like Karen. (Sky: Brb, crying.)

Karen says it’s her fault, that she pushed Ben into doing the story. Doris says Ben Urich never got pushed into anything he didn’t want to do. She says that he was a reporter; that’s what he lived for. Her voice cracks, and her caretaker says they should be getting back. Doris says it was nice to meet Karen, and Karen asks if there’s anything Doris needs. Doris says Ben took care of all that; he took out a policy years ago when another story went ugly. She breaks down crying again when she talks about how Ben always took care of her and still is. She gets wheeled away, and Karen watches as Father Lantom approaches Matt.
Father Lantom: “How are you holding up?”
Matt: “Like a good Catholic boy.”
Father Lantom: “That bad, huh?”

Matt, of course, also blames himself for Ben’s death. The priest says it wasn’t his fault, but Matt doesn’t look convinced. 

Karen and Matt return to the office. Karen is mad that Ellison showed up. The conversation quickly turns to discuss Foggy’s no show. Matt tells her it’s his fault with Foggy. Karen expresses her fears to Matt--that Fisk will find out. (Though she isn’t specific about what: working with Ben or killing Wesley.)
Matt: “I told you I would keep you safe, Karen.”
Meanwhile, Fisk is in his apartment. Vanessa walks into the same room as him. Fisk isn’t happy about this, saying she should be in bed. Vanessa says he didn’t hear her calling for him. Fisk apologizes and pulls out a chair for her. Vanessa asks if what he’s working on is anything interesting. Fisk says it’s just a transfer of funds--he’s working on finishing what Wesley started with regards to getting Vanessa out of the country. Vanessa says she won’t go without him, but Fisk says he’s not asking. He’s just reviewing the plans and then he’ll move the funds back. Fisk implies the numbers aren’t adding up right and says he’ll have Leland take a look at them to make sure.

Leland and Fisk meet in some mysterious warehouse location, discussing business. They discuss Gao and the possibility of finding a replacement for her trade. Fisk brings up the irregularities in his account and asks Leland to look it over. Leland blows it off, a little too quickly, as nothing more than him moving money around to keep people off their trail. But Fisk doesn’t believe him. He knows what Leland, and Gao, did.

Fisk accuses Leland of killing Wesley, of trying to kill him. Leland denies involvement with Wesley’s death, but he admits the target of the benefit was Vanessa. Fisk is enraged, but Leland threatens him with Detective Hoffman, who didn’t leave the city but is being “protected” by Leland for his advantage. (Jaime: Leland talks too much.)
Leland: “We on the same page?”
Fisk: “No… I don’t think we are.”
Fisk punches Leland, but Leland tazes him. It doesn’t work as planned (or at all). It only makes Fisk angrier. He screams at Leland, blaming him for hurting Vanessa. Leland pleads for his life. Fisk shoves Leland off a platform, presumably an elevator shaft. We see blood pool around Leland’s head--he’s dead. Fisk tells his men to find Detective Hoffman and kill him.

Matt is at the gym, taking his anger out on a bag, when Foggy shows up. (Sky: YES, YES, YES. RECONCILE.) He tells Foggy he tried to visit Ellison, but there wasn’t a good opportunity before Ellison left. He says he’ll have to try again. 
Foggy: “Looking like you have some anger issues. Wanna talk about it?”
Matt: “You’re not my priest, Foggy…”
Matt mentions Foggy not showing up for Ben’s funeral. Foggy asks about Karen without giving an excuse. Matt tells him he told Karen it was his fault. Foggy tells Matt about Marci helping him, getting files on their dealings with Fisk. Matt warns Foggy of the danger, reminding him of why Ben died.
Matt: “This has to stop. Fisk has to… I have to stop this… before there’s no one left to bury.”

Foggy tries to convince Matt to use the law like he originally told them. He says they can take him down.
Matt: “We? Thought Nelson and Murdock were over.”
Foggy: “There’s nothing I want more than to find a way back to where we were, but… I don’t know if we can.”
Matt: “No, we can’t. But maybe we can find a way to move forward, Foggy.”
(Jaime: Oh my heart. These two coming back together is wonderful. ‘Til the end of line, pal. Sky: We. We. They’re a team again. My feels.)

After this, Matt and Foggy go to talk to Brett Mahoney, Foggy’s longtime friend (and enemy). Brett is reluctant to talk, since he doesn’t want to be seen chumming it up with the enemy, especially since Foggy brought cigars for Bess, Brett’s mom.

Brett brings up the warehouse fire at Madame Gao’s headquarters. He mentions that he had a run-in with the Masked Man, who beat him up. But what the Mask said got Brett thinking. Foggy side-eyes Matt, saying he’s heard the Mask has that effect on people. (Sky: Foggy Bear, you are so cute. Foggy as the Mask’s reluctant sidekick is my favorite thing.) They’re interrupted by Brett’s cop buddies, one of whom is talking on the phone. Matt uses his super-hearing listen to the phone call, which indicates that Hoffman is still alive and the cops are going to find him. After Brett leaves, Matt tells Foggy about it. 

They return to the office and look through what Marci gave them. After a time, Foggy clearly gets distracted. 
Foggy: “You know what doesn’t make you want to gouge your eyes out? Cold cuts, Italian meats, cheeses. Why did I become a lawyer again?”
(Jaime: Oh, Foggy Bear, I missed you.)

They laugh, joke around, discuss the stuff Marci gave them, what’s happening in the city…(Sky: They’re back to their normal selves, and I’m so happy!)

Kare asks how they found out about Owlsley. They make up a terrible story about meeting the Man in the Mask. She’s surprised but happy they agree he’s not as dangerous as he seems. They begin work again, and Karen catches an inconsistency in the number of property holdings. The number of holdings decreases without a money difference in the account. The “missing” property is in Hell’s Kitchen. 

Matt says to keep looking while he goes to the precinct to tell Brett. (Sky: I smell a lie.) Foggy clearly knows Matt isn’t going to do that, so he stops him. But Matt says one cop won’t be able to do anything for Detective Hoffman. 
Matt: “This is the part where law meets reality. Either I put on the mask or we risk losing Hoffman and Fisk wins.”
Foggy still doesn’t look thrilled, but he doesn’t try to stop Matt.

Fisk is riding in a car when he gets a phone call. (Jaime: Seriously, what is the deal with this?) He tells whoever’s on the other line to send the closest team and to leave no survivors. (Sky: Life must be harder without Wesley there.) 

A man walks down an alley in the dark. (Jaime: It’s also conveniently storming outside, eh?) He enters an abandoned warehouse where Hoffman is. Just as the man hands Hoffman a meatball sub, cops burst through the door, shouting. (Jaime: But from the previous scene, I’m going to guess these are the “bad” cops.) 

They shoot the guards, leaving Hoffman shaking in his chair. But before they shoot him, something--or should I say someone--stops them. The Man in the Mask has arrived. He beats up the cops and sits down across from Hoffman, which makes Hoffman even more nervous.

Mask: “You have an opportunity here, Detective. By turning evidence on Fisk, you can set things right. If that’s what you want. If not, you can sit here playing with yourself until Fisk sends more men to kill you. Decide.”
(Jaime: I wouldn’t call this a “good” cop routine either.)

Hoffman says it doesn’t matter. Fisk controls the cops, he’ll have him killed before he can say anything. But the Mask tells him Fisk doesn’t own every cop yet. He tells Hoffman to turn himself into Brett Mahoney. Brett also knows a couple of lawyers who could help him. (Sky: Ha, I see what you did there. I love you, Matt.) 

Hoffman gets up, but the Mask tosses the card table away and hits Hoffman to the ground. (Sky: Red playing cards scatter off the table, which is a nice homage to Ben’s red thread board.) He tells Hoffman he’ll be following him so he’ll get to the precinct alive. He also threatens him about running. (Jaime: Definitely “bad” cop routine.)

At the precinct, Brett mans the desk, doing paperwork. Hoffman comes in (another dramatic, slo motion sequence) and approaches the desk. 
Hoffman: “I need to make a statement.”

 (Jaime: Fun fact, you can see Stan Lee's picture behind the desk in this scene.)

In another room, Hoffman gives his statement to three people. Matt and Foggy are Hoffman’s lawyers, and Karen is leaning against the wall nearby. Hoffman doesn’t want anything for his statement, only to be unburdened from his involvement in Fisk’s evil plans. Hoffman says he’s taken money to do things for Fisk. (It’s hard for him to say his name.) Hoffman says he’s not the only one who’s done this, and he’s asked for names and dates. Hoffman begins to give his statement. Karen chuckles, and Matt smiles at her. (They’re finally getting everything they dreamed about.)

There’s a stunning sequence of shots with opera-like music in the background:
Turk being chased down an alley by the FBI. (Sky: Aw, is it bad to say I kind of liked him?) 
Cops being arrested at the precinct while Officer Mahoney watches. 
Ellison’s secretary being arrested in the newsroom. (Jaime: I guess Ellison wasn’t guilty.)
Landman or Zack being arrested in the parking garage while Marci watches from her car with a smile on her face.
The music leads to a grand crescendo as Senator Cherryh is arrested on the courthouse steps.

Vanessa watches Senator Cherryh’s arrest on the news as Fisk walks into the room. Vanessa pleads with him to run, but Fisk says there’s nothing they can do about this. Fisk asks her to do something for him, telling her to listen very carefully. The FBI show up at Fisk’s apartment. Fisk asks Vanessa if she understands everything he’s told her, but there’s one more thing. Right as he’s about to say it, the FBI knocks on the door. He says they don’t have a lot of time, but he puts an engagement ring in her hand.
Fisk: “Vanessa, you are my heart. You’re everything.”

He’s pulled away by the FBI. (Sky: Leave it to the Daredevil writers to make me feel sad about Wilson Fisk’s arrest!) As Fisk leaves, Vanessa looks heartbroken. The press tries to ask Fisk questions as he’s loaded into the back of the truck. 

In Nelson and Murdock’s office, the news report about Fisk’s arrest plays. Foggy is relieved that Fisk is shown for who he really is. Karen says it was the three of them who made it happen. 
Karen: “And Marci.”
Foggy: “And Marci. God bless her designer pumps.”
They banter about Marci. Matt smiles, saying that this, right there in the office, is what’s most important: knowing that the people he cares about are safe and having some sense of closure for the ones they’ve lost. They all raise their glasses in a toast. (Sky: My heart hurts.)
Foggy: “For Elena.”
Karen: “For Ben.”
Matt: “And everyone else that son of a bitch has hurt.”
In the back of the truck, Fisk begins to talk to the FBI agents in the back with him about a Bible story. He’s read a bit of the Bible over the years, more out of curiosity than faith. He tells the story about The Good Samaritan. His voice over plays as we see Foggy, Matt, and Karen pouring themselves more wine. Fisk says the Good Samaritan did this because he loved his city and all the people in it. Fisk says he always thought he was the Samaritan in that story. He says it’s funny how even the best of men can be deceived by their own nature. One of the FBI agents gets fed up and asks what that means. 
Fisk: "It means I’m not the Samaritan. That I’m not the priest or the Levite. That I am the ill intent who set upon the traveler on a road that he should not have been on.”
(Jaime: This is the moment something is going to happen. Fisk doesn’t just give up that easily. Plus there’s a good twenty minutes left in the episode. No way it ends like this.)

Then, it happens.

Traffic is stopped up ahead. The FBI convoy pulls over. The police have stopped them, and there’s a full on firefight between the FBI and the police. 

At the office, the news is reporting the firefight on Nelson and Murdock’s computer. Karen shuts the laptop, angry that they thought it would be that easy to take down Wilson Fisk. They decide to get out of there before the roads close. They put Karen in a cab, and Matt says that Foggy should take her home while he goes a different route. Karen is reluctant, but Foggy walks away, saying he’ll get Matt a cab. What follows is a rushed conversation, involving Foggy’s concern. He says Matt shouldn’t go up against a firefight in his "black pajamas." Matt says he won’t be. He says he knows he hasn’t earned trust from Foggy yet, but he needs Foggy to trust him right now. Foggy agrees. 
Foggy: “Go be a hero. Just don’t get killed doing it, okay?”
(Sky: How did Karen not hear that, though?)

The fire fight with the FBI continues until every agent is finished off. They knock on the door to the van Fisk is in. One of the agents threatens to shoot Fisk, but the other agent shoots him and releases Fisk. (Jaime: Scumbag.) 

Fisk leaves the van and the men lead him calmly to the safe vehicle. It’s quite the scene. Fisk walks openly along the empty street, the city blazing with light behind him. He commands the men to take out anyone who tries to follow.

At Mr. Potter’s place, Matt is retrieving his body armor, some of which isn’t entirely completed. Potter instructs him that the black part will give the most protection, and the red part may deflect a knife, depending on the angle. Matt says it’ll do just fine. Mr. Potter asks if Betsy will be safe from Mr. Fisk. Matt says he made Mr. Potter a promise and he intends to keep it.

Clad in his new suit (which we don’t get a glimpse of yet), Matt stands on the edge of a building, listening to the sirens and the police radio, which says to not approach the subject. Fisk’s truck pulls into a building, where he transfers into the back of another truck, labeled “Summerville Department Stores.” The one man in the back of Fisk’s truck radios to update Fisk’s extraction team, which Matt overhears. The man hands the radio back to Fisk, who talks to Vanessa, saying he knows this is difficult. Vanessa says all that matters is that they’ll be together. Fisk says that if he’s not there within twenty minutes, he wants her to leave. 
Vanessa: “I’m not going to let them take you away, Wilson.”
Fisk is insistent: if he’s not there by that time, there isn’t anything she can do to stop that from happening. Fisk says that won’t be the end. It’s just an inconvenience, and nothing will ever keep them apart.

The truck travels through the city when something hits the windshield. This causes the truck to swerve and tip over. Fisk climbs out, shaking. He has a deep cut on his head. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen lands on top of the overturned truck--standing above Fisk in all his glory! (Jaime: Look at that suit! Sky: Seriously, it’s amazing!!! Good job, Mr. Potter.)

Daredevil: “You were right, what you told me over the radio that night. Not everyone deserves a happy ending.”
Fisk’s lone FBI agent starts shooting at Matt through the roof of the truck, which he dodges. The FBI agent takes his gun outside, continuing to shoot. Matt takes his new batons in his hands and uses them against the FBI agent. In the meantime, Fisk makes his getaway, running into an alley. Matt quickly follows him, corning him in an alley. Fisk is enraged.

Fisk: “I wanted to make this city something better than it is. Something beautiful. You took that away from me! You took everything! I’m gonna kill you!”
Matt: “Take your shot.”

Matt pockets his batons, and Fisk attacks. Matt flips over him and hardcore parkours off the alley walls. They go at it hand-to-hand, throwing punches at each other. (Sky: Matt’s acrobatics are super impressive, and so is Fisk’s brute strength.) He throws Matt against the wall a couple times before finally kicking him down. (Jaime: This is all just to epic; go watch this fight, people.) Matt returns with a vengeance, punching Fisk. Fisk grabs a metal bar and starts beating Matt with it, who retrieves his batons. (Sky: He and Bobbi from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should talk.) Matt puts his batons together to make one stick (A tip he learned from none other than Stick himself). Fisk gains the upper hand and punches Matt, then raises Matt above his head and throws him hard against the ground. Matt tries to get up, but Fisk punches him in the face and uses Matt’s own stick to hit him. (Sky: Sparks fly off of Matt’s body armor, so that’s pretty impressive.) 
Fisk: “This city doesn’t deserve a better tomorrow. It deserves to drown in its filth! It deserves people like my father. People like you!”
Matt: “This is my city… my family.”
He rallies, punching Fisk and getting to his feet. He gets the upper hand against Fisk, laying blows on Fisk with his batons. Fisk laughs, asking if Matt really thinks this will change anything--if one man in a silly little costume will make a difference. Matt throws down the batons and steps back, breathing heavy and bleeding from his mouth. Fisk laughs. Matt yells and charges Fisk, jumping into the air and slamming his fist into Fisk. Fisk falls to the pavement, unconscious.

A police car approaches, and it’s Brett. He demands for Matt to show him his hands.
Matt: “I told you before, Sergeant. I’m not the bad guy.” 
Brett’s eyes widen as he realizes who Matt is--the Masked Man. Matt says he stopped Fisk, a fugitive from the law, and asks if he’s good to go. Brett radios, making no mention of Matt. 

Vanessa stands on the rooftop, waiting for Fisk. She pulls the engagement ring from her pocket and slips it on before getting into a helicopter. (Sky: The lights of the city in this scene are actually really beautiful.)

Back at the scene, Brett cuffs Fisk. Matt thanks him, and Brett asks what he should call the Masked Man when Brett files his report. Without any warning, Matt takes off, climbing up the alley fire escape and disappearing into the night, free to fight crime another day. 

The next morning, Karen holds a newspaper from The Daily Bulletin. The headline reads: DAREDEVIL COLLARS FISK. Foggy grins as they discuss the Man in the Mask’s new name, Daredevil.

Foggy: “Sounds like he’s going to jump Snake River Canyon in his rocket cycle.”
(Jaime: Oh, Foggy Bear. I love you.)

Matt laughs at this, genuinely, and my heart is so happy. Karen says she thought it was goofy at first, but it kind of grows on you… and it’s much better than “the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.” Matt says she’s not wrong. Karen says she can’t believe this is the guy that stopped the Union Allied nut from stabbing her in her apartment--it’s a serious upgrade. 
Foggy: “I don’t know. I think the horns are a bit much.”
Foggy finishes hanging up the “Nelson and Murdock” sign, which Karen fished out of the trash. (Sky: It looks amazing. My feels.) Matt goes over and runs his fingers over it. 
Matt: “Nelson and Murdock. Avocados at law.”
Karen asks, but Foggy says it’s a long story that he doesn’t have time for because he promised Marci he’d find her a new job. Most of the people at Landman and Zack are under indictment. Karen asks if he and Marci are getting back together, and Foggy says, “No. I don’t know… Maybe.”

(Jaime: Come on, Foggy Bear. What about my ship?)

Matt and Karen laugh, and Matt tells Foggy to thank Marci for them. Foggy says that Fisk still needs to go to trial, which could take a year. Matt says that Fisk is where he belongs, which is all that matters. (Sky: Are we really sure that Fisk is rendered powerless? I mean, he broke out of an FBI convoy for goodness’ sake.) Matt says they put him there (Sky: Even though Daredevil took Fisk down, Matt is still giving his friends credit. I love him). Foggy says it’s a hell of a sign. Matt says now all they need are clients. Foggy smiles, saying they’ll take it one day at a time, then leaves. Karen says they should get back to work, but Matt stops her. 

He says there’s been something in her voice that’s been there for a while now. He thought it would get better once Fisk was put away, but it hasn’t. Karen says that even though they put Fisk away, it won’t bring back Elena or Ben, or erase what they’ve been through, or what they’ve had to do to get here. (Sky: Raise your hand if you think she’s thinking about Wesley. Jaime: *raises both hands*) Matt says there are a lot of decisions he’d love to go back and change, but he can’t. None of them can. 
Matt: “It’s like I told Foggy: all we can do is move forward. Together.”
Karen smiles slowly and puts her hand in Matt’s. She tells him to come with her and pulls him inside their law office.

We see Fisk in his cell. He sits down on his bed and the camera zooms to his face as he looks at the wall of his cell… it looks oddly reminiscent of “Rabbit in a Snowstorm.” (Sky: Everything comes full circle, and I love it. Also, raise your hand if you don’t think we’re done with Fisk yet. Jaime: *raises both hands again.*)

Daredevil stands upon a building with the city--his city. He hears someone screaming. He races off the roof, batons held high in his hands.

Cue end credits
(Jaime: And the end of my fangirl life.)

Final Thoughts--


Daredevil is one of the best, most riveting TV shows I’ve had the privilege of watching. I can’t believe it’s over. I also can’t believe that we were gifted with such amazing television. Daredevil is so deep. Like, ridiculously so. All the symbolism, emotions, and character development were on point. Every  episode was a treat. My only complaint: why couldn’t Wesley and Ben make it to season 2? (I’m kind of hoping for a miraculous resurrection for both of them, to be honest.)

However, next season we do get Jon Bernthal as The Punisher (YES!), as well as (hopefully) Wilson and his wife-to-be Vanessa continuing to terrorize Hell’s Kitchen. I’m hoping Claire will drop in a time or two. We’ll also get to see more of Karen, who seems haunted by her decisions, and our favorite avocados at law. It’s shaping up to be an awesome season. I seriously can’t wait.

In the meantime, you can find me reeling from season one. My feels… Daredevil wrecked them. And I’m extremely grateful that it did. 


This is my second time watching Daredevil all the way through. It's just as good--if not better--the second time around. (I picked up on more details than the first stay-up-too-late-binge watch.) I've even begun the third watch, dragging others with me. (I think I need season two now.) I honestly think this is the best thing Marvel has ever put out (and I love Captain America and his movies with every fiber of my being). Daredevil has changed me, somehow. I want to go out and take up boxing because I feel the same things Matt Murdock does. (Don't even get me started; I'll turn into an angry train wreck.) The writing, the characters, the set and costume, everything is high standards for such a risky venture on Marvel's part. But it's all worth it.

I'm excited for the Elektra arc to be woven into next season, as well as the appearance of the Punisher. The season two trailer already gives me so many fangirl feels, I don't know if I can handle it. Until then, I guess I'll just need to re-watch or maybe go read a few Daredevil comics because I'm infected. 

Thank you for going along for the ride, guys! Stay tuned for our recaps of Daredevil season 2, as well as Jessica Jones. Let us know what you think of Daredevil in the comments below.


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