Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Very Deathly Giveaway {Giveaway #2}

First off, I must apologize to both the sponsors and our readers for the delay in getting these out! It was completely rude of me, and while I do have an excuse in my pocketses, I won't be a filthy hobbit and rant about it.

So without further ado, let's just keep on partying, hmm?

Today's giveaway has been brought to us by the lovely and amazing, Jennifer from 

Ashley:  “I guess the first and foremost question is: are you a fangirl/boy yourself? Tell us a bit about yourself!”

Jennifer: "Whenever I fell in love with a book, film or game, I really fell hard. Talking about it was exciting, sharing it with someone even more so, and finding someone who shared my enthusiasm made us instant friends. It was only over the last few years I heard the word Fangirl and realised that's exactly what I am!!"

Ashley: “How did you decide to combine your love and interest of your fandoms and your craft together? Was there an ‘ah ha’ moment?”

Jennifer: "I started out making jewellery themed on my daughters favourite princesses. Then I started making things for me based on the characters I love and found other people wanted them too!"

Ashley: “You cater to a wide variety of fans with your shop, have there been any interesting experiences because of that?”

Jennifer: "Sometimes I'll get a message where I can tell the customer is practically squealing with excitement and I send excited squeals back! At the last stall I did there was a 15 year old girl on a budget and she couldn't decide which pieces she loved most. I remember being that girl and it made me smile so much!"

Ashley:  “Where else can our lovely readers find you to keep up with you and your shop?”

Jennifer: "I'm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. :)"

Ashley: “Do you ever create a candle/necklace/pillow from a show or book that you love and think, ‘oh I’m keeping this one’?”

Jennifer: "I wear my own stuff all the time! I often get people asking where they came from and I get all shy and awkward but remember to leave them with a business card, haha."

Ashley: “What show/book/movie are you super into right now?”

Jennifer: "It's got to be Game of Thrones. I'm actually really loving Orphan Black at the moment too!"

Ashley: “What have your experiences as a fan been like?”

Jennifer: "Well I'm a huge Star Wars fan and so is my boyfriend. My favourite, most recent experience was booking our midnight launch imax tickets and jumping around the bedroom with joy!!"

Ashley:  “I'm totally not jealous that you have midnight launch tickets and to IMAX to top it all off...nope...not jealous at all...
Can you tell us about the product that you are (so very very sweetly, may I add) sponsoring for this giveaway?” 

Jennifer: "The necklace is made for the Potterhead fans in mind! I love making Harry Potter inspired jewelery and I have loads more in the shop!"

It is totally envy worthy....
The Winner will receive one  Deathly Hallows necklace, with the charm option for either silver or bronze, and then the chain option of either antiqued bronze, silver plaited or black leather.  
Perfect for either yourself, or a Potterhead in your life. 

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Be sure to follow all the instructions properly! If it comes to light that someone has been cheating, we at TFI will be so incredibly sad...we want our followers to have the best of integrity.  Those who are caught cheating will have their entry removed... or worse...

 What's your favorite aspect of Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I love the Deathly Hallows necklace! :D Then I can support the fandom when I read the books/watch the movies again... :)

  2. And to add to my comment... I read the books first. I read them all SUPER quickly and then binge-watched the movies with a friend all night. xD